Meet the Cast



Magnus is your wise wizard-advisor. Having been imprisoned in crystal for centuries, his first concern is to help you build a strong new kingdom upon the ruins of the old. Consult him often for guidance.


Rafael is a rugged woodsman with a keen knowledge of the Rampant Forest. He’s convinced he’s irresistible to the ladies…and perhaps he is! He was on a mission to find the Spell of Bright Light for Magnus when he was trapped by the Gloom. He’s determined to fulfill that mission, even though centuries have passed.


Yvette came to the ancient realm known as Dragons Roost in search of Dragons and was trapped in crystal. She’s a dedicated protector of animals and some of her most beloved animal companions are lost in the Gloom. Help her find her beloved animal friends and befriend Violetta the Dragon in the process.



Bluebelle is the last of the Flower Fairies. Once she is freed, she goes in search of her missing people, a quest that takes her across the Flower Fairy Realm to the Butterfly Oracle and beyond. Will she solve the mystery and revive the Flower Fairies, or remain that last of her kind?



Bayoo is an ancient wise living embodiment of Mossback Swamp. Both he and the swamp suffered beneath the dark cloud, so he is highly grateful to you for pushing back the Gloom. His next task to reclaim his mystic connection to the land and sense what it can tell him.



Tanya is a feisty girl, the teenage daughter of Sonja, the Pirate Queen. Tanya claims to be after a treasure map whose parts are scattered in Sunnyside Cove, an old pirate hang-out. What is the invaluable treasure she seeks to find?


Leif is a dashing, handsome fellow who is buff, tawny-haired and geared for the cold of the Pinnacles of Ice. He gives Rafael a run for his money as a heartthrob, except that he’s so shy about women, he can barely talk to one. It doesn’t help that he’s lost his memory and forgotten his entire past.


As an ambitious young witch, Hazel was deceived into helping the Dark Wizard. She tried, but failed to stop him from casting the Spell of Gloom. Now she’s determined to make amends by giving whatever aid she can against another mysterious threat left behind by the vanished Dark Wizard



This shrewd matronly trader is out to make her fortune with a chain of caravans in your new Kingdom. She will buy your raw and crafted Goods, and she pays extra gold for Goods crafted with rare treasures from Places of Legend. Visit her caravans often to see what she wants to buy.


Liang is an adventurous far-roving merchant who is also a dragon friend. His ancestors lived in the Legendary Lands before the Gloom and carried dragon eggs away with them to live far from the curse. Selling him goods earns you pearls which can be used to obtain the services of Dragon Heroes.



Ember is a young firebrand Dragon, mischievous and playful, ready for adventure. His natural habitat is hot and fiery. Ember is at home in a burning inferno or taking a dip in lava pools.


Rill is a calm and wise Dragon with a philosophical bent. She knows a great deal of ancient lore and is in constant search of knowledge. Rill’s natural habitat is aquatic. She’s most at home in the sea where she can remain submerged in water indefinitely.


Greenleaf is a highly curious Dragon, always wanting to see what’s around the next bend, and fascinated by seeing the land of his ancestors.  His natural habitat is lush forest. He enjoys being surrounded by green growing things and takes delight in the smells of earth, rain and plants.

There’s more to come!

621 thoughts on “Meet the Cast

    • You need a ladder and a torch to do a quest at the Wishing Well. Then you choose one or two heroes to send on a quest. When you click in the arch of the well you will open up the facility to choose your heroes. After you have decided who to send you click on ‘Explore’. When 30 mins have passed your heroes will return with XPs and other gifts. To upgrade storage – Click on ‘Upgrade Storage’ tab in Vault, this will show you what you need to gather in order to upgrade. Once you have gathered sufficient locks, hinges etc click ‘Upgrade’ and 10 more spaces will be added to the Vault’s capacity.

    • Tap on your storage building, the tap the bar at the top that says “upgrade storge”, at the bottom it will show u how many locks and other items u need to collect in order to “upgrade” your storage by another 10 items. You will be able to store an additional 10 items every time u upgrade.

    • Your storage has to be full enough that the X’s appear next to items in your storage vault and then the “Upgrade Storage” button appears at top

  1. At first I could make soup and pupkin bread, even made 3 pair of enchanted gloves! Gloves disappeared and now can’t make anything like I was before. Soup and bread is not offered under tabs

  2. Acabo de probar este último personaje, estaría bien si fuera tenerlo por más tiempo, pero…¿solo por dos horas, y luego gastar 12 coronas cada vez? Me parece si se puede decir un poco de robo, ya podrían ponerlo por un tiempo limitado como paso con otros personajes anteriores.

  3. Tengo una duda por el personaje de Federico, y es que si meto a este personaje para que me de el cofre, tengo que gastar 12 coronas cada vez o solo una, porque en el único sitio donde se consigue tarda 8 horas

  4. I had to delete game and reinstall, but now when I connect to face book it says it has found another kingdom associated with account that is 3 levels back and do I I want to load kingdom. How do I get it to recognize me progress,?

  5. Can you please add the Unicorns to the “Meet the cast section” I can’t seem to figure out which one is Spirit… thank you

  6. ero a livello 60….ora sono nuovamente al punto di partenza livello “” 0 “”….a chi devo ringraziare per questo ????

  7. Other heroes

    Light blue Rill
    Dark blue Indigo
    Red adults Ember and Spark
    Red baby Scorch
    Green adult Greenleaf
    Green baby Fernfang
    Purple baby Iris
    Yellow adult Buttercup
    White adult Cloudmist

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  9. Could you mention the names of the cast in the game. I play a translated version of the game and need to send spirit on adventure. But in my translation the unicorn has another name. I have 5 different unicorns. And no idea what their names are. If I could see their names when I click on them this would help so much. Please Help.

  10. I was wondering when Hazel, Merryl and Giovanni will open up? I’ve read a few blogs & support pages and people are getting frustrated.quite a few have quit playing and it is such a shame. Please respond so I can remain patient and loyal.



  11. I think you are not being fair with the new quest for Myra crate. 9 blueberry& carrot salads, 12 pearls necklaces and 10 Lanterns. Is a bit much. You should be a shame of yourself. You are taking the fun out of the game. It’s bad enough that we can’t go to the next realms where Hazel, Giovanni and the other heroes are at. I have over 3 million coins which I think I should be able to buy what I need with it, like other shops, crops and legend heroes. And it shouldn’t take over 1 hrs to make anything it’s to long. The time line should be changed immediately. If not I think you will be losing a lot of people playing this game.

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  14. Hello, first of all, saddened for my English, I am French! Lol
    I have a problem, I play on CastleVille legend for 6 months, my account Facebook in summer transformed into page and as a result, I cannot any more acceder in the game(set,play), I have a personal page, but I am afraid that if I play on my personal account, I begin again since the beginning!!!!
    The East he(it) possible of transferer my account for the game(set,play)
    Best Regards,

  15. I noticed a Orange horses when I am picking out a hero to use. When I tap on him it’s said available at the market place but there is no orange horse. When can we purchase this horse.
    Thank you
    Jennifer Castillo

  16. Why hasn’t my Giovanni Contraption ever come back to the home base
    – my blueberry does not give any sweet candy.
    – I made 2 times amberpolish it deappered: I WANT IT BACK.
    it took me too long to make it.
    – my wood workplace also does not gice elf door.

    I is a nice game. This time i have a lot of issues by playing it.

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