Exploring the Places of Legend


Each realm you unlock will have one or more Places of Legend. Send one or more heroes to explore for various rewards.  Each Place of Legend will need a few resources that can be easily crafted in your workshops.  Placing different heroes on the platform will display your chances of each reward. Try different combinations for the best rewards!


Ancient Watch Tower – Explore the Ancient Watchtower with 1 hero. You will get rewarded with XP, Forest Charm, or Opal Dragon Horn Ring.


Gateway of Luck – Explore the Gateway of Luck for the following  rewards: XP, Hinge, Midas Glove, Jade Clover, or a Lock. Explore the Gateway of Luck with up to 2 Heroes.


**Tip** Adding more heroes to your exploration crew will increase your chances for Rewards! Some heroes have a better chance to get certain items. 


Well of Wishes – Explore the Well of Wishes for a chance at Silver Hinge, Golden Padlock, Stardust, or a Forest Charm. This journey can use 2 of your heroes for 8 hours.


DRAGON’S ROOST: After you free Yvette you can unlock 3 new Places of Legend.

Dragon Ruin –  Explore to get Silver Hinge, Golden Padlock, Midas Glove or Emerald. 2 heroes can take this journey for 4 hours to find treasure.


Dragon’s Clutch – Explore the Dragon’s Clutch with one hero for a chance to find Silver Hinge, Jade Clover, Midas Glove, Golden Padlock, or Silver Wire.


Friendship Arena – Explore the Friendship Arena with up to 4 heroes! You can be rewarded with Forest Charm, Silver Hinge, Lock, Emerald, or Iridescent Scale.


FLOWER FAIRY REALM: After freeing Bluebell you will get access to 3 new Places of Legend

Butterfly Oracle – Explore the Butterfly Oracle with up to 6 heroes! You can be rewarded with Jade Clover, Silver Hinge, Enchanted Amber, Silver Wire or Golden Padlock.


Fairy Falls – Explore Fairy Falls with up to 3 heroes! You can be rewarded with Forest Charm, Silver Hinge, Lock, Stardust, or Everlasting Bubbles.


Flower Tower – Explore the Flower Tower with up to 4 heroes! You can be rewarded with Jade Clover, Silver Hinge, Lock, Enchanted Amber, or Spellbound Orchid.


MOSSBACK SWAMP: Free Bayoo to unlock these 2 Places of Legend

Swamp Totem – Explore the Swamp Totem with up to 2 heroes. You can be rewarded with Mandrake Root, Silver Hinge, Lock, Forest Charm, or Iridescent Scale.


Elemental Nexus – Explore the Elemental Nexus with up to 4 Heroes. You can be rewarded with Mandrake Root, Silver Hinge, Lock, Stardust, or Spirit Mushroom.


SUNNYSIDE COVE: Free Tanya to unlock these 2 Places of Legend.

Kraken – Explore the Kraken Cave with up to 8 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Enchanted Amber, Kraken Fang or Everlasting Bubbles.


Pirate Wreck – Explore the Pirate Wreck with up to 4 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Kraken Fang, Emerald, Iridescent Scale or Ruby.


PINNACLES OF ICE: Reach Level 37 and Rescue Leif to unlock these Places of Legend.

Frost Owl Spire – Explore the Frost Owl Spire with up to 5 Heroes.  You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Iridescent Scale, Stardust or Star Sapphire.


Yeti Cave – Explore the Yeti Cave with up to 8 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Midas Glove, Silver Wire or Frozen Rune.


304 thoughts on “Exploring the Places of Legend

  1. just started playing game and don’t know what direction to go in . . can’t get enough coins to both get crops buildings and land. so what’s the trick? which way to go.. I’m on level 16 and opened Giovanni . but the game tells me to go to cinder mountain. can’t find it or on guide to even know what it looks like. to get black obs. to make items. .any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Cinder Mountain is the structure just to the right of Giovanni’s contraption platform. It looks a little like a bunch of glowing lava. You have to clear the area to reach it. As I recall, it doesn’t require very many coins compared to clearing other areas.

  3. It looks like a mountain with a Phoenix on top, the Phoenix is difficult to see as it’s in the clouds…you need to open land to reach it.

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    • Giovanny’s contracten is a small platform near the edge of Fireland. You can find it on the right of Giovanni’s house. The contraction is ocasionally there to be fuelled with an assortiment of things. In return you Get locks and boosts.

  5. I seem to have a lot of difficulty obtaining silver wire and gold locks….does anyone know if there are particular heroes that increase your chances for either of these?

    • Muddy waters are to be found in the oasis witch is situated on the far right of the dessert lands. You can find it each time you visit it.

    • I don’t know if there is an official map, but on http://www.cvlegends.com/map jou can see an impression. The dessert lans are in the right corner of the diamond slapend World that is Casle Ville Legends. the Oasis is in the far east corner. On the picture I saw still in clouds, so it was an onder image.

  6. What does it mean “expand to the dark wizard tower” I have cleared a path to the dark wizard tower, I have sent a team to the tower and have retrieved objects but this is not the meaning of the wording “to expand” I have also opened up more area surrounding the tower, this is not what the game means either, it says that I have to “expand” three times, I have done this task once, without knowing what to do or what I did, to do the task, I don’t know how to complete it.

  7. This kind of thing has happened in the game before, guessing it’s a bug, I have expanded all the land and visited the tower, also have 1/3 in the quest but don’t know how. Hoping zynga will sort this out before the quest is over.

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