You will need various Workshops that will be used for crafting many items in the game. Each workshop will have many crafting recipes to start off with, and the more you progress you will unlock newer recipes to make more items! Each of these Workshops are purchased for coins, but you can buy multiples of each building for crowns.

You will not need any building parts or crews to build any of your workshops!  You will simply purchase them from the market and a timer will start to let you know when it’ll be ready!

The Woodshop is the first Workshop you will be using. You will be able to craft Arrows, Torches, Ladders and more! You will need to gather wood from chopping trees or the Lumber Yard.


  • Torches
  • Ladders
  • Opal Studded Cup

The Trail Kitchen is where you will be cooking with ingredients such as apples and blueberries.


  • Apple Oatmeal
  • Golden Apple
  • Cheese Omelet

If you’re missing an ingredient but don’t know where it comes from, you can tap and hold your finger on any missing item and a hint will display.


When you reach Level 7 you can unlock the Dairy Barn.  Use your Milk that is gathered from feeding Cows to craft items like Butter and Cheese.


  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Herbed Cheddar Cheese

Craft gorgeous jewels inside The Jeweler.  You will be able to sell your jewelry in Myra’s Wilderness Faire. Be sure to harvest Opals from Yvette’s home as you’ll need them to craft your jewelry. It will unlock at level 9.


  • Opal Bracelet
  • Golden Opal Necklace
  • Opal Stardust Ring

The Tailor is where you can craft items with your wool that you harvested from your sheep. It will unlock at level 12.


  • Plain Gloves
  • Opal Button Gloves
  • Silvery Gloves

The Bakery will be your crafting building for many delicious treats. You’ll need lots of Oats and Butter in here! It will unlock at level 14.


  • Egg Bread
  • Blueberry Tart
  • Blueberry Honey Jam

The Weaver is another workshop that will use the wool you get from sheep.  You will craft lots of bandages in here! It will unlock at level 16.


  • Plain Bandage
  • Camping Tent
  • Honey Bandage

The Alchemist will unlock after you reach Level 21. You’ll need lots of Fairy Vials from Bluebell.


  • Dragonwing Potion
  • Stardust Potion
  • Iridescent Potion

The Perfumer will also need lots of Fairy Vials from Bluebell’s home.  It will unlock at level 22.


  • Rose Perfume
  • Dragonwing Perfume
  • Jasmine Perfume

The Fizzy Drink Maker will unlock at level 25. Gather up lots of Enchanted Nectar for some delicious drinks.


  • Fizzy Apple Juice
  • Fizzy Blueberry Juice
  • Magical Jasmine Tea

The Apothecary will unlock at level 27.


The Potter will unlock at level 30.  You will need Clay from Bayoo’s home in this workshop.


  • Frog Teapot
  • Spirit Teapot

The Stone Carver will unlock at level 31. Mine Stones and gather Turquoise for various recipes.


  • Seaside Cup
  • Octopus Bowl
  • Turquoise Kraken

Charm Maker will unlock at level 34. You will need items you crafted in the Stone Carver to help you craft charms.


  • Amber Charm
  • Lucky Turtle Charm
  • Feathered Charm

Exploration Gear unlocks at level 35. You will craft items needed to explore in here.


  • Water Compass
  • Rope
  • Snowshoes

Icy Treats unlocks at level 37. This workshop will help you create frozen treats!


  • Blueberry Popsicle
  • Lemon Popsicle
  • Coconut Ice Cream

The Blacksmith unlocks at level 38. You’ll need Iron Ore from the Iron Mine in here.


  • Crowbar
  • Grappling Hook
  • Yeti Alarm

The Hatter unlocks at level 40.  Save up wool and feathers for some fancy hats!


  • Feather Cap
  • Plain Cap
  • Sapphire Cap

99 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. I am on a quest with the wizard where I need to build a bakery and I have and finished everything in the quest but it’s not regestering on the “build a bakery”. I regestered on the girls quest but not on the wizards.

  2. I am having trouble making the stardust lantern in the workshop. I have enough wood & the stardust, but it won’t let me pull those items to the workshop. I actually have 2 workshops & I have tried it in both & neither one of them will work. Do you have any other ideas? Am I the only one this has happened too?

  3. Help.. I have a problem, sometimes when I make cheese or other items in the dairy barn, it don’t register in the goals when finish.. So I have to make it again.. Happened twice with the same goal today.. So please help..

  4. At what point during the game will emeralds be used for more than just selling them to merchants? I am on level 19 and assume I am just not far enough into the game but it causes an inventory problem. I am at the point where explorations yield them, but neither merchants or other players buy them because there seems so be no need for them yet.

  5. What do you do with the elixir potions ( snapdragon, purple sage etc.)? Is there a “Myra” place to sell them? It seems rather useless to make them. Other than selling them to “friends” what do you do with them?

  6. I made a woodshop instead of a lumber yard by mistake. Any way to reverse this? ie. sell the woodshop? If not my days of castleville will be over.

  7. I’m on Perfecting Potions 2 of 2 and I have to sell 3 goods to Myra’s Potions and Perfumes. It says there should be a caravan here but I don’t have this?

  8. I am on level 19 and the arena of friendship requires 4 explores. Is the only way to get a fourth with crowns? If so I guess I can quit playing because I’m not allowed to spend money on this game.

  9. I’m curious as to why you would make it so that the “Mandrake Root” 3,600 to sell and the “Mandrake Elixor” only 2,300. Shouldn’t it be the other way around when you craft an item especially when it takes 4 hours to craft? What would be the reasoning to that?

  10. Are the spirit elixirs useful for something in the game other than selling them? They never show in the caravan for sale, but can be sold via the ship. I have several, but they are time costly to make, so if I will need them later I don’t want to sell them. However they sell for a lot of money…

  11. I’m stuck with a spirit elixir too, it has never shown up as a saleable item at the caravan. I’d also like to know if it will be needed later in the game please. Thanks.

  12. I have seen and been able to buy pickaxes on the ship …… I am level 21 and have not yet seen a building where I can craft or buy pickaxes …… could someone please tell me where this “house” is at for me to be able to make them or buy them …… thank you

  13. Please can you help. I was buying a Golden vault padlock on sea trading when my game shut down. It shuts down randomly quite often. I went back to the page, it said ” bought” but hasn’t appeared in my vault. I wouldn’t bother you about it, except it cost me 1,050. Is there a way to retrieve it? Thank you.

  14. I am curious of is there a way too turn the buildings to face different directions? I like everything organized and have been wasting alot of space to keep things tidy looking!

  15. What can I do with my 14 Kraken fangs (other than make Seafarer Charms that Myra won’t buy)? Between these and the Spirit Elixirs, my vault is filling up with worthless stuff

  16. Why is it sometimes after making something in a work shop I can’t collet it. Or when I try 2 make something it just glows yellow on it

  17. Hi, I was wondering about the Opal Necklace. It requires 6 opals and a silver wire to craft, yet only sells for 100 coins. I have seen others selling them for thousands, but mine only gives the option of up to 110 coins on the sea trading. Should I keep it for awhile and see if this changes? Thank you!

    • I’m having the same problem too with trying to sell the fizzy lemonade. It always says that there was a “storm at sea” and returns it to my vault. I’ve noticed that anytime I try to sell things that total around 8000 coins or more, there’s a “storm at sea” and it returns the most expensive items to my vault. Have you had any answer yet?

      • Same problem here. VERY frustrating! I can’t sell anything expensive or a storm comes. 6 times in a row trying to sell necklaces. Nice to waste people’s time on a silly “feature” that only adds frustration to the game.

    • I think it’s strange that the majority of the questions asked have not been answered by CVL. Why? It would help all of us to understand what is going on with the game.

  18. I don’t think they look at this page. This should be a set page of helpful info but the info they have provided us is not even up to date. If you need help you should go to help or Zynga.

  19. It would be nice to have an ingredient book online. I would like to be able to check, for example, what ingredients, and how many of each, I will need to make mystic tea but something else is ‘cooking’. It’s frustrating to only be able to check when a workshop isn’t in use, especially if you can’t play all the time.

  20. I’m level 33, have Myra’s caravan by Bluebell, and by Tanya. Neither of them ever have option to sell the Spirit Elixir. So what do I do with them? are they sold in a different caravan? I can sell the mandrake root elixir, and the snapdragon, etc…but it nothing ever brings up the Spirit Elixir….

  21. Alchemy workshop
    The quest said to build one so I did but i didn’t get credit for it on the quest, it still says I need to make one. I made it after the quest was given. Any ideas?? Thank you!

    • Contact support for game play problems especially when it can’t recognize an item made for a quest. You may need to connect to Facebook on the support page.

  22. What are the other 2 tabs for in the sea trading buy now menu. I am level 40, do they become avaleable later? Also can we request things other than knights and how,

    • What tabs? In sea trading there’s global trading. It has a globe on the tab. The heart tab is your Facebook friends that play the game. The flag tab is your alliance.

  23. Por favor arrumem meu jogoooo.. amo esse jogo. Mas nao consigo acessar o chat. Nem o barco compra e nem vende. Please consertem preciso do encanto. Tenho mais de 700 pra pegar e o bau mergulha no rio e nao consigo pegar. Arrumem.. eu amo esse jogo , mas assim ta dificil… obrigada pela atençao..

  24. i’m stuck with the spirit elixir, and i was wondering do i ever get to sell it to one of Myra’s markets????!!!!!! i’m level 35. so if anyone of you knows this… if not i’m tempted to throw it away!!
    so, what to do? and there are also other items that never come up in the markets, while others are always there… thats somewhat annoying… for how long can one keep making purple or blue bandages??

  25. I feel your pain Anda..I have many spirit elixirs, golden apples and opal necklaces – which for some reason myrna is just as uncompelled to buy than I am to discard..I wish I knew if she at some point will want to buy them…

  26. I noticed that at the edge of blue belles realm there is a gap in the gloom. It’s about the width of a land square but goes off my screen. I’m wondering if it’s another place or if the they’re going to open another reman after the edge of the world…

  27. Another thing. I just rescued bayoo and started his quest. I bought an apocrathy but it hasn’t registered that I did it. How should I make it register or what should I do.

  28. I have requested a knight, which has been granted, but he hasn’t turned up. This is the third time this has happens, and I have to wait for the full 8 hours b4 requesting another. Also I can’t seem to rescue Somme of the hero’s. Nearly, Giavanni, & Hazel.

  29. Dear sirs, I have tried on several of the quest to get locks and still can not. Is there any trick that I can do to get these. I need to expand and can not get locks and all my friends are trying to get them as well .. what is going on now?

  30. Has there been any progress in getting Myra to request spirit elixirs so I can get rid of the one that I have? Or are they supposed to be used sometime later in the game? I’m on level 32 and have had this item in my storage for what seems like forever. I see people trying to sell them, but I’m nervous to do that if no one is going to buy it and it will just take up a spot on my boat. I noticed that someone said back in November that this was supposed to be fixed. Thanks!

  31. Does anyone know where I can find an “ingredients” list? It would be useful to know, for example, how many carrots and how much honey is needed for honey-glazed carrots or how much wool and wood is needed for a camping tent, etc.

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