Meet the Cast



Magnus is your wise wizard-advisor. Having been imprisoned in crystal for centuries, his first concern is to help you build a strong new kingdom upon the ruins of the old. Consult him often for guidance.


Rafael is a rugged woodsman with a keen knowledge of the Rampant Forest. He’s convinced he’s irresistible to the ladies…and perhaps he is! He was on a mission to find the Spell of Bright Light for Magnus when he was trapped by the Gloom. He’s determined to fulfill that mission, even though centuries have passed.


Yvette came to the ancient realm known as Dragons Roost in search of Dragons and was trapped in crystal. She’s a dedicated protector of animals and some of her most beloved animal companions are lost in the Gloom. Help her find her beloved animal friends and befriend Violetta the Dragon in the process.



Bluebelle is the last of the Flower Fairies. Once she is freed, she goes in search of her missing people, a quest that takes her across the Flower Fairy Realm to the Butterfly Oracle and beyond. Will she solve the mystery and revive the Flower Fairies, or remain that last of her kind?



Bayoo is an ancient wise living embodiment of Mossback Swamp. Both he and the swamp suffered beneath the dark cloud, so he is highly grateful to you for pushing back the Gloom. His next task to reclaim his mystic connection to the land and sense what it can tell him.



Tanya is a feisty girl, the teenage daughter of Sonja, the Pirate Queen. Tanya claims to be after a treasure map whose parts are scattered in Sunnyside Cove, an old pirate hang-out. What is the invaluable treasure she seeks to find?


Leif is a dashing, handsome fellow who is buff, tawny-haired and geared for the cold of the Pinnacles of Ice. He gives Rafael a run for his money as a heartthrob, except that he’s so shy about women, he can barely talk to one. It doesn’t help that he’s lost his memory and forgotten his entire past.


As an ambitious young witch, Hazel was deceived into helping the Dark Wizard. She tried, but failed to stop him from casting the Spell of Gloom. Now she’s determined to make amends by giving whatever aid she can against another mysterious threat left behind by the vanished Dark Wizard



This shrewd matronly trader is out to make her fortune with a chain of caravans in your new Kingdom. She will buy your raw and crafted Goods, and she pays extra gold for Goods crafted with rare treasures from Places of Legend. Visit her caravans often to see what she wants to buy.


Liang is an adventurous far-roving merchant who is also a dragon friend. His ancestors lived in the Legendary Lands before the Gloom and carried dragon eggs away with them to live far from the curse. Selling him goods earns you pearls which can be used to obtain the services of Dragon Heroes.



Ember is a young firebrand Dragon, mischievous and playful, ready for adventure. His natural habitat is hot and fiery. Ember is at home in a burning inferno or taking a dip in lava pools.


Rill is a calm and wise Dragon with a philosophical bent. She knows a great deal of ancient lore and is in constant search of knowledge. Rill’s natural habitat is aquatic. She’s most at home in the sea where she can remain submerged in water indefinitely.


Greenleaf is a highly curious Dragon, always wanting to see what’s around the next bend, and fascinated by seeing the land of his ancestors.  His natural habitat is lush forest. He enjoys being surrounded by green growing things and takes delight in the smells of earth, rain and plants.

There’s more to come!

744 thoughts on “Meet the Cast

  1. The meet the cast part needs to be updated. So far I have 23 character’s. You should also include what their bonus item is and where they have the best luck.

  2. This IS a major issue that has NOT been resolved on Castleville Legends. You must be one of the few lucky ones that do not have this issue.

  3. It Does have something to do with Castleville Legends. It is another one of the several issues that has NOT been resolved. You must be one of the few lucky ones not to have any issues and can still play.

  4. Those responses are in response to a person who was spamming the page with advertisements and phishing links. The moderator only removed the spammer’s posts but did not remove anyone else’s.

  5. Those responses are in response to a person who was spamming the page with advertisements and phishing links. The moderator only removed the spammer’s posts but did not remove anyone else’s.

  6. AND like I previously said you must be one of the few lucky ones not to have any issues. The game is a big mess with not being able to save progress and not being able to make ravens or cakes. They need to delete and start over.

  7. While the game has problems, it is being fixed up. I am a gamer and not a moderator. I think this is looked at by people from Zynga but they are mostly busy and don’t answer unless you email them.
    I was a mess yesterday because of all the complaints but today it is mostly quiet.
    Today feels good because the complaining has stopped and I am just playing the game and enjoying it.
    I feel better for listening to him.
    Imagine how confused the devs must get while trying to fix the problems. They are trying their best.
    Chill out and enjoy the game. :)

  8. Thanks, Linley! I have friends on the game who take it WAY too seriously…even staying up all night to complete quests! With a game like this it’s best to let go of any competitiveness and enjoy the story. Yes…it can be frustrating at times (specially when I can’t get bassilick tears!), but it IS just a game! Sometimes I just step away from the game for a few days or weeks…even until I see another update…then play again. Then it’s enjoyable again! 👍🏻

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