New Release – June 6

CastleVille Legends - Captain PymToday we released an update in the App Stores. Please download the latest release for these new updates.

What’s new in version 2.6.90 (iOS), 2.6.269 (Android), and 2.6.268 (Amazon)

  • ROMANCE! The River Maid is the Keeper of the Wheel of Wishes, but now a dashing sea Captain has caught her heart. Play this Limited Time Event now!

    NoteIf you would like a tutorial on the River Maid Event feature, please view our official guide: The River Maid Event


Click below to download the latest version and be sure to rate CastleVille Legends in the App Stores to let us know how we’re doing.


Apple Store: (version 2.6.90)
Google Store: (version 2.6.269)
Amazon Store: (version 2.6.268)


We hope you enjoy our latest update! Share your thoughts and comments below and be automatically entered to win 40 Crowns!



ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

222 thoughts on “New Release – June 6

  1. I’m glad your coming up with new stuff, at my level there is nothing left to do. Please expand or money to more than 4,000,000

  2. I’m in shok! I’ve just opened the game and all was reset!!!!! All gone, back to the first step!!! I was ar level 41, I feel like crying!!!! What the hell is wrong???
    Well, maybe it’s a sign it was the right moment to leave the game, too addicted… I’m sad.

  3. I was happy about the new quest with the River Maid. But the extreme difficulty in obtaining the frog oil makes it very easy to not play. It takes 3 attempts to even get one oil and the only one that can get them is Yvette. Please make it possible for us to obtain the frog oil.

  4. Trop difficile d avoir l huile de grenouille, je me demande si nous aurons assez de temps pour faire la quête en entiere car apres avoir le pre des moutons combien de temps il nous resteras pour avoir le cheval aurrons nous assez de temps j’en doute

  5. I loved the update but I went to play the other day and my game erased and I had to start over. J ow I can’t build the embassy. Got the checkmark but instead of finishing the building it only shows my alliance so I can’t finish the quest.

  6. so far event is going well for me i only need 5 more sun stoned to make the compass then ill have my deepmane best of luck to all of u out there frog oils where a pain but take a breather cause sunstones r easy or they are for me so far cross my fingers + my toes lol

  7. ok im letting the castleville legends community know i have gotten the last of my sunstones for the river maid event needed for getting the hero deepmane i will be waiting till the last nite of the event to make the final compass needed i will be selling my sunstones as offten as i get them best of luck to all on the river maid event

  8. I love this game. Yes the frog oil is extremely hard to get. Saw a post about the wave dancer. Tried to force close the game and still didn’t get the wave dancer. Does it just appear or do you
    have to buy it for 350 crowns? I play daily but I don’t understand the alliance. Is it best to start your own or join someone else’s? Have a great day and keep the quests coming!!!

  9. How come DeepMane is the only hero that doesn’t earn special items at places of legend? Ex: Yvette and opals, Iris and jasmine buds, Buttercup and cream. I have tried him in every place and nothing comes up.

  10. A quand l’ouverture des nouveaux mondes de noisette, giovanni et meryl? Je suis au niveau 52, et depuis le niveau 47 plus rien ne se passe : plus d’atelier a acheter, plus de nouvelles parcelles ni ressources, plus de hero a sauver !!! J’accumule une somme considerable d’argent sans pouvoir le depenser… le jeu a de moins en moins d’intérêt. … je n’y joue d’ailleurs presque plus, c’est domage je vais devoir le desinstaller…Que se passe t’il? Zynga a lancé un jeu inachevé?

  11. river maid event
    i have completed the second phase of the event, but cannot find the sheep platter available, is there any bugs?

  12. Since this update my game crashed ive been playing 15mths got to level 38 and its put me right bk to level 1 i am gutted!!!!
    Can u help??

    • Contact support. In the menu is customer service then click get help button. Or login using Facebook details

  13. I love this game now. I love you don’t need neighbours I love the idea of and alliance I love the craft shops I love the ship to buy and sell I just love it. I have played Castleville and stopped because of the energy shortage and I played lots of other games and this is the best yet. Thanks very much keep up the good work

  14. My game keeps crashing on chat and ship purchases. I am using an ipad2. I have tried the suggestions in help, but to no avail. I have lost three items now(mandrake elixer, dragon necklaces and lemon fizz) that were purchased from ship, game crashed and items did NOT go to inventory. Went back to purchase again and it said i had already bought them. This just happened again with two clover necklaces i bought from an alliance member for a Liang mission. I tried to find another place to report this problem, but this is the only place i found where i could actually type any information.

      • Use the link given then login using your Facebook details. A get help button on the right side appears which will email a form (that you fill out) to them. Support no longer has a question posting section anymore. They need to create a forum or we all will post here for tech help. Unless that’s the way they are going….

  15. Just finished the quest, but now I’ve nothing to do – other than trying to earn all the dragons, Please open up some new land – and give us longer quests – more on the line with CastleVille (though not so overwhelming.:-) )

  16. I am very disappointed, I only had to make four more items to earn Deepmane and when I opened my game just now it said congratulations I had got him. The problem is it cost me approximately 100 crowns. It takes forever to earn those crowns and they were just taken away from me and I had no choice in the matter. My game hadn’t even fully loaded when it happened. The last thing I would have done was spend crowns on him when I was so close to earning him for free.

  17. When are the new areas going to open up? I have friends in my alliance that are at level 60 and nothing to do. Looking forward to getting the new heroes and stuff. Loved the new quest. Lots of fun. Thanks for making it easier so we can get it done!

  18. Can you put locks on the wheel of wishes?
    I play at least 5 or more of the legend places several times each day with different characters and never has the circle gone more than a bit red on the lock. So..since it is nearly impossible to get that about the wheel?
    Thanks..Appreciate your consideration! !

    • I send to friendship arena, Crystal citadel, flower tower, frost owl spire and then all the other heroes at other places. I get 1 or 2 locks a day.

  19. I was a bit taken aback when I first began playing Castleville Legends. I had previously played Castleville on my PC and had expected the same sort of gaming experience. It did not take me long to begin enjoying Castleville Legends for the separate game that it is. I think one of the things I like most about the game is fulfilling orders from Glurb (Troll Man) and Liang (Balloon Boy) whilst calculating which of Myra’s offers to fulfill. Since my needs change almost on a daily basis, I need stragedies that can also change daily. Do I need money today? I know Myra is going to be my go-to gal. Everyone off on extended Adventures?, Then I have plenty of time to give Glurb and Liang my full attention. Then there are the times when I am ready to move to the next level and I see that Myra has some great offers for items straight from the harvest, and no matter what level you are on, Myra has the perfect orders, from 1 or 2 rose petals on the lower levels to 1 or 2 silk cocoons at the top levels. These are the easiest way to gather tons of experience points since there is no crafting necessary. And let’s not forget our boat! (Although things did not work out too well for our captain and his lady love River Maid, I appreciate his efforts to add to my coffers with his timely excursions offering up the very best my kingdom has to offer.

    Another thing that I plan for is how to gather the items that sell the best or are the most needed in my crafting, Each of my heroes has a special skill for finding items in the Places of Legends. My favourite “Dream Team” is for the Gateway of Luck. By sending Blueblle and Leif I can gather a lemon and chunk of ice every 30 minutes. Who can pass up a deliciously sweet and tangy Lemon Popsicle or the 11,000 coins you can sell them for! ( I have other “Dream Teams”, but this is my fave.)

    It is a rare day when I do not have the necessary items in my inventory.

    • You can raise the price of lemon pops. 14k- 15k. Click the castle and each heroes profile to find extra lucky areas and when they come back or if they are available.

  20. Why is there a money cap at 4,000,000?!
    That’s not really fair, I have items that need to be sold to free up room in my inventory and I will not get any coins for them!
    Please consider changing this.

  21. Por favor poned la opción de poder cambiar los productos del globo y cuando pida el globo productos que sea fácil los pedidos algunos son imposibles de hacer. Muchas gracias.

  22. I finished the river maid quest and I think it would have been helpful for my alliance members and others if once you finished you could still send Yvette and Pym on quests still to sell the extra frog oil since this time it was so difficult to collect enough to finish the quest

  23. coloquei os dois personagens para pegar a pedra do sol na ruína do dragão, e agora era hora de pegar os prêmios, mas na o tempo não terminou em 4 horas, o tempo aumentou para 10 horas!!
    Como vou terminar a missão para ganhar o cavalo marinho ( deepmane) ?
    eu iria pegar uma pedra agora e em 10 horas eu poderia fazer mais 2 pedras do sol!!
    esse jogo esta todo bugado!!
    Espero que resolvam isso, perdi muito tempo cumprindo as missão pra depois na ultima o jogo estragar todo meu esforço!!

  24. ainda estou esperando que alguém resolva o problema! Eu tenho apenas mais um dia para tentar pegar o cavalo marinho e estou presa a mais de seis horas com os personagens na ruina do dragão. É frustrante que não estejam conectados som os jagadores e que resolvam nossos problemas com o jogo!
    Não é a 1º vez que isso acontece, mas infelizmente agora foi em um momento em que esse tempo presa me impede de conquistar o objetivo que vocês colocaram para conseguir o premio! Espero que me dê a pedra que eu já devia ter pego na ruina do dragão e que me ajudem a recuperar o tempo que estou perdendo para conseguir as outras 7 pedras do sol que me resta. sendo que não estou conseguindo produzir a pedra por um erro de vocês. Obrigada.

  25. Ever since I downloaded your June 6th update, the keeps crashing, please help. I am at the last leg of the mermaid challenge and would suck if I run out of time because the app doesn’t work.

  26. Like the new updates but I am unable to make carrot cake, it is not in the trail kitchen, or any where else!! Have been unable to find a support email any where also, I clicked the support link and it took me to syncs support but still no contact information!!

  27. River Maid quest has been too difficult. First quest I won’t finish. Love the game but can’t play all day. I think many will get very discouraged if we can’t finish things.

  28. So, I have completed the River Maid Quest, and I have one question regarding Captain Pym. There was something about preparing him nourishing food for supplies for his boat. I made the three bars each of the carrot oat and blueberry oat. Was there anything more to that quest?

  29. I’m getting freaking pissed off right now! Every single time I log in to get on it suddenly and randomly closes! Does anyone know if this is a glitch or just a settings problem?

    • Sebas, I totally understand your frustration and I am frustrated too about other crap that Zynga can’t seem to get right. Here is what I would suggest…this worked for me when I was having that problem. If you are playing on an iPad as I am. I force quit all apps. Then I deleted the Castleville Legends app from my iPad (very scary). Then I turned off (completely off, not just restart) my iPad. Then I turned it back on, reinstalled the app. The app opens at the very beginning! (Oh crap!) but then the program recognizes your status and restores your level. Hope this helps.

  30. Would be great if it weren’t impossible to finish. Since starting the second phase, not one jade clover has dropped from the Gateway of Luck. NOT ONE in many, many tries.

  31. ArticF0xx, please tell me why Zynga allows Castleville Legends to steal from me. When Liang is requesting an item, I go to the market and search for the item. If I am lucky enough to find the item, i purchase it and immediately sell it to Liang. THEN (surprise, surprise) THE PROGRAM CRASHES. When I re-open the program, the sale to Liang has not occured, the purchase of the items from the market has not occured BUT MY COINs ARE GONE! Why is your company so greedy? Are you not making enough money that you purposely crash the program? This has happened to me so many times I have lost count, and I cannot connect to customer service through my game.

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