Scorch is here!

Introducing, Scorch! If you are level 20 or higher, this fiery baby Dragon Hero is available in the Market for Pearls. Click below to download the latest version of the game and get your Scorch today!

Scorch - CastleVille Legends



App Stores:

Click below to download the latest version on your iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire device:

Apple Store: (version 2.5.86)
Google Store: (version 2.5.242)
Amazon Store: (version 2.5.242)


As always, thank you for your feedback!



ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends


97 thoughts on “Scorch is here!

    • It’s not a trading ship. It’s called sea trade. After a certain time in global the ships change. You can count the ships on your screen and the time it takes to change. It’s continual. There are no limits if you are on 24/7. But limited by liang and glurb.

    • Mine either, i sent in an email for help and was told scorch is available for purchase with pearls… Duh! Really! I sent in an email to let you know i cant get him because he isn’t there… I wouldn’t waste my time or yours if he were

      • They probably received hundreds of emails because at the end of the egg quest. People said they received a pop up that said Yvette was giving Scorch as a gift. People went to accept and Game crashed without getting their gift. They must of removed the message shortly after. My game ended without a message from Yvette.

    • I am having the same issue. No scorch for me. Also I have no quests now…I am level 50 and I have bought everything and done all the quests…should I keep expanding to open things up new quests?

  1. The friends and alliance markets are totally messed up! Huge lists with sold out ships that do not disappear, even after days and days they are still listed!

    And I still don’t have the liang skip button whereas everybody else seems to have it!

  2. Did the update, now the game loads then crashes or gliches like crazy and wont work. I tried uninstall and reinstall same problem😦

  3. After the update, the game crashes right after the start up. I don’t want to delete iT, because I bought extra crowns. When Will this be fixed?

    • Speaking of communication. Mods and tech support (by email) say that the sold ships are permanent. They did not post this when it happened. The last ships of whoever plays will sail even if they leave the alliance. Alliance leaders must kick out anyone who doesn’t play for a long time to get them off the list. I feel bad for anyone unable to connect to the game which seems to be mostly ipads and Samsung. If you are unable to load, Facebook connect, have cloud sync errors, experience crashing and freezing, please post on the blog.

      They also did not post when they took out the Pegasus horses. Support had told someone that they had to removed them to fix crashing issues. Players would understand as long as they were brought back or replaced. I don’t understand why we are not told. This is only if you get an email response or have live chat.

      • I have not had any issues with the game and I play on my iPad, so no, not an iPad issue that I know of. I haven’t lost Pegasus and don’t see Sold Ships either. Hopefully, I won’t encounter any of these issues.

        I am sorry to read all of the issues so many are encountering! This makes me very sad😦 as an Alliance Leader! Hopefully, this gets fixed very soon for everyone.

      • You are sooo very lucky that your game hadn’t crashed on your iPad cas it crashed on my iPhone, iPad & computer😦
        Wish it would get fixed very very soon, like the day of the update

      • I am having same problem havent been able to play castleville legends on my samsung tab for months and cannot play on facebook as it just freezes all the time im sick of reporting it as I never get a reply

  4. I am playing this game on a Motorola Xoom and, up until this recent upgrade, I’ve gotten all the way to level 42. It has been a week now, and I can’t even get the game to load before it reboots my Xoom and kicks me completely off my WiFi.
    I really hope that there is a repair team doing all they can to get us adventurers up and running once again.

  5. The last update I had was on May 9th…still no scorch! 😡

    On another note…I think there should be a search bar for the sea trade to look for specific items!

  6. i am really pissed off right now, each time update this game everything will crash, i can not get to facebook, no scorch, each time there is a quest i should delete and reinstall the game, please notice

  7. Play in ipad at level 56. Have not been able to play for a couple weeks. No scorch after update. Doesn’t appear anything changed. Have 4 million in coins and if I sell anything I get no more coins. Have nothing to buy to spend my coins on. Others I play with have the same issue. Please address all these issues. I also can no longer email Zygna as I keep getting a reply saying the email address is so longer in use. This is not good! When will issues be fixed? When will the other kingdoms be available. Zygna is Not keeping up with their players, this should have been worked out before game was put out there.

    • I agree, Pam. Customer support is nonexistent and so many players are affected. There has been no communication for any of us and it’s been 2 weeks. I wish someone would care.

  8. I don’t see scorch either…..or any of the newer dragon heroes that can be purchased with crowns. It seems like this bit of the shopping cart is not updating at all

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