There will be many resources used throughout the game. Many crafting recipes will need items dropped from these resources.  Most of these resources will need water, which you get in rivers & ponds.

Apple Tree  – Water each tree for apples which are used in many recipes. You will get 2 at the beginning of the game but can buy more in the market!


Oat Field  – Water the field and you can grow Oats. Oats can be used in recipes to make dishes or feed your animals.


Lumber Yard – Never run out of logs with the Lumber Yard.  Just a few coins and you’ll get lumber without chopping trees!


Cow Pasture – Feed Oats to the cows and they will produce milk. Milk can be sold to Merchants or used in recipes.


Chicken Patch – Feed Oats to the chickens and they will produce eggs. Eggs can be sold to Merchants or used in recipes.


Blueberries – Water Blueberries and produce fruit that can be sold to merchants or used in crafting recipes.  Blueberries take an hour to harvest.

Sheep – Feed Oats to the sheep and they will produce wool. Wool can be sold to Merchants or used to craft goods at the Tailor & Weaver.


Wild Beehive – Use water to get Honey from your Beehive. You can sell honey to merchants or in crafting recipes. Honey takes 20 minutes to harvest.


Lemon Tree – Water Lemon Trees for up to 3 lemons! Lemons take 10 hours to harvest, you can buy more trees in the market.


Dragonwing Flower – Water these flowers and harvest Dragonwing Pods. They take 1 hour to harvest. They can be used in the Perfumer workshop.


Wild Roses – Water these beautiful flowers and get Rose Petal. They can be used in the Perfumer workshop.


Jasmine – Water Jasmine and use the flowers in the Perfumer or Fizzy Drink Maker.  It takes 1 hour to harvest.


Butterfly Bush – Water the Butterfly Bush to get Enchanted Nectars. Use Nectar in the Alchemist.


Lavender – Water Lavender which take 15 minutes to harvest. Use Lavender buds in the Perfumer, Apothecary, or Fizzy Drink Maker.


Purple Spangle Herb – Water Purple Spangle flowers which are used in the Apothecary.


Snapdragons – Water this feisty plant for Snapdragon Seeds. They are used in recipes in the Apothecary.


Enchanted Glen – Water the Enchanted Glen for fireflies.  Myra may purchase them in the Swamp Emporium.


Turquoise Mine – Use a small amount of coins to get Turquoise. These are needed in crafting recipes at the Potter and Stone Carver.


Goat Pasture – Feed oats to the Goats for Goat Milk.  They take 1 1/2 hours to harvest.


Stone Quarry – Out of rocks? Get a Stone Quarry which takes 30 minutes to harvest up to 3 stones per tend.


Magnetite Mine – A small amount of coins can produce Lodestones in the Magnetite Mine. They are used in the Charm Maker workshop.


Coconut Grove – Water the grove and get coconuts. They can be used in recipes in the Icy Treats workshop.


Iron Mine – Produces Iron Ores. These are needed in the Blacksmith and more.


Garnet Mine – A small amount of coins can produce Garnets. They can be used for many recipes in the Jeweler.


Ice Bell Flower – Water these icy flowers for Frozen Pollen. They can be used in the Alchemist.


Owl’s Nest – Water the Owl’s Nest for Owl Feathers. They can be used in recipes in the Charm Maker.


Ice Pond – Get Ice from the Ice Pond. Ice can be used in crafting recipes in Icy Treats.


Basilisk Lair – Water the Basilisk Lair for Basilisk Scales.


166 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Why my resources always missing, like dragonwing flower, wild rose, jasmine, butterfly bush, lavender, purple spangle herb, Snapdragon’s and enchanted glen, all of them was missing today, I go to resources check, show it is zero, need to buy again. Please fix it and return back my resources. It happened a few time, but this time 8resources missing, too much to buy back. I want it return back, please return to me, otherwise I will delete this game, don’t want to play it anymore.

  2. Why is there a 30,000 coin difference for the dragonwing flower between the iOS and android versions of the game when everything else regarding profit of coin is the same?

  3. How can I retract purchasing a resouce when I thought I was buying something else. Accidentally duplicated sheep. There should be some kind of emblem to show what I bought instead of just a shovel timing how long before it becomes effective.

    • I’m sorry I cannot a place to ask question,, just reply… But i have a frozen pollen& cant figure out what it’s for!! What can i do with frozen pollen other then sell it off?? Do i have to wait for another level to buy a building to make something with it??

  4. My resource tab keeps going blank, similar problem was reported by another user on this page in Nov. I can open the marketplace and view all the tabs except resources. The only way to get it to work is to close the game and reopen, which is really annoying to the point that this game isn’t worth playing. :( hope its resolved soon. I’m using android app on a Nexus 5.

  5. My resources tab is empty. I thought because I had no crowns but I just purchased crowns on my credit card and its still empty. Please help.

  6. Why am I not able to buy ice cubes? I am level 39 and have seen a level 24 selling ice. I have heard if you send Leif to the gateway of luck he can bring back ice but this does not work for me. It’s not entirely fair that a lower level can buy and sell ice and I cannot.

    • Until you buy the ice pond, you can only buy ice from others or buy a plot of land with ice on it and use ice picks to obtain ice.

    • Only some people get extras. says it’s so everyone has an unique playing experience. Other people get more expensive land, workshops, resources, heroes, and places of legend.

    • To send Leif to gateway of luck to get ice, he needs to go with Rill, the blue Dragon together, they bring back one ice and one Midas glove in 30 minutes. Sometimes you also get a clover or something else. Quite dependable. I cannot buy ice, even though I have frozen treat stand, so I have to get it at gateway of luck. Frozen pond is too far separated by level from frozen treat

    • I am also on level 39 and cannot buy ice. I send Leif and Blubell to the gateway of luck and get ice and lemon every time.

  7. Maybe this will get my question out there.. I have frozen pollen patch but cant find anything to make with it,, only sell it as is.. Do i have to wait for another level?? What can i make with frozen pollen??? Ty:-)

  8. I have 4 mil coins and the game does not add to my coins anymore when I sell stuff.

    Is there an upper limit on coins I can collect?

  9. Why cant i get the basilisk lair? I am at level 60 and have seen an item for basilisk lair item on sea trading but it says to level up, this person was on level 32. I am clearly beyond this level. Where and how do u get this? Also when will there be new levels or opening of new characters, its getting boring without any new levels or resources or characters….

  10. Where is the basilisk lair? I see scales for sale on ship trading sometimes from lower levels than i am but it says i need to level up.

      • no, i saw basilisk scales also and did a search to find out why and this is all i can find about it. They were clearly NOT iridescent scales

  11. My resource tab continuely goes missing sometimes for days and I do not know how to get it to come back. Can someone help?

    • Sadly, fragrant elixirs are easy to make, command a high price, & are only used in the Swamp Totem (place of legend).
      Myra also does not seem to purchase them. So the only way to sell them would be via ship trade; to other players.
      If you have time max them out at max price, & if no one buys them in your second time setting sail they will guarantee sell.
      Otherwise I’d dump them.

      • How do you dump them? I used to be able to delete things, but that option has vanished… is there still a way?

  12. Is there a price list available for Castleville Legends? It would be so helpful for those of us who are trying to earn large amounts of money to know what to build and sell! I’m on level 36, trying to expand and buy the mines and exploration gear, but I save enough for a mine then I’m back down to 32k, really need the help on earning coins! Help! Please let me know if there is a price list or make a price list or tips and tricks to get coins please!
    Poor neeperkitty

    • Apparently (and this really needs confirmation) the prices are different for every person… I’ve just hit level 38 and have a long, long way to go to be able to buy the resources for that level and absolutely no chance of opening up any more land… but I hear other people have cheaper prices..:p

  13. If you look at the book, bottom left of the game, some quests give XP and some give crowns but to be honest, you can’t really get on in the game without buying them.

  14. Question… I haven’t played in a week or so; Why have the needed items doubled or tripled on the resources? For example, on the goats; it used to be 5 oats and now it’s 12. Or the sheep. Those were 3 and now they’re 12.

  15. Can I sell resources I don’t want anymore? For example I have 3 goat fields but really only need two. How do I sell or get rid of a goat field to free up space for another resource?

  16. Hallo,
    Ich kann seit gerade meine Felder und Bäume nicht mehr gießen. Anstatt des Tropfens steht dort eine 99 und wenn ich diese über das Objekt ziehe tut sich nichts.
    Bitte um Hilfe

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