Commenter of the Week Winner – 6/23/14

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Hail, Adventurers!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Commenter of the Week event! This week’s winner is c.hancock, for helping another Adventurer with the River Maid Event! Congratulations, and thanks for commenting on our blog!

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37 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week Winner – 6/23/14

  1. Big thank you for the recent improvements, especially ship returning as soon as sold. Now it would be good if we had a building to separate items that are made up of several things i.e charms.
    Thunderhoof quest was good but short, any more quests expected?
    Once again thank you for this game 👏

  2. Woohoo! I feel special. Thanks for the crowns. I’ve never won an award for writing before. Maybe I’ll write some more.

  3. I would like a guide on the order of things to buy, I can’t always afford them as soon as they come up. I decided to save up and expand to the treasure ship, only to find I needed water compasses to use it, I sometimes can buy them but to make them I needed Exploration Gear – that was a lot of coins. I finally managed to buy Exploration Gear and Magnatite mine after the extra coins when the River Maid event finished (thanks Zynga), if I hadn’t got them I would still be trying to save up and decide which one thing to go for! I now find that I need stone, coconuts, and iron ore. I don’t have the stone quarry but Tanya can find stone in certain places of legend, or I can expand and mine stones – but again I need coins, I think I need to save up for the coconut grove which is nearly 500k coins, and hope I don’t accidentally expand and lose any! I need the stone mine, and the Iron ore, but I still don’t have the potter or Icy Treats maker. I see I can now buy a blacksmith – I assume I need the iron ore to supply it so I won’t get it until I have that. I have a plot by the Swamp Totem with a chest on it, hard to know if it is worth spending my hard earned coins to expand there, the chest could be good or disappointing. Then by the Kraken Cave I could expand to the wrecked rowing boat then to the plot with loads of chests on it – is that the thing to do before trying to buy the coconut grove? Would it yield many coins and crowns or just materials – I wish I knew because it is chancy. I am trying to make and sell as many high value things as I can but raising enough coins to do just one thing is still hard. Any advice from anyone who has been there would be great, I need to expand to the frozen owl at some point but can’t see it happening any time soon! I am on level 38 now.

  4. Thank you for the improvements. They are appreciated. We don’t need any buildings that take items already crafted apart. We don’t need tabs to separate things in the Market place. What a lot of us feel we DO need are more areas to have opened and heroes to go with them. No matter how many improvements are made. There will always be someone not happy with what was done, and want still more. Make a lot of us happy by opening another area.

  5. The glurb is getting useless things are too much and dose not give all the material we need only to or three things congratulate to c.hancok .plz do not put the same adventure we need changes and it was good if u put the dragon for fight what is this error in ship cargo and ………..

  6. È veramente un bel gioco…. mi diverto..passo del tempo svagandomi…preferirei ricevere piu corone va bene così. ..fantastico

  7. I love play this game everyday, and would love if they give more opinion like to have two factory or two character to do same items to collect items or make items more quicker! Thanks!

  8. Por favor me ajudem meu jogo ressetou no face do nivel 56 fui para o 1 gastei 2500 reais com o jogo ele não atualiza a meses no meu celular não conecta com o face logo nao posso ir na alianca e nem no mercado e no face recomecou por favor me ajudem nao consigo falar com a zinga

  9. Señores por que los juegos y premios que se publican NO son en Espsñol???Acaso no somos Muchos los que hablamos Español?Este premio de las 40 Coronas Por Que Nosotros No lo recibimos ?La Última Actualización Muchos No Pueden Jugar por que Esta en INGLÉS y no se puede cambiar a Español Yo como Líder de la Alianza Recibo las quejas y pongo las fallas hasta Por Video y Ni así arreglan Las Fallas Viéndolas;Y las Coronas?Por qué No nos dieron a todos???

  10. I was playing Castleville after a series of problems. I now find that I cannot sell items on the ship unless I am in an alliance. Since I am not on the web at home I have to use free wifi when I am out. So I do not have any alliance contacts and now am unable to sell this way.

  11. The changes to the yeti cave for exploring supplies and length of time are good improvements. However, Glurb the troll is no impossible to get items from and only offers items that are relevant to the newest crafting items which is not entirely helpful.

  12. sie lassen mich das ja nicht spielen für was schicken sie mir das ? —–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—– Von: “CastleVille Legends” Gesendet 27.06.2014 20:00:51 An: Betreff: [New post] Commenter of the Week Winner – 6/23/14

    castlevillelegends posted: ”   Hail, Adventurers! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Commenter of the Week event! This week’s winner is c.hancock, for helping another Adventurer with the River Maid Event! Congratulations, and thanks for commenting on our blo”

  13. Can you fix the game so that when you buy things they actually make it into your inventory…so sick of the game crashing and not only do you lose what you brought you also lose your money.

  14. Today my game on my PC started over at level 1. My Kindle Fire still shows I’m level 52, almost level 53 (less than 8K points left until I’m level 53)!!! I will be very upset if I lose everything I’ve done. I’ve got all of the buildings, two of most of them, I’ve got all the heroes except Thunderhoof and Cloudmist. How do I get this fixed?

  15. liang the dragon merchant’s orders have gotten ridiculous. 12 enchanted carrot juice = 6hrs each to make..162 space still low can’t get locks…15 spirit bandages 9hrs to make..

  16. Suggestion: It might be nice to have a guide of when a person is able to purchase or make an item. Perhaps in the same way the periodic table has numbers in the top right and on the bottom (since sometimes one can make something before purchasing it). Maybe the number in the top right could be when a person can utilize the item (such as stone and iron ore) and the number on the bottom could be when the person can purchase it on trade (which I have found are different levels).

    • There are some fb groups and websites that have this info from people who created them playing the game intensely. I don’t think the creators of the game want it on the site simply because they want things to be a surprise.

  17. Das Spiel gefällt mir sehr gut ,bin schon ein Süchtel! Macht weiter so!❤
    Nun die Kritik,leider gebe ich kommentare ab aber gewinnen gleich 0😦 Ich würde mich auch über Kronen freuen !

  18. Please make Mirna shops more relevant. Most of the time items stuck in vault can’t sell because they don’t come up or I need multiples of items. So many times I just dump items to make space for a quest instead of trying over & over to try & sell. Let us scan through Mirna like we do in the vault to see what is available to sell. This would allow players with sailing issues a viable option to make coins. Either fix or dump markets all together! Thanks

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