Exploring the Places of Legend


Each realm you unlock will have one or more Places of Legend. Send one or more heroes to explore for various rewards.  Each Place of Legend will need a few resources that can be easily crafted in your workshops.  Placing different heroes on the platform will display your chances of each reward. Try different combinations for the best rewards!


Ancient Watch Tower – Explore the Ancient Watchtower with 1 hero. You will get rewarded with XP, Forest Charm, or Opal Dragon Horn Ring.


Gateway of Luck – Explore the Gateway of Luck for the following  rewards: XP, Hinge, Midas Glove, Jade Clover, or a Lock. Explore the Gateway of Luck with up to 2 Heroes.


**Tip** Adding more heroes to your exploration crew will increase your chances for Rewards! Some heroes have a better chance to get certain items. 


Well of Wishes – Explore the Well of Wishes for a chance at Silver Hinge, Golden Padlock, Stardust, or a Forest Charm. This journey can use 2 of your heroes for 8 hours.


DRAGON’S ROOST: After you free Yvette you can unlock 3 new Places of Legend.

Dragon Ruin –  Explore to get Silver Hinge, Golden Padlock, Midas Glove or Emerald. 2 heroes can take this journey for 4 hours to find treasure.


Dragon’s Clutch – Explore the Dragon’s Clutch with one hero for a chance to find Silver Hinge, Jade Clover, Midas Glove, Golden Padlock, or Silver Wire.


Friendship Arena – Explore the Friendship Arena with up to 4 heroes! You can be rewarded with Forest Charm, Silver Hinge, Lock, Emerald, or Iridescent Scale.


FLOWER FAIRY REALM: After freeing Bluebell you will get access to 3 new Places of Legend

Butterfly Oracle – Explore the Butterfly Oracle with up to 6 heroes! You can be rewarded with Jade Clover, Silver Hinge, Enchanted Amber, Silver Wire or Golden Padlock.


Fairy Falls – Explore Fairy Falls with up to 3 heroes! You can be rewarded with Forest Charm, Silver Hinge, Lock, Stardust, or Everlasting Bubbles.


Flower Tower – Explore the Flower Tower with up to 4 heroes! You can be rewarded with Jade Clover, Silver Hinge, Lock, Enchanted Amber, or Spellbound Orchid.


MOSSBACK SWAMP: Free Bayoo to unlock these 2 Places of Legend

Swamp Totem – Explore the Swamp Totem with up to 2 heroes. You can be rewarded with Mandrake Root, Silver Hinge, Lock, Forest Charm, or Iridescent Scale.


Elemental Nexus – Explore the Elemental Nexus with up to 4 Heroes. You can be rewarded with Mandrake Root, Silver Hinge, Lock, Stardust, or Spirit Mushroom.


SUNNYSIDE COVE: Free Tanya to unlock these 2 Places of Legend.

Kraken – Explore the Kraken Cave with up to 8 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Enchanted Amber, Kraken Fang or Everlasting Bubbles.


Pirate Wreck – Explore the Pirate Wreck with up to 4 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Kraken Fang, Emerald, Iridescent Scale or Ruby.


PINNACLES OF ICE: Reach Level 37 and Rescue Leif to unlock these Places of Legend.

Frost Owl Spire – Explore the Frost Owl Spire with up to 5 Heroes.  You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Iridescent Scale, Stardust or Star Sapphire.


Yeti Cave – Explore the Yeti Cave with up to 8 Heroes. You can be rewarded with a Silver Hinge, Lock, Midas Glove, Silver Wire or Frozen Rune.


255 thoughts on “Exploring the Places of Legend

  1. At this stage you might as well hold your breath, they have been asked this question for over 9 mths and have yet to answer in a straight forward manner if they are ever going to open up hazel, merely, and giovanni. There are so many of us that are sitting and waiting. It seems to be a zynga thing. Keep waiting and maybe one day.

    • I am afraad that holding my Breath will not be good for my health since you have been waiting for so long. Nine months: it’s a preagnancy! I hope the waiting will be worth it.

      • The Giovani quest will officially open DEC. 18th, 2014 (though it’s opened already for some people). No idea on the others, as it’s been MONTHS as other users have said. I was truly shocked to get the news that Giovani was going to open suddenly!

    • I noticed that and the last quest I had it said I would get 250 crowns and that didn’t happen either am going to stick it out a few more months then am just going to delete this game altogether

      • I have been playing this game for a little over 1 month I am ready to delete it now to bad its a fun game but once again Zynga makes it so difficult cause its so messed up that becomes stressful no longer fun but work to play

    • OMG i just emailed them that question , i thought my game was stuck i have been stuck on level 60 for months , its driving me crazy i cant collect any more money and i have almost no more room left to make things

      • I hear ya, I’m not yet at level 60, only level 56, but I’ve maxed out the amount of money I can earn at $4,000,000 so no incentive to make goods to sell. I’ve bought up all the land I possibly can and with no indication that new lands will open up soon, why bother.

        I even broke down the other day and bought some crowns, the first real money I have spent on the game since I started playing it months ago. So aside from a Halloween themed side mission to get enough carved pumpkins to obtain an unreachable prize, I’m starting to get pretty bored and frustrated.

        If Zynga wants people to continue to play and spend money they are going to have to up their game!!

  2. So that is why so many people are quitting the game. I am getting close to having all the land I have all the bldgs and things that I need butwhat after that nothing but waitng I am afraid I will not be happy waiting just like many others who have quit playing and even blocked the game.

    • I am at level 60, XPs are capped, 4 million coins is limit, also capped.
      I have brought every supply building etc….., and I can no longer uncover land, it’s been months.I won’t be playing anymore as there is no point, absoulty bored and frustrated.

      • Thank you for your comment. I’m now at level 53 and was wondering if I needed to level up more in order to uncover more land. Apparently it’s a waiting game now.

  3. I imagine developing the quests, buildings, and places of legend take time. Imagine sewing a quilt by hand. Creativity+execution of idea=TIME I’m level 53 and have all land, buildings, and characters you buy with pearls. So, I share in your pain of waiting n waiting too. If they said they’d release it in the summer, they will get it done by the end of this summer. Have faith the developers will keep their promised deadlined.

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  5. Well I’m at level 48 and I’m sitting and waiting for them to open. Seems to be a zynga trap most of the games from zynga I’ve played so far have similar issues.

  6. Hallo ich bin momentan auf 57 level, wollte fragen ob es noch weiter geht dieses spiel???
    Habe schon alles gekauft von Gebäude und Land ist auch alles fertig. Wann gibts neue Freischaltungen???

  7. I am at level 48 and am in the Hall Of Heroes. Have been at 4 million $ for weeks now. Can’t make any more $. It’s getting really boring waiting for the othe relms to open up: Giovanni and the other two:/
    When are they going to be ready?

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  9. And my daughter limits how long our grandson can be on games, forcing him to go outside and ride his bike, skateboard and yes even mow and trim the yard. It is in essence the parents choice on how long the children and teens are online. Settings on routers and modems are great for parental control. Even when I’m playing the game I am doing other things as well. This game is my break from my daily chores.

  10. How do you get rid of your full quick spells? I really, enjoy the game. I’m 56 year old woman and I’m trying to get to the finish Line. I haven’t got the crowns either working on a fixed income. Please can you help me??

    • Yes. Use the quick spells on resources then go back to the quick spells you were sent and accept them. You can only hold 10 quick spells at a time. The rest are waiting in the river or the red seal until you accept them

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  12. im not at level 60 yet, or at 4mil coins, but i am approaching them, and apparently that is the cap…i’ll be taking my time getting there, and im very much looking forward to giovani,hazel and meryl to join the clan and bring new challenges. Hang in there! I know I am :)

  13. BUON GIORNO HO BISGNO DI AIUTO SONO ARRIVATA LIVELO 45 E FINTO TUTTO ON RIESCO A TROVARE IL LIVELO 46 CHI MI PUI AIUTARE GRZIE TANTO MI POTTE RISPONDERD ANCHE IN FRANCESE J’ai besoin d’aide, je suis arrivé au niveau 45, j’ai tout fait mais j’arrive pas à trouver le niveau 46 merci d’avance

  14. Thanks for clarifying my doubts. I’m at level 47 with all the land purchased, all materials and factories and more than two million coins.
    I joined this forum to try to discover how to unlock Hazel, Meryl and Giovanni and now know that I will no longer dedicate myself to the game as much as before.

  15. well let’s hope so, if they can get the events going(two within the last month), they should be able to have 1 of the last 3 characters ready to open and play.

  16. When is Giovanni, hazel and meryn going to be unlocked I’m tired of keep leveling and nothing is going on level 59 now how many morw

    • Well it gets worse I’ve been at level 60 for 6 months.They have capped level 60, and 4 million coins.
      No more land to buy, nothing ………….no sign of new heroes,or land………..sigh.

  17. Are you going to open the places like Hazel, Giovanni, or Meryl? The game has been a lot of fun, so I really hope you do, and soon!

  18. 😢😞💔 I downloaded the new update for Castville and the leaderboard was there at first now it’s gone. It only shows a white arrow that pops up but nothing is there. Pls fix this bug.. I’m not the only one having this trouble read your reviews a lot of people are having the same issues. Some people can’t even get the trophies. I don’t know what to do, I might not even play it until it’s fixed.

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