Commenter of the Week Winner – 5/12/14

CastleVille Legends - Commenter of the Week


Hail, Adventurers!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Commenter of the Week event! This week’s winner is Cyn Schultz, for sharing a great suggestion! Congratulations, and thanks for commenting on our blog!

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31 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week Winner – 5/12/14

  1. Since I updated the game it constantly crashes I even tried deleting the game and re installing it please fix this fault!

    • Mine did that also, it is ok unless you let it go to Facebook. Then down you go. I think they are working on the problem. In the mean time I am just playing and selling to myself. Great game I am sure they will figure it out. Have fun, see you in the market later.

  2. So we are moving to one Myra building? That would help with land and space. Hopefully she buys more than 40 types of items. Cause I think there are 7 Myra’s markets that buy 6 items each.

  3. Finita la missione pasquale é ora di darsi da fare per sistemare tutti i problemi che ha il gioco. Mettete qualcosa di nuovo, sta diventando noioso. Complimenti per la grafica.

  4. I really enjoy this game. My only issues are that between the land and the buildings (workshops/resources) I find myself having to choose between either exploring or getting the buildings and such. Maybe make one less expensive so we can do both. Also since the patch I can’t play with out the game crashing after like 2 to 5 mins of playing and any progress I did do is lost. It takes away the time boosts from my friends and I cant get them back at all. I was playing daily for several hours (on and off) up until the patch. I’m on a Kindle and there is also times where my friends on FB doesn’t get my gifted time boosts either. Another idea regarding the pearls : maybe make it so we can trade the ones we have more of for the ones we need. Like, 2 white=1black and 2black=1gold and 4white=1gold. You could have it exchange when we go to buy something.

  5. Castleville Legends is so great because I used to play Castleville, but the game just got too horrendous to load. It was my favorite game. Castleville Legends came along and I was so excited playing it day and night. I agree with some comments about making the locks and hinges not count towards inventory, but also when you have say 10 apple oatmeal that if I wanted to make room in my inventory that I could delete one and not have to delete all of them. I absolutely love the well of wishes! It was a wonderful addition. The ship was the the greatest invention yet! A change that would be nice is that if your items sell right away or within the first hour then your time for items to come back would be cut in half or ship return when items are sold. Concerning lay of the land; it would be nice to be able to move things where we want since we have no ability to delete the logs and little decoration rocks on the ground. Once again great app!

  6. Since Torch was added my game has been frozen. Please fix this flaw. I’ve had occasional freeze ups before, but not like thus. I can’t play at all. Other than that, I love the game. Thanks.

  7. I agree with Kayla Luce. I also have crashing problems, especially when I try to buy things on sea trading. Our alliance trading area is full of sold out ships that have been there for days and by the time I scroll past those, I have crashed and cannot get to items still for sale. Very frustrating. I have pretty much quit using it.

  8. I’m not happy with the last update, my game is crashing every 3 seconds or isn’t connected with Facebook.

    I don’t like it that we can see all those boats in the harbor that are empty.
    I don’t want to know what I’ve missed… I only want to know what I can buy!!
    It also makes it more difficult to scroll.
    I can’t scroll in the vault and in the harbor, now there are all empty boats, scrolling is more a problem then before!!

    Please fix the problems in a next update… I want to play the game fully… now I can’t use my boat and I can’t buy or sell in the harbor!!!

  9. You should make liang show which pearl is going to be given. I get the same ones all the time and there is no point in wasting crowns to change them or bring him back if I’m goin to get the same thing again.

  10. Why does the Facebook connection crash the game ?
    I can play it if it’s NOT connected to Facebook but then I can’t use sea trading, it’s VERY frustrating!

  11. Hi I had to stop working due to medical problems this game help me to keep me mind off my pain. I’ve sent you guys messages about not bring able to sail my ship can’t give or receive quick spell or nights there Is something wrong with the chat alliance please fix this my name is Morya. My Husbands game is now doing the same mine for a little over a month my husband now for two weeks . My husband name is Ceaser.

  12. I’ve just created a new alliance, the name is “The JS’s Business”. The concept is simple: help each other by sending our boat with the items others need. MP for more informations:)

  13. I’ve seen the refrence to Scorch the fire dragon? Can’t find the little devil. Is available now or coming soon?
    I saw someone suggest having our ships available to our Alliance
    For the first hour at sea, then open up to the general public.
    And having the ship return when all items are sold sounds good to me.
    Thanks for the ear..

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