Suggestion Sunday – June 22


Hail Adventurers!

We know many of you have some amazing ideas for CastleVille Legends, so we’re introducing Suggestion Sunday for you to share them with our team! This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how you think we can improve the game to better suit your needs.

How to Share Feedback:

If you have a great idea that you would like to share, please visit the Blog and comment below the most current Suggestion Sunday post.


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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

317 thoughts on “Suggestion Sunday – June 22

  1. What ever happened to your promise to remove carrot-related recipes? I still have the screenshot of the announcement. Yu even advised us all to sell all of our carrot-stuff at sea so that the game could auto-buy it on the second outing. That promise held for something like 4 hours. Carrot recipes of all kinds still take way too long and pay way too little, thus are totally not worth the effort.

    • They only removed 3 carrot recipes. The writer may of thought all of them but it was only a few. They said carrots were permanent.

  2. I think it would be awesome if it was possible to purchase crowns with coins. I have $4 million and would love to buy more buildings without having to purchase crowns. Is that something that you could consider?

  3. I would like to see a new workshop where you can take an existing item and break it down to its original components (like taking a unicorn necklace and give me back opals and unicorn).

  4. It would be nice if the ship would come back after 1 hour instead of 2 or when everything is sold out. My sea trading post has so many people that have quit playing and their ship is still there showing sold out. I’m loving this game and have a fantastic alliance but it takes so long to help anyone.

  5. 1. open up more land
    2. I think I should be able to sell my pearls. I have all of the heroes and have way too many pearls. Or at least be able to give them to my alliance members
    3. Bring the ship back after everything has sold

  6. une suggestion : serait il possible de fractionner les ingrédients que demande Glurb le troll. ex : s’il demande du lait et des myrtilles pourrait on faire de manière à livrer les myrtilles et le lait séparément comme pour Mr Liang

  7. 1) Give us a search option when we are looking to by items.. If I need blueberries, I don’t want to look at a whole page of hinges..
    2) When putting my items up for sale, I want the option to be able to remove items from the sale if I change my mind.
    3) If All of my items on the ship have sold, wouldn’t the ship come home right away? It should…

  8. You can make a LOT of us, including me, that are at levels of 50 and above, VERY,VERY happy, by opening a new area. We have bought 2,3 and even 4 of every building, tree,animal,and plot of crops. We have purchased every land expansion, and in most cases we all have all of the dragons and Heroes we can have. We have met the coin cap. All we have to do, is the Liang orders, or like me, helping with, and doing most of the quests other lower level alliance members are doing. We LOVE this game, or we wouldn’t have stuck around so long…please…give us another area, and another Hero, and the quests to go with them….I am finding myself spending more time away from the game. That isn’t good. I am the Admin of my alliance. My members miss me…but I really have nothing to do when I DO go to the game…I WANT to actively play again!

  9. I have max coins, I wish I could use my money to buy things that only you get with crowns ie workshops or planting plots. I would like to see alliance expanded, where we could post items that alliance members need

  10. It would be great if the ship would return once all items were purchased, rather than having to wait two hours or use crowns to recall it.

    Liang’s orders are sometimes outrageous. There is no way to complete 6 necklaces that take 6 hours each, when you have only 20 hours (tops, and only if you start crafting as soon as he leaves) to complete his orders. Yes, sea trading is useful, but you can’t always find what you need.

    Which brings us to the idea of a perpetual market. Why can’t it include a refresh button, or at least have a faster refresh rate, if we’re supposed to rely on it to complete Liang’s more difficult orders?

    Lastly, prices for land, ingredients, and buildings are really high. I know the point is to keep people playing and try to get us to purchase coins and crowns, but it’s no fun when it takes forever just to unlock one little square or buy the next crafting building.

    • I agree, I am at the point where I need to buy land to get to the ship wreck, and I need to buy a goat pasture, this is going to take around 600,000 coins to complete and with most items only selling for under 500 coins it is taking so long that I am getting bored with it, I would like to see the prices of land and ingredients go down and also on Myra’s traders I think we should be able to scroll through everything instead of waiting, or spending precious crowns to get the next six items, which are sometimes the same as the first six. I would be way more apt to buy crowns to speed up production if everything else wasn’t so expensive.

  11. I have really liked many of the changes. The ability to change up what orders we prefer to fill was a huge help. Allowing alliance members to send quick spells was another huge improvement. I also appreciated you down sizing the ingredients needed on the last Mermaid quests. That said, I would strongly suggest that if you are going to supply heroes that can assist with improving the odds of finding important crafting materials, at least let them be for pearls and not crowns like you did in the baby dragon quests. I had just purchased the merehorse when you improved the odds of finding frogs. Up until then, without the purchase there was no way to find the frogs without spending inordinate amounts of time. Now that I have both merehorses, there is little “special” they do at improving any odds for any crafting material at the current level I am at. I feel like outside of the cosmetic, they really didn’t add much to my hero collection.😦

  12. Able to sell/send pearls or anything else directly to alliance members. Make land cost less. Offer golden vault padlocks more often as I didn’t get one in twenty quests.

  13. 1.There are several spaces along the edges of land that we have bought but can not access the entire “lightened block” it would be helpful if we could.
    2. Please make it so we can move rocks, flowers, ponds and crystals, this will help free up land that we so desperately need.
    3. The treasure chest gives 100 coin… This should go up at each level.
    4. I would like to have a 1 minute wait time before our items in market are seen by the world market. This will give people we are helping a chance to get them before they are grabbed up.
    5. Myra needs to show all items that are ready to sell instead of refreshing every 10 mins 4 or 5 times.
    6. Still waiting to see a “Do you want to buy this land?” tab instead of accidentally buying land as i am scrolling places. I have used a lot of coin when i didn’t want to buy that piece of land yet..
    7. Remove payers from alliances after 30 days of inactivity, this will save us the hassle of un-checking them when trying to send spells.

  14. On my birthday, I posted to Facebook, that all my friends could give me a free gift by installing CastleVille Legends because I would get 10 free crowns for each person who did it for me.
    Well, SUCCESS! I got the maximum amount of crowns possible by the amount of friends who installed the game!
    I highly recommend everyone do this on their birthday!

    • my family & friends dont play the games & if i did this they would all have a fit. they are forever posting the “this person does not play games so please quit sending me game request” on my wall. so this would not work for me.

  15. How about an alliance warehouse where members of the alliance can place items they have made for other members in the alliance who play in different time zone. This would allow everyone in the alliance to feel like they are supporting and being supportive in return. It would not take anything away from the regular trade markets.

  16. Open up new areas of play. Also filling the pearl man’s requests are sometimes impossible. 243 coconuts? 81 in each. Getting the locks is hard enough without them and hinges taking up space in warehouse. I for one don’t have 81 available slots to even consider the order. A compromise is needed somewhere. Either less items needed or locks and hinges not going into warehouse.

    • I know most players have the change liang request button. I also agree that liang request needs to be changed so we don’t have use the button and wait another 4 hours. Mine asked for 124 x 3 apples, 125 x 3 frozen pollen. This game is getting sad.

  17. I feel we should be able to feed Glurb the Troll items as we finish collecting them instead of trying to store the enormous amount of supplies that he sometimes requires.

    • I would very much like to see this implemented. It’s impossible to hold all of Glurb’s items and Liang’s item in the warehouse while you are trying to fill both orders. Padlocks are almost impossible to attain, so expanding the warehouse takes weeks to accomplish.

    • I agree because glurb is asking for 100 items. Make him ask for less or in parts if he is going to ask for more than 40.

  18. 1.Need new missions please.
    2.Remove the carrot recipes as you said you would.
    3.Too many kitchen recipes and not enough at other places, also some items I have never made because I’ve never been asked for them by Liang or Myra

  19. Not sure if anyone has asked about this but: is there or could you put in a “wish list” in the game, for things people need or want? this way anyone who is in need of things, for quest, or to make something, could ask for it and someone else with that item, could sell it to that person. Make so only one person may sell to the one asking, and maybe have a timed or delay on when they can sell again or maybe on the buyer, or both.It was just a thought that might help some of us out, thanks for your time.

  20. Please reduce time in crafting houses, mines and other places…. 3days or more is a lot, and you loose interest in the game

  21. I think it would be awesome if you could put a timer on the world trade so that you can see the next time it changes over

  22. I think it would be really helpful if you raised the limits of what can be sold in the sea trading on most items. Most everything there is sold 1 at a time except earlier items and when room is needed you have to throw things away or leave the game and come back later when ship comes back, therefore limiting your game play to a few minutes in most cases. I am so close to deleting this game because I can’t get time to play because of this.

  23. Being able to sell or exchange pearls with alliance members would help..and to be able to buy crowns with coins..and to get.locks just a little more often would be helpful

  24. OPEN NEW LEVELS or at a minimum tell us how much longer we have to wait. Seriously I can’t be the only Level 55 plus with nothing left to buy or harvest and only the goal.of filling Lliangs orders because the troll isn’t working.
    Seems like if you can make all these new targets for the newbies to give them baby rabbits and dragons you could dedicate equal time to those of us who got you here and them interested in the first place.

  25. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could remove an item from our ship if we clicked the wrong thing or someone needs something we could send except the slot is already filled with something that could wait

  26. where is pearls’ details? I see it 1 second when I obtain a new pearl and then I have only the total… They aren’t into the deposit, can you make an extra different inventory for this type of items?

  27. WEEEeee suggestion sunday again.

    I’d love to see a way to remove the redundant puddles, rocks we can’t remove
    I’d love to have a general store that will allow us to sell misc items myra won’t take anymore so we don’t have to x them out.
    I’d love to see the ship returning faster after being sold out and have more slots on it.
    I’d like to see the alliance building in the huge part of the castle instead of away from it—just takes up space and kinda useless anyhow.
    I’d like to move the expeditions where i want them instead of all over the place,

  28. Open more quests and land please, got nothing to do at the moment. Oh and can ship come straight back if all has sold please?

  29. You should ask us if we are sure we want to spend our crown before you take them from us. I have lost many crowns because of this and its very annoying. I know I won’t be spending anymore money on this game till that option is available

    • Please can u up date the game, can,t play no more. I,m in level 51 and 4 million of gold now. I,m waiting for the up date to Hazel and Giovani for so long now!!

  30. Por qué no le ponen al trol una casa y una familia. Y un almacén aparte para su comida, pide mucha cantidad y ocupa mucho sitio. La mayoría de las veces no se puede darle de comer por falta de sitio en el almacén, si al menos comiese por partes seria mas fácil.

  31. Suggestion Sunday huh..well Ohhkkk Here goes..

    1. The ship needs to return once all items have sold,
    no need in making us wait over an hour.
    2. I think the Mermaid Wheel should have more money amounts, pearls
    added crap with the items we can find in the market.
    3.The prices of land, shops an other items to play the game is crazy
    they need to be lowered a bit and everyone have the same prices not different amounts.
    4.MORE MISSIONS…Liang an the Troll have both gotten BORING..
    5. Then the bugs with trying to play this game on the Ipad needs to be FIXED..tired of
    it closing every few mins.
    6. 4 spaces on the ship to sell items would be nice,Ive saw a few ships like that so
    I’m guessing its a glitch..if so then looks like you can make it happen, SO PLEASE DO!!

    and last but not least I guess just MORE MISSIONS…I know I already said it but
    this game is a pretty good game if you’d get us some side missions
    beside greedy Liang and boring Troll..or heck add PEARLS or Mystery money amounts to
    the Troll that be nice….


  32. Sarebbe bello poter visitare il regno dei componenti dell ‘alleanza per guadagnare monete e magari accelerare la produzione

  33. 1) i work 6 days a week & 12 hours a day for a living & do not have all day to sit in front of the pc & play your game as much as you would like for me too.
    2) why does the land cost so much? it would like to be nice to afford to purchase the land but its way to expensive.
    3) there have been times i would like to retrieve items from the ship.
    4) it would be nice if the ship would return as soon as items sell.
    5) why does the troll have to be so glutenous, & why cant we feed him items as we incur them instead of taking up all of our space for his items?
    6) why does lang’s orders have to take longer than the time allotted?
    7) why does it take so many crowns to obtain extra items such as an extra mine,building, plants or some hero’s?
    i play your game to unwind after a hard days work & i just wish i could enjoy it. at this rate it really is not that enjoyable😦 it cost way too much & i have better places to spend my funds.

  34. It is to hard to get some of the things you need to fulfill deeds when’s you don’t always get them through any of treasure chest.

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