Exploring the Places of Legend


Each realm you unlock will have one or more Places of Legend. Send one or more heroes to explore for various rewards.  Each Place of Legend will need a few resources that can be easily crafted in your workshops.  Placing different heroes on the platform will display your chances of each reward. Try different combinations for the best rewards!


Ancient Watch Tower - Explore the Ancient Watchtower with 1 hero. You will get rewarded with XP, Forest Charm, or Opal Dragon Horn Ring.


Gateway of Luck - Explore the Gateway of Luck for the following  rewards: XP, Hinge, Midas Glove, Jade Clover, or a Lock. Explore the Gateway of Luck with up to 2 Heroes.


**Tip** Adding more heroes to your exploration crew will increase your chances for Rewards! Some heroes have a better chance to get certain items. 


Well of Wishes - Explore the Well of Wishes for a chance at Silver Hinge, Golden Padlock, Stardust, or a Forest Charm. This journey can use 2 of your heroes for 8 hours.


DRAGON’S ROOST: After you free Yvette you can unlock 3 new Places of Legend.

Dragon Ruin –  Explore to get Silver Hinge, Golden Padlock, Midas Glove or Emerald. 2 heroes can take this journey for 4 hours to find treasure.


Dragon’s Clutch – Explore the Dragon’s Clutch with one hero for a chance to find Silver Hinge, Jade Clover, Midas Glove, Golden Padlock, or Silver Wire.


Friendship Arena – Explore the Friendship Arena with up to 4 heroes! You can be rewarded with Forest Charm, Silver Hinge, Lock, Emerald, or Iridescent Scale.


FLOWER FAIRY REALM: After freeing Bluebell you will get access to 3 new Places of Legend

Butterfly Oracle - Explore the Butterfly Oracle with up to 6 heroes! You can be rewarded with Jade Clover, Silver Hinge, Enchanted Amber, Silver Wire or Golden Padlock.


Fairy Falls - Explore Fairy Falls with up to 3 heroes! You can be rewarded with Forest Charm, Silver Hinge, Lock, Stardust, or Everlasting Bubbles.


Flower Tower - Explore the Flower Tower with up to 4 heroes! You can be rewarded with Jade Clover, Silver Hinge, Lock, Enchanted Amber, or Spellbound Orchid.


MOSSBACK SWAMP: Free Bayoo to unlock these 2 Places of Legend

Swamp Totem – Explore the Swamp Totem with up to 2 heroes. You can be rewarded with Mandrake Root, Silver Hinge, Lock, Forest Charm, or Iridescent Scale.


SUNNYSIDE COVE: Free Tanya to unlock these 3 Places of Legend.

Elemental Nexus – Explore the Elemental Nexus with up to 4 Heroes. You can be rewarded with Mandrake Root, Silver Hinge, Lock, Stardust, or Spirit Mushroom.


Kraken – Explore the Kraken Cave with up to 8 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Enchanted Amber, Kraken Fang or Everlasting Bubbles.


Pirate Wreck – Explore the Pirate Wreck with up to 4 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Kraken Fang, Emerald, Iridescent Scale or Ruby.


PINNACLES OF ICE: Reach Level 37 and Rescue Leif to unlock these Places of Legend.

Frost Owl Spire – Explore the Frost Owl Spire with up to 5 Heroes.  You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Iridescent Scale, Stardust or Star Sapphire.


Yeti Cave – Explore the Yeti Cave with up to 8 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Midas Glove, Silver Wire or Frozen Rune.


142 thoughts on “Exploring the Places of Legend

    • Unfortunately I don’t think we will be finding out anytime soon when there will be an update. I have not played in a month because I have maxed out my coins and cannot make any more money so I don’t sell anything. Very frustrating! I have not seen Zynga answer this question , a lot of people are getting really aggravated with them. They could at least answer!

    • Please can you let me know how to release konley, I have paid to release him but I think I need a royal coin? When I tap on him nothing happens. Thanks

      • You can’t get Konley until you are at level 42. They make you think you can get him at 41 but that’s not true. He is located north of the butterfly oracle and a little to the right.

  1. I have been trying for days to get a clover for the cupid quest and have tried every combo of characters and nothing! Any suggestions?

    • I haven’t found a combo that will automatically get one, but using Bayoo, Rafael, Yvette, and either Sunshine or Greenleaf at the Flower Tower has a medium chance (about a third of a circle around it) and also gets a spellbound orchid. Takes a while, though. I have a few I can sell on sea trading, if we can figure out when to be online at the same time.

      • I will buy your jade clovers! I havent explored the flower tower yet so Im unable to try that tip. I too have sent cupid to the gateway of luck multiple times a day for the past week and havent had a single drop! ugh

  2. They have just released Konley, I guess Hazel or one of the others will be released at some point soon…. Hopefully!

  3. Yeah I’m done with quests as well. Just finished the last one with konley. Guess we have to wait until they open up hazel area

    • Keep left. When you hit the end of the area you have opened, open more areas to the left. Head toward the tall yellow petal looking object on the far left. Then go left some more.

  4. I found konley and first order is not working 2 coconut apple crisp ,I made 5 and it still won’t accept any .how can I do the mission ?

    • The realm Hazel (Wizard’s Lair) is in has not yet been opened. Her realm is located between Liang and Glurb, it is still ‘grayed’ out. Also not available yet is Meryl (Shifting Sands – rest of beach area) and Giovanni will open Cinder Caldera.

      • Anyone any idea when other realms opening I have maxed on money now can’t earn anymore. Game starting to lose interest, if it is going to be months think I will have to ditch game find another one , shame but zynga should have act together if they want to keep players interested.

  5. I need a silver hinge but do not know which combo to use to get one cause i want to upgrade my storage and all I need is one more since ive got two already so please help thank you

  6. Im at level 47 and not other quest has opened for me. At what level will i move forward in purchasing land to head for more quests?! Help …:)

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