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CastleVille Legends


Hail Adventurers! Want an opportunity to play potential features for CastleVille Legends and give your feedback? Will you be in the San Francisco, California area on May 19, 2014? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then join Zynga’s official research panel and earn Amazon gift cards!

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42 thoughts on “Zynga’s Official Panel

  1. Good to know that I have to move from the UK to San Francisco to be able to take part in a closed beta…. Should you not do that online rather than bothering people to travel to wherever it is you want them to come?

  2. Hello!

    I live in San Francisco, so I’ll be here on the 19th for sure! I’ve already filled out the application to be part of some general focus group, but will fill out the forms below just to be sure!

    I’d LOVE to be part of the group on the 19th.



    (Barbara Roush)

    • Hope you get on the panel and let them know all the real issues with this game and put the pressure on to fix them pronto. Good luck.

  3. Por favor poner otras misiones el juego se hace repetitivo , que no tarden tanto en dar candados, y pongan las cosas mas baratas se pasan co los precios yal trol como siga pidiendo esas barbsridades de comida no lo hace nadie

  4. I have 62 pearls and cannot use them since I already have all the dragons are there going to be more dragons or a way I can use the pearls? It’s not much fun when there are not quests to work on and the gluten quantities are too high I never have enough room in my vault to hold it till it’s done unless you can make it like Liang where you can sell them off while you work on the rest. Don’t get me started on gold locks and not being able to increase storage. More people would play this if these issues were fixed

  5. I’m so glad you finally fixed the storm at sea issue just selling to Myra was taking a long time to earn coins. I’d like to see more slots on the ships or faster returns once the ship has sold out.

    Is there a way you can just put all of Myra’s shops into one store instead of one for every new area? her shops take up way too much space.

  6. I agree it would be wonderful if Mr. Glurb was able to sell items as you go along. Would also be wonderful if he offered gold padlocks! I would be able to do his quests if I had room in the vault to hold all his greediness.

    • I agree that it would be GREAT if we could deliver to Glurb as we do with Liang! I too have run out of space and it is taking a long time to accumulate the items to increase storage. Maybe, like water the locks and hinges could be saved in a separate area and not count in the storage. I am ready for a new realm to be opened! Love the game, but I need something to work toward. Thanks for scorch!

  7. J’aime bien ce jeu ! Toutefois, depuis la MAJ de cette semaine, j’ai des images qui apparaissent plus ! Glurb est aussi inaccessible😦

  8. Se non si va avanti con i nuovi personaggi e qualche nuova missione e inutile e noioso continuare a giocare! Glurb e bloccato nuovo aggiornamento per me inutile! Grazie!

  9. I am Level 54. I have 50+ pearls, I am also at a point where I have purchased all but 2 land expansions. I have everything I need from the market~ Every building, tree, plot and animal. I am at the point where all I’m doing is leveling up and collecting coins. SURE I have some problems in my game, SURE the land expansions and building prices were exorbitant, but I took things a step at a time. I racked up the XP while earning the Pearls and coins I needed, and SURE, I’d love a new area to explore, but instead of wasting time complaining, I’m biding my time until the next realm opens. When it does, I will have plenty of coins to buy needed items and expansions. I will have the pearls I need for a new dragon or whatever. Geez, people It’s a game. It’s a game that requires you to build a kingdom. That can’t be done in a short period of time…it’s ongoing and frustrating at times. Loosen up! Things will come as you work for them, and the glitches will be corrected in their own time. Mine all have. Satisfaction comes with accomplishing that daunting purchase of a 500,000 coin building. Just have fun….

    • The best comment I have ever read. I am also tired of people complaining all the time. Your comment nails it.

  10. Why not let us trade pearls within out alliance? And you need to lower the price for buying land. It is totally ridiculous how much land costs. Also please fix the bugs before you release an update. other than that I love this game!

  11. Since your upgrade on May 9 my game does nothing but shut down on me no matter what I do it’s getting very frustrating if the issue doesn’t get resolved im gonna have to delete the game and play something else please advise

  12. I think it might be better to change the ship- selling, so that you can delete an item if you clicked on it by accident, once you do , you can;t change it, it would be nice of you could. Also, it would be nice to cancel /abandon an item being made or cooked, sometimes it is hard to wait 3 hours if you need to finish another item instead

  13. Hello,

    In my opinion some itens take too much time to make and give poor quantity of coins than others.
    Exploring Fairy Falls I received one pink box writen: Sunstone{itemname}. It seems we have a problem here!
    May I use Portuguese (BR) here?


    Carlos Alberto – Brazil

  14. Since the updatemy game keeps crashing sometimes even shutting down my whole device! I have been playing for years and now I’m about to quit altogether since I haven’t been able to play at all😦

  15. It would be very useful to be able to pay the Dragon Merchant to go away, as you can pay him t arrive early. There are some requests that I know I cannot fill and I have to sit and wait until he goes away. I have not been able to purchase the missing items from others, so would love him to go away again!

  16. El juego esta bien, pero tienen que corregir los fallos , en mi alianza la mitad no puede jugar despues de una actualizacion algunas llevan hasta un mes sin poder jugar. Eso hace que nos pensemos si jugar o no jugar .Hagan algo al respecto , que se estan cargando el juego por no atender las quejas

  17. Deberían considerar los precios están muy altos, el juego me encanta pero eso no me deja avanzar. También siempre presenta problemas de coneccion.

  18. I love playing this game! However have vowed not to spend any more of my money on it until crashing glitches r fixed! As for suggestions, I would love to b able to visit kingdoms of those in my alliance. Not being very creative myself, would help me see how others organize their kingdoms. Also would like ability to move trees, rocks, etc. sometimes I just need to reorganize space n don’t need the logs, etc.

  19. People have been kind to reply to my problem, however none have told where to look for quick spells. Ther must. Be something that I just don’t understand. People have told me what they can do and who sends them, and maybe nobody sends me any, I just don’t know. Maybe there is a first grade teacher that can explain the procedure I need to follow to find and use quick spells.

    • Above in the menu is a link to Guides. Click that and then click Quick spells to read how to do it. You basically click the red seal at the top right corner

  20. I am not able having scrouch .,! I have no friends .ihave no ship my ship stock with my stuf on it . I lost my alliance and can not chat I I I plz fix the game . If we could sell the stuff in storage was good and it was better if we could play I liked if there was a carage for selling goods horse for riding plz help me and the others

  21. I requested a knight and a alli did send one according to the request message BUT! I did not receive one and have to wait 8 hours for the next knight. That really upset me. Being prepared to earn items and No knight’

  22. I have been playing this game for a few month’s now and it seem’s as if I have to find a lot of the rule’s by hit and miss, witch take’s a lot of time. I work and take care of my house so I don’t have a lot of time to stay on, it would be nice to be able to pull up the stat’s while you are playing the game.

  23. When are we going to get some new quests and access to the other kingdoms? I’ve got nothing to do and I’m getting bored of this game now!!

  24. Could you do a guide sheet on knights? I was given one but then he was gone…..can you only use him once and then request another? How many knights can you have a one time? Do I need to change my Alliance to one with more members so I can get knights? I’m confused.

    • You can request a knight every 8 hrs. Each person though has 4 knights they can give. If you use him at an hour place of legend then you’ve used him. You have 24 hrs to use him and can have 3 at one time if you haven’t used them. If your alliance doesn’t give knights then you can move to another alliance. But some people have not been able to load or Facebook connect so they haven’t been able to play.

  25. Could you have a search request for the stores? When I need to make 20+ apple oatmeals it would be nice to be able to click on the stores, click on search and enter apple oatmeal. Then I would see who is selling it and be able to purchase them much more quickly. I would have this as an option to to purchasing in the stores. With this available I would also have more of the world wide players searched for the item I am looking for. Therefore, I might be able to reach my goal easier and others sell their items more quickly.

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