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Do you need more friends in your Alliance? Are you looking to join an active Alliance? Let everyone know your Alliance name & Motto below!

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  • Any comment in violation of the Terms of Service will be removed. A link to the Terms of Service can be found HERE.
  • When posting, please be sure to include your Alliance name and Motto.
  • We encourage you to let others know if your Alliance speaks a non-English language.
  • To search for Alliances, click the Royal Embassy building, and the tab to Browse Alliances.  Click Search and enter the Alliance name and or Motto.

You can only be in 1 Alliance at a time, but you can leave your Alliance to join another if you choose to.

We hope everyone finds lots of new friends and has strong Alliances!

258 thoughts on “Add Me – Alliances

  1. I am the only person in my alliance, I would love some other people.
    Alliance name is People of Fun
    Motto is Live Love Laugh

  2. We have the BEST alliance ever. It’s all ladies, sharing and helping each other out. We never swipe stuff that’s meant for other people. We are all basically addicted so play EVERY DAY.

    It’s the most fun that you could ever have playing CastleVille.. To join us type in ‘swiper’ in the section that searches alliance mottos. Then click on ‘Cool Kids of CastleVille’ that’s our Alliance name.


    Hope to see you there!

  3. Our alliance is helpful and we’d love to help you! It’s called Never More and the motto is no one can hurt the strong. Just search for never more as the name and strong for the motto to find us.

  4. One of our alliance members was somehow removed from our group. We want her back. She has tried over fifty times and no luck. We’ve all sent her requests to rejoin and she has keeps getting a note saying ‘ request sent ‘. But nothing happens. My alliance name is Gypsywolf. Our motto is I play24/7 join me. Her name is Mary Ruth Hougard. Please add her back to our alliance.
    Also I promoted a member by mistake. There isn’t a way of demoting her. Can you help us with this problem? Her name is Lisa B. I am the creator of our alliance. Thank you very much and I love this game. Christine Spitznagel

  5. Quest Helpers “Goal Makers” is looking for more members.
    I love to help people make their goals like selling to Liang and feeding Glurb. If you are new to CastleVille please come check us out. I sell items to alliance members cheaply.

  6. Hello , our group has people from all around the world ! Just about every time zone playing! So usually someone playing regardless of what time it is! We make sure everyone’s needs are met usually very quickly! We have 37 active members after weeding through the santa quests ? We all play fair and nobody snatch n grabs items EVER! We’re a kool lil mixed up family but were faithful to each other ! If you are interested and think that you would fit right in then send an alliance request to – Semper fi our motto is the same as our clan name Semper fi

    • Hi! Your alliance sounds fabulous! I sent 2 requests to join alliances.. No reply. So I just started my own with 4 of my friends. Maybe we should join yours! I really am interested, so please reply! Thank you.


  7. Hello, Castle Friends! I have started an alliance with my friends from other games (not nearly as fun as this one!) & would love to have some new members! So, if you love the game, play regularly, have a sense of humor, & are at level 10 or above, please join us! Please send your request to:

    Arabella’s Lair
    Sense of Humor Required!

    That’s all! I know you’ll have a blast with our group. Thank you & may you prosper!!


  8. Nobody accepts me when I ask to join an alliance?? Why?? Then I made one myself and nobody wants to join!! I’m about through with this game!!

  9. Made a new alliance recently. It’s called “Serious and kind gamers” and the motto is “We serve to help, educate, and be kind”. I’ve been part of too many annoying alliances were you get little help so I decided to make my own in hopes to break that trend. I hope people with the same desires will join me.:)

  10. Hi all, looking for new members to join “Wolftopia” where are our motto is “If we work together, we can all be strong as wolfs”. We’re a friendly, hard working bunch that helps each other in whatever quests that come up. Feel free to join us, everyone is welcome:-)

  11. I opened a covenant for all, from the level 10! The name of this alliance is … Sat Castle Welcome to you all and you can add me on facebook under the name Veronique Boivin ….. thank you

  12. J’ai ouvert une alliance pour tous , a partir du level 10 ! Le nom de cette alliance est Castle Sat … Bienvenue a vous tous et vous pouvez m’ajouter sur facebook sous le nom de Veronique Boivin ….. merci

  13. === Legendary Angels Family =====
    Motto: Helping each other is our Force
    Level 15 minimum, ready to collaborate and help on big tasks!!
    We are using the Castleville Chat to work all together (Facebook friends is even better).
    So?? Daily player?? Like this game like us?? Want to play in team??
    Send us a request!!!

  14. bonjour à tous (es)
    venez nous rejoindre dans alliance: denisard V, nous sommes 18/50, cette alliance viens d etre créer voila 2 jours. nous avons tout les niveaux, il règne une très bonne ambiance, de bons échanges, une bonne entraide et déja une réelle amitié dans ce jeu.
    faites la demande pour nous rejoindre à : denisard veronique.
    nous parlons plusieurs langue, ça aide aussi..:)
    au plaisir de vous comptez bientot parmis nous.

  15. Hello CastleVille friends! I would like to invite anyone looking for an alliance to Dragons of Lore., our motto is “Together we stand…for the good of all within”. We are looking for people who want to play and have fun. Hope to see you soon! Happy gaming.

  16. Come join our active alliance! We play many times and day and we’re here to help one another. You can find us at ‘Canadian Queens’

    Come one, come all!

  17. Alliance members wanted!!
    English speaking group!
    Looking for daily players that play help and chat!!
    Alliance name is
    The Kingdom of old!
    Moto is
    Thank you

  18. I’d love if people would join my alliance. It’s turtlekings and motto is anyone can join. It’s mostly English speaking, but anyone can join.

  19. Mojos Knights is looking for new active players. Just had a sweep so there are 12 seats available. If your looking for an active alliance with the extra benefit of a fb group that offers even more communication that takes into consideration the various time constraints, Mojos Knights is the alliance for you. Our gate is open until all spaces are filled, so come on by and grab a seat!

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