Suggestion Sunday – May 18


Hail Adventurers!

We know many of you have some amazing ideas for CastleVille Legends, so we’re introducing Suggestion Sunday for you to share them with our team! This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how you think we can improve the game to better suit your needs.

How to Share Feedback:

If you have a great idea that you would like to share, please visit the Blog and comment below the most current Suggestion Sunday post.

As always, thanks for sharing your feedback about the game!


ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

208 thoughts on “Suggestion Sunday – May 18

  1. Ich fände es ehrlich gesagt einfacher, wenn das Lager sich mit den jeweiligen LVL UP vergrößern würde.. ich hab jetzt seit 2 Wochen kein Schloß erhalten.. wie soll man dann weiterkommen, wenn das Lager ständig zu klein ist ?

  2. Why is the game blocking so much ? From the last update I can not play anymore. The game is not even loading. I had enough.

  3. Please fix it since the last update I cannot play anymore, shuts down a few seconds after loading. Impossible to play and contemplating deleting it x

  4. Hello,
    I can write to you because the game bug tremendously. I did not receive yet I fast spells shipments and those from almost 2 months. Minutrie problems are back again. Will it possible to solve these problems diféférents thank you. Can I also receive an extra charge crowns quick spells that I do not receive.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Miss Séverine ALEHAUSE

  5. It would be great if there was a way to buy things from others players and then have a building that will “disenchant” the item so you can get its basic ingredients. I also agree with previous comments about the ship being sent back early once all items have sold.

  6. Ship needs to return if all items sell. A pearl exchange/sell program would be great. We need easier access to pearls if buying dragons is going to be a required part of our quests.

  7. increase the limit on coins 5 million, more quest to fulfill a function without agricultural extension, level increase trade places, new buildings and fields to match new quest, act faster with errors in the game,

  8. I have a number of young students playing. Since they are not old enough to be on line it would be great if there was a ship that loaded random items. That way they would be able to complete some of grubs challenges as well as langs.

  9. Bonjours
    Pour commencer il faut régler les bugs, jeux qui s’éteint tout seul, discutions avec alliances impossible le clavier par tout seul, le temps qui et encore détraqués, et j’ai perdu 30 couronnes.
    Sinon on pourrait avoir des bâtiments par liang ça serait sympa, et que le bateau rentre des que tout et vendu. Sinon j’adore le jeu mais pas les bugs surtout qu’en il me, prend mes couronnes , voilà merci à vous

  10. Il y a un bug avec les temps indiqués pour fabriquer des recettes et autres objets. pour certains il est indiqué par exemple qu’il faut 3 minutes pour la fabrication alors qu’en fait le décompte de minutes ne se fait pas correctement et résultat il faut une demi heure voire bien souvent une heure pour obtenir l’objet en question. serait il possible d’y remédier où alors indiquer le temps REEL à la fabrication.

  11. Hey,

    My game keeps freezing up. A cloud appears over one square of my village and then i can’t harvest anything.
    I’ve tried to restarting, logging out and in, even tried to remove and reinstall the game several times. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

    Please fix this bug.


  12. siempre igual cada vez que se actualiza hay problemas se bloquea ,se apaga, no se conecta ,¡😄 ! mi sugerencia es que solucionen esto y nos informen (que ni eso hacen) ,

  13. Ember used to be 350 for me and now he’s 750. Why more than twice the crowns? Someone else had 1000 as a price for him. These are ridiculous prices unless he gives out crowns every day. Also could you bring back the evergreen yeti and other horse so we could buy?

  14. A perk, if I may call it that, for being in an alliance should be that items being traded within the alliance should only show in the alliance and heart markets for 5 minutes or so.It has been experienced by many that items being sent to a flag or heart friend get pirated in the open market. This hurt alliance and heart friends especially if sending marked down items and locks for expansion. Instead of being able to help alliance members and friends, both lose to the open market. It would be nice if all soldout ships get removed from the heart and flag markets. Scrolling through all these soldout ships is so tedious and chances for lost or stolen items intended for friends are great.

  15. first listen to everyone here there are alot of great ideas, second make those ANNOYING mystic tulips UNSELLABLE now, it’s freaking annoying to see the market flooded with these unusable things and people are just trying to get unknowing people to buy them

  16. Honestly I am so frustrated with this game and the needs of glurb and liang. Could someone tell me how I’m supposed to collect 44 plus items without purchasing crowns to enlarge my storage? I’ve spent over a hundred dollars on the game already and can’t afford it anymore

  17. Hola, Zynga!
    Gracias por mantener siempre actualizado el juego y buscar siempre la forma de mejorarlo! Yo tengo unas cuantas sugerencias:
    1. Con tantos ríos y lagos, por qué no podemos pescar en ellos? Peces u objetos especiales como coronas, gemas o XP.

    2. Hay más de 60 niveles? En mi alianza hay varios estancados en ese nivel y otros que estamos por llegar. El juego nos encanta, y quisieramos muchos más niveles.

    3. Por favor, abran más reinos, para hacer el juego mas interesante.

    4. Pongan un botón de confirmación en los artículos que se compran con coronas, para no perderlas, ya que cuesta mucho conseguirlas.

    5. Podrían hacer que aparezcan candados con mas frecuencia? La bodega se llena muy rapido, y es difícil conseguir todos los candados que se necesitan para ampliarla.

    6. Nos gustarian mas heroes mitológicos… Que tal grifos, quimeras, centauros, ninfas del bosque o de los ríos?

    Los hechizos, excelentes! El chat, lo mejor! Tengo otras ideas, pero por el momento, creo que con estas seis bastan!

    De nuevo, gracias por el juego.

    • Berha, me has leido la mente, estaba buscando la manera de escribir a zynga con las peticiones que tu les has enviado, sobre todo la de abrir nuevos reinos. Cuando tienes el tope de monedas y sin terrenos para comprar, se vuelve aburrido. Gracias

  18. It would be great if we could move trees. Also it would be nice to be able to move buildings to a spot even if there are flowers and rocks there. And lastly…I would like to be able to move the castles, storage etc.

  19. I’m not sure if this has been posted or not but I think having code written that would allow hovering over an item and have the name pop up would be good. The bank, the merchants, and glub & liang in particular. Another thought is letting you give Glub each ingredient separately like you do with Liang. I usually am doing both quests at the same time and there isn’t’ enough room and I’ve used crowns several times to upgrade my vault.. Also being able to sell items to a specific player would be good. My husband sent out his ship with something for me and when I clicked on the item it was already sold. Maybe a timer for your alliance then it goes to everyone else or even being able to target someone in your alliance specifically to send to. Thanks

  20. I wish it didn’t take DAYS to be able to use workshops or resources once it’s bought. It took so long to build up the coins to purchase. Now a three day wait….

  21. Hi just a idea but sense it takes up to much room on the cell phone why dont you make a browser version for cell users so we can just login on the face book. Or at least make it so it fully gos on the sd card.

  22. Liang’s order is worst then ever! 18 perfumes and 2 carrot jams! Plus two other orders. Do you realize how long it takes to make some of this stuff. The jam alone is 6 hours each. And you can’t buy the stuff in the sea trading because all anyone is selling is tulips or items related to the new quests. There also needs to be a way to trade directly with your friends/alliance members.

  23. I do love this game and waste way too much time playing it. I do find it annoying that you always need one more item than you harvest to make something eg harvest 5 iron ore but need 6 to make an iron ore bar, harvest 3 jasmine flowers but need 4 to make perfume. Why???? I do find this consistent theme very irritating.

  24. ich kann nicht spielen helfen sie mir bitte bitte —–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—– Von: “CastleVille Legends” Gesendet 18.05.2014 20:16:38 An: Betreff: [New post] Suggestion Sunday – May 18

    castlevillelegends posted: ” Hail Adventurers! We know many of you have some amazing ideas for CastleVille Legends, so we’re introducing Suggestion Sunday for you to share them with our team! This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how you think we can improve the g”

  25. It would be nice to have a building that could separate an item made into the ingredients used. Also, it is getting harder to collect for the troll when he asks for ridiculous amounts of items. I am having to sell needed items for the space. I’d like be able to feed him in increments as with Liang.

  26. How on earth am I supposed to finish the Liang challenge I just got? He wants 15 enchanted carrot juices in a total of 20 hours. When to make all 15 juices is going to take 90 hours. Come on be a little bit more realistic because this is one quest I am definitely not going to be able to finish which in itself isn’t fair.

  27. can you please figure out a way that if we need to throw out items in storage that we don’t have to throw them all out but allow us to choose how many we discard. I agree with others that Glurb should be able to be done the same as Liang.

  28. It would be nice to be able to GIVE items to members of our alliance without having to SELL it to them. Or at the very least be able to sell to only members of our alliance instead of having to put them in the market and hope that somebody doesnt buy them first.

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  30. Hazel…… Giovanni….. Meryl…… Three names, three heroes …..when will we have the pleasure of meeting them?? Game becoming just boring, how sad!!

  31. I think there should be more slots to sell more items on your ship rather than just 3 slots, And laing askes for a lot of items in one bulk such as northbound potion which take nearly a day and he asks for 3 and you only get 15 hours 18 at the most to complete

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