Suggestion Sunday – May 11


Hail Adventurers!

We know many of you have some amazing ideas for CastleVille Legends, so we’re introducing Suggestion Sunday for you to share them with our team! This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how you think we can improve the game to better suit your needs.

How to Share Feedback:

If you have a great idea that you would like to share, please visit the Blog and comment below the most current Suggestion Sunday post.

As always, thanks for sharing your feedback about the game!


ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

340 thoughts on “Suggestion Sunday – May 11

  1. Hi, I’d like to make a few suggestions. The first is to please consider having palm trees, or the pink/purple trees from Fairy Fall to be made available as decorative items that are purchasable with coins. Our kingdoms need more decorative items and there just doesn’t seem to be enough available to buy.

    My second suggestion is to give Glurb various slots alike Liang has to be able to better fulfill his orders. That way you can ‘feed’ him in intervals and not all at once. It’ll help with our inventory space too!

    Third and last, it would be awesome if we the players could put more of an item onto a ship(some potions and crafted goods stack in multiples while others do not) and also be able to withdraw same items (should we accidently place them on the ship) This would help us in keeping organized and have more control over what we can(and how much of the item) we can send to sea trade.

    • Nice ideas! I would like to add that it would be nice to be able to buy all type of tree’s so that you can “restore” parts of the original landscape and shape your kingdom:-)

    • i agree with your 2nd suggestion as well, would be very helpful. also am stuck with the maximum money for a while now, at level 55 and nothing to do . all i can do is Liang stuff. when will be able to expand again ?

  2. Getting Fed up with you taking my money and not giving me my pearls also can’t earn anymore than 4,000,000 on level 58 and nothing to do or land to buy and sick of having to keep reloading game due to faults

  3. More a cry for help than a useful suggestion…since the last update on May 10, the game acts like it’s going to load, then freezes and closes. How do I get that fixed so I can play again? I’ve lost my last chance to crack the egg:-/

  4. How about if all items were the same price for everyone. I pay more for coin purchases than some other neighbors. Not fair.

    • agreed! I just found this out in regards to crowns also, I’m so disappointed with Zynga. So glad I didn’t put real $ in to purchase crown😦 so disheartening.

  5. HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!

    HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!

    HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!

    HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!

    HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!

    • HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!
      HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!
      HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!
      HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!
      HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!
      HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!
      HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!
      HEy man can u check my account i have a bug.. the present of the game the pegasus STUCK!!! please fix itt please!!!

      • same here, swiftwing’s stable at first was glitched and was a pink square looking thing. Now Swiftwing is back in the special heroes section and I cannot put swiftwing back on my land. what gives???

      • I had a similar problem.I was gifted scorch but the game froze now it’s not available for me to place.

  6. One problem is fixed and more are created, where the devil are the testers to work through these annoying bugs. I would like to chat with my alliance without having to continually reload the freaking game. GET IT TOGETHER AND DON’T RELEASE UPDATES UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN TESTED THOROUGHLY!!!!!

    • Same problem for me and today the new small dragon disappeared didnt get the name scorch or something like it. Is this a Beat-version? And if yes is this the reason why it take up the full space of the CPU ? upon closing the game down from facebook (Crome browser) it freezes the browser.

  7. Instead if having the spin again on the wheel, how about adding pearls to wheel. Let us spin for pearls as well as the other crafts, coins and crowns.


  9. Don’t show us all the sold boats… scrolling in the harbor is already very difficult without all those boats you can’t use!!
    I also hope you soon fix the problems most of us are suffering from!

    • Agreed! Loading the friends tab freezes my computer for several minutes while it loads all of the hundreds of mostly sold out ships. Once it finally loads, it takes forever to scroll through all of the useless, sold out boats to find one that might have one item still available. This is not a feature, guys….this IS a BUG. Please fix it!

  10. My suggestion would be to let us travel to the kingdoms of our alliance, help with crafting to earn coins or something along those lines.

    Also if you could shorten the time it takes to craft some items, if you have to craft an item for liang that takes twelve hours or even a day, you have no chance to complete if you do not have coins.

    • Agreed! When Liang wants 3 spirit bandages that take 9 hrs each and Liang is only there for 15 hours it’s VERY disappointing😦 Glurb did a similar one to me one time. All tasks should be realistic.

  11. I got the announcement that the egg thing was going away…ok…no worries…on the same notice it tells of a new baby Dragon….well I can’t get that messages close button to work or the buzzards button…now it is stuff kids in the middle of my screen and I can’t play at all…which sucks because I only had a certain amount of time left to finish selling stuff to the guy in the balloon and now I will miss my pearl…also my pony with the pink mane is invisible….I can feed it wheat and get my star points if I can remember where I parked him….it seems that there has been one problem after another….you guys are usually better than this…..just sayin….ugh

  12. The game in my android galaxy s 3, shuts down everytime since may 12,2014, I hope you can fix the bug soon , I’ve lost to many quest already.

    • I have the same phone, and mine was doing the same, today it worked, but I found that I can no longer see the game as I could before…everything is so much smaller…

  13. After my recent update of castleville, I am no longer able to play. The game lags/stalls a great deal. I’m unable to do anything because it just crashes from the lag and closes on it’s own. It’s a bit frustrating. Please help! I don’t know any other way to contact to report this issue.

  14. Boat

    1. We should still have the option to purchase the fourth spot on the boat, even if it’s for 👑👑👑

    2. When loading the boat: after you fill one spot and go to fill the next one, the storage menu jumps back to the 🔝 of the alphabetized storage. Please change to stay scrolled where I just left it 🔙


    1. How about a notification or “poke” you can send to a fellow alliance member in case your are looking for them👍 Give it settings where no one can poke you more than once an hour 🕐 or as many times as they want. This way it’s personalized, with of course a “do not disturb” option🚫📴

    2. When chat is open and you are scrolling to read previous messages, it jumps to the top of the chat every time a msg posts simultaneously. <— very annoying! 😤

    3. When a message posts and game is open a notification tone alerts you ❕❗️❕❗️❕

    4. Red and green light next to your name indicating whether or not you are playing. This could be located in the shipyard or alliance member list. As well as on the chat.🚦

    Remove the cap on XP and money! That's just not fair… 💸💰
    ***Obviously we need to open the other realms!!***🌋🌌🌏

    More tasks!!

    And finally! It would be soooo wonderful if we could trade coins for pearls. Or even pearls for crowns and vise versa! Oh! I almost forgot, let's send pearls to other members! That would be awesome! 👑

  15. Game shuts down everytime I open it for two days already, please explane what is happening with the connection.

  16. In a recent update, you stated that Liang the Dragon merchant would be making more reasonable demands in the future. He has just asked me for 3 northbound potions, each of which take a full day to craft IF I already have the stardust potions made. I believe this to be unreasonable. No one sells them either, since they take forever to make. Please adjust Liang’s demands again. You should be able to make most of what he asks for in the timeframe alotted.

    • I agree they take a long time to make but why dont you make them while ur playin and dont need them, thts wht i do with alot if the stuff tht takes ages to make 😊

      • I agree some of the things he wants take to long to make in the time frame. I can not make some of the because Vault is not big enough. and also working on the troll quest

  17. Can you check into Liang quest sometime you get 15 hours to finish and other 4 hours this morning I had 4 hours to do the quest he wants enchanted carrot juice that take 6 hours to make each even if he gave me 15 hours I could not finish this quest

    • Ah! here is my pet peeve, and also a correction…Liang ALWAYS takes 15 hours… HOWEVER, he starts automatically! So if I get on before bed to make some of the long term 6-9 hr things over night. It starts him. Even though I don’t click on him at all.😦 I want to be able to start Liang like I start Glurb!

  18. Hi, I would just like to thank you on your latest update! I now have to squint through my glasses, on my nice big phone, in order to see my lovely game. Especially when I go to sell or buy something. I used to love how close I could zoom in, to see all of the detail….now that is gone…it’s really a shame that I am unable to play on my even bigger Tablet, your game is way too laggy on it….so, thank you!:-)

  19. Bonsoir, jeu très plaisant..mais quelques corrections pourraient le rendre encore plus attrayant..
    – mettre le temps exacte pour la fabrication des certaines demandes de Myra.
    si c’est 3 min ce n’est pas 15 min ou plus…
    – Certains produits qu’on ne trouvent que dans les endroits mythiques devraient pouvoir être trouvé sous les arbres, les pierres etc..
    – Avoir la possibilité de vendre à Myra par un défilement tout ce qui ce trouve dans chaque magasin de Myra, ce qui permettrait de vider les coffres pour pouvoir emmagasiner la commande de Glurb le Troll.
    Concernant les achats des bâtiments je trouve qu’il faut beaucoup trop de couronnes tout le monde ne peut se permettre d’acheter des couronnes, pourquoi ne pas donner la possibilité dans acheter avec des pièces gagnées par les ventes.

    Continuer à nous enchanter par des jeux aussi captivant

  20. So, this trip my dragon merchant is requesting 3 turquoise opal rings…. really??? Let’s do the math… each one requires 5 opals (3 hours for 2) and takes 24 hours to make. Even if you start as soon as you see that this is what he’s going to purchase, there is no way to produce 3 in the 16 hour time frame. Either reduce the production times on this item, or don’t include it in this mission. No one ever sells these things, they are too precious to make.

  21. I am having an issue connecting my Facebook to the game. I have excepted it on my Facebook account but it’s like the game won’t save it. It worked before the spring eggs came out so I thought it was because if that, but after I updated it’s still doing it. Can anyone help me!!

  22. You need to lower the price of land extensions. I can’t be the only one struggling to progress in this game. Also liang quests have become ridiculously difficult. Please fix.

  23. Massaya suggestions are good. If the game could first be stable and it does not crash after every update would be Versailles. Like many people I can not play or on ipad or on fb and repeatedly. It becomes heavy. this game was very nice and the concept is good. Cumbersome and frustration of crash makes it not happy. I think you do your best, but it is not up to the height of the magic of this game or the fact that some of us pay for this fun.

    Sorry for my bad english;-)

    • i agree need more land to discover. it has been months that i havent advanced except the levels, reached maximum money and am tired of just doing liang stuff. .

  24. could you please stop rising the prize of land for no reason… I have being saving to buy a piece of land that costed 57, 000 coins and when I had enough it was raised to 88 without me upgrading or anything…. it just changed prices… sooo disappointed

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  26. Hi. I am not sure how you determine the items that Liang requests but I think you need to ensure that it is doable in the time permitted. I currently have a request from Liang for 3 Northbound potions and 3 Lucky Turtle Charms. It is impossible to do in the time allotted.
    Also, I recently wanted to change Glurb’s offer and used 2 crowns. I then had to wait another 2 hours before I received another offer. I would not have done that if I realised I had to wait. I think if you spend the crowns it should be instant.


  27. I have a suggestion, how about being realistic on prices for this Stuff 550,000 for a square of land with nothing on it! Lower land prices or make it easier to get coins! These high prices are making me NOT want to play seems like I can’t get enough coins! Also if your using crowns to purchase anything there should be an are you sure prompt! Would be great when feeding glurb he give you coins for your stuff also.Also if your stuff sells on the trading ship it should return when sold instead of having to wait 3 hours! Thanks!

  28. I think it would be really cool to be able to search for things to buy. There are so many players and the list has to cycle through so it’s pure luck to find what you want. If you could search for it things would make it easier to find and for people to earn more coins.
    Also, if we could sell or give pearls to eachother that would be SO helpful

  29. I would love Myra to sell some the basics. The other day I needed over 100 milk to sell to Llang. Thankfully I have a great alliance who helped.

  30. make it possible to send a buzzer tot contact in the alliance. and to use pearls also to buy other special items. and have more challenges. its getting borred if you have all heroes and glurb doesnt has anything useful to offer.

  31. I would like to suggest a building as another avenue to get inventory. How about a “crusher” that will take an item and restore what it took to make it? (Opal studded pouch crushed would return to inventory wool and opal)

  32. would love to see this game become interactive like the original castleville, where you can visit your neighbors and ”help” them with things, or collect items needed.

  33. Bonjour, je viens d’avoir une idée…
    Créer un nouveau bâtiment “la poissonnerie”
    Dans la forge, fabriquer des hameçons de différentes grandeurs, (4 grandeurs par exemple) de durées différentes pour la création selon la grosseur de l’hameçon: les petits, 1 h, les moyens, 4 h, les grands, 6h et les très grands, 12 h.
    1) Les petits hameçons, rapporteraient des matériaux que l’on trouve dans les endroits mystiques.
    2) Les moyens rapporteraient un plus grand nombre d’objets ou matériaux.
    3) Les grands rapporteraient des pièces, couronnes, des perles et autres objets.
    4) Les très grands eux pourraient rapporter des pièces, couronnes, perles en plus grand nombre et pourquoi pas un atelier, une ressource ( mais l’on devra déjà en posséder 2 exemplaires). ou de la déco…
    Pour corser le jeu, chaque catégorie d’hameçons, trouvera des poissons de couleurs différentes et il en faudra 3 de la même couleur et la même taille pour pouvoir les échanger chez le poissonnier et chaque couleur et taille déterminera le lot gagné.
    J’espère que cela est clair pour vous.
    Merci de me lire à bientôt!

  34. I didnt get 20 crowns for updating and I also would like to know y some of my alliance members get certain stuff like blue belle give them lemons I dont and as for the update clover used to give me dragonwing torches now he dont. Please zynga fix it to be fair with all players.

  35. Hola!! está muy bueno el juego, es entretenido y dinámico. Se que tiene varios problemas con respecto a la carga y actualizaciones. Pero con el tiempo se irá mejorando. Me gustaría como lo dijeron algunos jugadores poder visitar los reinos de los integrantes de la Alianza.

  36. Can you take a look at Liang quest they are getting out of hand Today he wanted 8 items that take 6 hours each to make and you only have 15 hours do the math since it is so hard to get gold locks some of us do not have big vaults to store things in and can not keep items just laying around in case they are needed. since these items take so long to make they are not sold. also the other items both had to be made in the same place so that did not work when it takes so long to make one set you can not get the other set

    • Salut David pour l’instant la seule solution que j’ai trouvé, je regarde ce qu’il demande si c’est trop long à faire lorsqu’il se pose, je le renvoie direct je ne passe pas mon temps à essayer de faire ses demandes! Je sais pour les perles mais tant pis , tant qu’ils n’ont pas trouvé une solution c’est la seule que j’ai trouvé à+

      • Sorry. Could not read what you wrote. Donot know the language. Will copy and look for a translate program

      • got it translated yes I do agree with you and if it seems like I will not finish for a pearl i do the part that i can do and get the gold and stars

  37. Ok so is there an update??? One of my alliance members said hers she plays on pc now she get lemons from blue belle she hasnt before as well as other heros. Still not fixed on mine I play on my phone its an android. Please fix and still havent got my 20 crowns.

    • Alliances are fun, but I get tired of having to be on an alliance chat helping everyone with their stuff, which puts me behind for days. I have orders from Liang: three boxes of 75 apples each, three boxes of two necklaces each and 3 sleds. I can do this myself and still have time. It makes me mad that someone expects help all the time in creating all their orders. If they have 15 hours, they should do it themselves. I am tired of loosing time on my game, because some players are to lazy to make their stuff. I should be able to sail my ship without asking if anyone needs anything or announce it to the alliance.

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