New Release – April 9

CastleVille Legends - IrisToday we released an update in the App Stores. Please download the latest release for these new updates.

What’s new in version 2.3.80 (iOS), 2.3.209 (Android), and 2.3.208 (Amazon)

  • Magical Spring Eggs! NoteIf you would like a tutorial on the Magical Spring Eggs feature, please view our official guide: Magical Spring Eggs!
    • Hatch Magical Spring Eggs from Yvette to earn special rewards!
    • You have five weeks to win Iris, a baby Dragon Hero.
    • Yvette will guide you with weekly quests.
    • Gather and craft magical ingredients to hatch the Eggs.
    • New crop! We added a Carrot Patch, which is a permanent item.
    • Fernfang, a helpful baby Earth Dragon, is available for Crowns in the Market.
  • We heard your feedback and here’s what we did:
    • Sold signs will again show on Sea Trading
    • The game loads more quickly!
App Stores:
Click below to download the latest version on your iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire device:
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Amazon Store:
As always, thank you for your feedback!

587 thoughts on “New Release – April 9

  1. I really love playing this new Castleville. My suggestion is that XP should be multiplied by how many items you sell just like the coin is. It doesn’t seem fair to get the same XP for multiple sales as you do for single sales. Also, Liang’s expectations are a little high.

  2. Also, one more thing, why do the price of items jump from 90 crowns to 270 crowns? I don’t mind spending a reasonable amount to obtain goals but the majority of us that play on a regular basis don’t have unlimited amounts of real cash to buy crowns. A more reasonable crown price for additional items after 3 would be greatly appreciated.

    • I don’t think sunstone is the “real name”, as I have one in my vault from Fairy Falls and it appears before axes. It’s just a pink square for me and, when I tap on it, it just says “item name” in parentheses. I also have a pink blob in place of my Cupid heart that I’ve stashed in a back corner of my kingdom with the other seasonal decorations.

    • Sunstones still appear in my game, I just got one again today. They just seem to be there to fill up my vault.

  3. I really love playing this game. I play a lot of zynga games and so far I like this one the best. So glad the bug finally got fixed so we can do sea trading again.

  4. Hello I have an issue with Glurb the trol. It crashed. He asks me an emerald but he didnt ask me the food that he want…could you help me please?

  5. Allof the alliance group have sold out but are still out at sea!
    All the world trade people have gone home banners!
    All friends have sold out!
    Please fix this new glitch!
    Thank you for returning the mountain of crowns, i bought as soon as i seen it..

  6. I lost 57 crowns spontaniously. One moment I had 79, the next time I started the game I had only 22. I’ve sent a mail, asked for help, but no reaction what so ever.
    Thats not fair and very frustrating.

    • The same thing happened to me and when I emailed them they claimed that I had used them on mystic flowers…😦 irritating…

    • @Marianne : I had the same bad surprise. I did’nt pay attention to the goods needed in the fabrics. If you d’ont have enough, it takes crowns away whithout asking before.

    • bij mij verdwijnen ze ieder uur.ik heb niets meer en hetzelfde antwoord van zynga dat ik ze gebruikt had.Heb 2 uur helemaal niets gedaan alleen kijken en zie ze spontaan verdwijnen,lijkt wel of er een ander op je account speelt.

  7. I would like the trol to be like Liang. If you can put in items one at a time its easier to fullfil.

  8. Ola tou com problemas com glurb o troll..ele travou oferece esmeralda mais não diz a comida que ele quer …alguém poderia me ajuda…

  9. What’s a Sunstone and why doesn’t it have a graphic attached? Because Yvette got me one.

    Suggestion: let Glurb collect each item individually — asking for me to have space for 100 extra items isn’t reasonable, but 33 at a time isn’t completely horrible.

  10. Your latest update has crashed Glurb, he has a massive countdown clock and isn’t asking for anything. Also sea trading is showing all old sales from alliance members which is really odd and I’m scrolling through heaps of sold out stuff to find current items. Whatever you did, please undo it!

  11. Still no connection to facebook since last updating the Easter update. Also crashed a lot now. This is iPhone 4s. I’ve stopped playing this game until the Facebook connection is fixed. Boring without sea trading.

  12. Serious issues since the update for the final four days of spring challenge. The game crashes constantly making game play nearly impossible. Very disappointed and about to delete game.

  13. Been unplayable for days now, very disappointing, taking me even longer to get the lucky blue dragon now, not good, is it even worth playing ???

  14. I agree with so many others who wish it were possible to feed Glurb in stages. My vault has room for 190; having to hoard 63 items just for Glurb is impossible. I have a ton of hinges, but it’s impossible to get padlocks again. With every update I look forward to the temporary increase in ability to get padlocks, but that didn’t happen with this latest update. Sorry that Clover no longer gets a dragonwing torch from the Butterfly Oracle – that was a nice little bonus! Have yet to get pearls from eggs (I do have Iris) but I’ve been getting plenty of opal stardust rings that I can’t sell (Myra hasn’t asked for those in ages).

  15. Last update made the game totally unplayable. Crashes every couple of minutes. Restarting both the game and device make no difference in stability.

  16. I would like to clean up and re-order my map. Therefor an option to clear all items (shops, plants, etc) and have them depot-stacked would be awesome. My Castlevile is turning in a junkyard.

  17. Volume on it is not working. The volume works on the other apps that I own, but doesn’t work on this one. Plus, there’s a pink blurb where one of my buildings are and that makes it difficult to finish a task for the Easter thing. Also, Glurb the Troll froze up when I have to get items. Please fix this problem!!!!!!

  18. I haven’t gotten my crowns for completing the Easter quest, and I’ve opened at least 10 eggs, this is ridiculous.

  19. My troll has crashed and I have 2 pink shapes instead of my unicorn and my love heart cloud. How do we fix it…

  20. At the risk of repeating myself, this weeks update has once again caused many problems: Cloudfeather has a pink haze around it so you cant always feed her oats for xp. Glurb is nonfunctional. Says he’s offering enchanted amber but shows an emerald and 999 xp awards and expires in 99 days. There is no audio on the game— neither music nor sound effects. These issues are very disappointing; especially if you’re a player that spends $ on the game. I don’t want to uninstall/reinstall the game because it always puts me back to some point where I’ve already completed….why are there always SO many problems following these horrendous updates?? I’m hoping the problems I described above will be fixed, but then when a NEW update comes, we’ll have new and different issues to deal with! :0

    • No, don’t uninstall and reinstall. Mine set me back to Friday.

      I emailed them and they will fix the pink splotches and Glurb. They said there is no issue with the ships. They through email and support page mods are calling it an enhancement. They clearly don’t play the game. Everyone needs to email through the support page. Sea trade is filled with old ships with sold out items. People’s ships who haven’t played in months or who are no longer playing ships are showned. Usually if your 3 slots sold then the ship gets taken off the screen. But now it is not. Some alliance members say what is on the screen is not what is on their actual boat. This is another case of zynga not listening to their players. It’s all over the support page, Facebook, and this blog. Even when you do email tech support they say that’s what it’s supposed to do? Errors like this should of been noticed when the update was released on Friday.

  21. Fix this crap game. I still can’t feen Glurb. Its freezes on me and it says whenever I want to feed Glurb there are 999 stars and I need to get them in 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. What the hell is going on? I demand answers!!!!!!!!!! You can also give me back all my MONEY! I WANT ANSWERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I am also having the same issue with Glurb (his counter displays 99 hours left to complete), and now my game won’t even load. This happened with the last update too. 😦

  23. Please fix ships. Tech support and mods say that it’s an enhancement or added content with showing all the alliance and fb friends ships. They said it was so you could audit but that makes no sense. Seems people complained that their boat disappeared after other people bought quickly from them and they didn’t see their boat. The con is that people’s ships who no longer play the game are shown. If a hundred thousand left the game, their ships would still be sailing two years from now. That would clog all of sea trade. I thought we were trying to be more efficient in game than to go backwards.

    The mods say to change it back many more people need to complain.

  24. I just updated yesterday 5/12/14 and now the game is crashing not even letting me in for more than a few seconds. Please fix, or tell me what I need to do. I would love to play again.

  25. first of all fix the system for how you can buy things, I can not buy anything because they don’t except Credit, debit or I tune cards….. also fix the glitch you have every single day, before the customer go somewhere else or take the law and use it…… crown I have lost because so called Computer glitch it is to many to count. people get tired of all the excuses Zynga has….. don’t lounge a game when it is not ready.

  26. Hi after the last new update I cannot get into my game, very frustrating, maybe I must just delete the game and forget about it.

  27. I don’t mind Liang’s quests being a little difficult but when you only have 15 hrs to create 3 items that take 12 hrs each…that’s a little too much! I can’t afford to buy crowns, and it takes to many crowns to hurry them!

  28. Is there a customer support email address? I ended up uninstalling the game and it still won’t work (crashes). That Zynga site is confusing…I just want customer/tech support to helo me fix my game.😦

    • You have to go through the website skylar wrote above. They only answer through the form you fill out. A lot of game sites are doing that nowadays. You have to Facebook connect through there so it ties your account directly with email form

  29. My Pink Pony is missing from her usual spot but I can see a hint of her behind the Dragons Clutch quest. When I try to send her to a place of legend she shows as locked. What happened??

    • I saw someone said support emailed them and said that the v day Pegasus horses had to be removed to fix the crashes. Maybe something to do with the pink blobs to fix it. Hope they come back.

  30. Items in vault keep disappearing. .been happening for couple months. . I did update today and now every few mins I get kicked off game!! Very annoying! How do I fix??

  31. Please fix that not everyone get or sees scorch! Plus, I am crashing every 2-3 minutes. Not fun if i cannot stay on the game. Frustrated

    • You use them in potions and perfumes. So you won’t use them till about level 25 or so. I don’t really remember just when you get them. Tap the wheelbarrow and you should be able to find them under workshops. Hope that helps

  32. My chat has been irritating lately, I cant finish what im typing before it post without me asking. I also have problem with the game upgrading, every time I log on it says that its upgrading but I dont think it is. PLEASE FIX SOON.

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