Meet the Cast



Magnus is your wise wizard-advisor. Having been imprisoned in crystal for centuries, his first concern is to help you build a strong new kingdom upon the ruins of the old. Consult him often for guidance.


Rafael is a rugged woodsman with a keen knowledge of the Rampant Forest. He’s convinced he’s irresistible to the ladies…and perhaps he is! He was on a mission to find the Spell of Bright Light for Magnus when he was trapped by the Gloom. He’s determined to fulfill that mission, even though centuries have passed.


Yvette came to the ancient realm known as Dragons Roost in search of Dragons and was trapped in crystal. She’s a dedicated protector of animals and some of her most beloved animal companions are lost in the Gloom. Help her find her beloved animal friends and befriend Violetta the Dragon in the process.



Bluebelle is the last of the Flower Fairies. Once she is freed, she goes in search of her missing people, a quest that takes her across the Flower Fairy Realm to the Butterfly Oracle and beyond. Will she solve the mystery and revive the Flower Fairies, or remain that last of her kind?



Bayoo is an ancient wise living embodiment of Mossback Swamp. Both he and the swamp suffered beneath the dark cloud, so he is highly grateful to you for pushing back the Gloom. His next task to reclaim his mystic connection to the land and sense what it can tell him.



Tanya is a feisty girl, the teenage daughter of Sonja, the Pirate Queen. Tanya claims to be after a treasure map whose parts are scattered in Sunnyside Cove, an old pirate hang-out. What is the invaluable treasure she seeks to find?


Leif is a dashing, handsome fellow who is buff, tawny-haired and geared for the cold of the Pinnacles of Ice. He gives Rafael a run for his money as a heartthrob, except that he’s so shy about women, he can barely talk to one. It doesn’t help that he’s lost his memory and forgotten his entire past.


As an ambitious young witch, Hazel was deceived into helping the Dark Wizard. She tried, but failed to stop him from casting the Spell of Gloom. Now she’s determined to make amends by giving whatever aid she can against another mysterious threat left behind by the vanished Dark Wizard



This shrewd matronly trader is out to make her fortune with a chain of caravans in your new Kingdom. She will buy your raw and crafted Goods, and she pays extra gold for Goods crafted with rare treasures from Places of Legend. Visit her caravans often to see what she wants to buy.


Liang is an adventurous far-roving merchant who is also a dragon friend. His ancestors lived in the Legendary Lands before the Gloom and carried dragon eggs away with them to live far from the curse. Selling him goods earns you pearls which can be used to obtain the services of Dragon Heroes.



Ember is a young firebrand Dragon, mischievous and playful, ready for adventure. His natural habitat is hot and fiery. Ember is at home in a burning inferno or taking a dip in lava pools.


Rill is a calm and wise Dragon with a philosophical bent. She knows a great deal of ancient lore and is in constant search of knowledge. Rill’s natural habitat is aquatic. She’s most at home in the sea where she can remain submerged in water indefinitely.


Greenleaf is a highly curious Dragon, always wanting to see what’s around the next bend, and fascinated by seeing the land of his ancestors.  His natural habitat is lush forest. He enjoys being surrounded by green growing things and takes delight in the smells of earth, rain and plants.

There’s more to come!

492 thoughts on “Meet the Cast

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  2. ¿Cuándo van a desbloquear a Meryl, Giovanni, y Hazel? ¿O alguno de ellos? Ya ha pasado mucho tiempo desde el último personaje. ¿Van a poner alguna actualización?

  3. Hi please can you tell me why I am seeing two cats on my heroes list at the ports but nothing at all in my specials?? I am On level 53 and just have land left to buy plus 60 pearls that I cannot use for anything!, are these cats going to be made available to purchase for pearls?!

  4. The cast list is not completed. I can’t match names to faces for many heros. How could I complete the missions without knowing how they look like.

  5. Me too, with the HOH screwed up and Hazel and Giovanni still locked up. There is nothing to do but make and sell stuff…. BORING. Thinking of moving on to something else.

  6. I’m with everyone else. This game is becoming very boring. I have bought all the land, max’d out my coins at 4million, have 3 of just about everything – crops and crafting stations – and have 98 white, 48 black and 30 gold pearls and nothing to spend them on. If I weren’t helping the people in my alliance, I would have stopped playing months ago. Can you PLEASE release Meryl, Giovanni and Hazel, update the character list and release more weekly quests and release more quests in the Hall of Heroes and start working on more lands, crops and crafting stations as, I’m sure, those will be completed in no time at all as well. I know this is not the forum for this comment, but nothing seems to be happening.


  7. I have seen a lot of complaints from Level 45+ players because there is so little left to do now, and three characters remain unreachable (plus two cats that seem to be taunting us). I am Level 47 and still have a fair amount of stuff to do before I max out my XP and coins.

    Zynga has at least made the Hall of Heroes challenges to complete, and today a new quest was made that unlocks ‘Spirit” (a new hero).

    That being said, I do not see any further serious development happening with this game. Why so? Unlike many of the successful Zynga games, this one does not easily entice players to spend nominal real cash to advance the game. This is a two-fold problem because: 1) lack of revenue from players means that additional development won’t happen and 2) players not investing actual cash makes it easier to walk away and not feel as bothered by it.

    I can see why you would spend actual cash in games like Cityville or Mafia Wars, because many of the items for sale allow you to complete tasks before they disappear for good (often these are timed missions that expire in a week or a month). There was never a time in my playing Castleville Legends where I felt I HAD to spend actual money. Buying extra crowns seems pointless, and buying pearl packs is also unnecessary as you just don’t have to have a max number of Heroes do a 30 minute to 12 hour mission.

    The growth rate of new players is very weak as well. FB players that ‘like’ the game seem to be only about 200 people a day. Given that only a few will really stick with the game, and less (if any) will ever spend real cash, I feel like Zynga is not going to commit too much more R&D to expand this game.

    • Well I for one have invested hundreds of real dollars to get to a road block. I check the game for changes but nothing I do really benefits anymore. If they want to have a popular game they need to add to it. I played cityville and didn’t like it and would not spend a dime on it.

    • I spent money on this game I have two of everything. I love this stupid game, but I’m level 52 and until this last update I had nothing to do. I hoping they’ll move on soon so I don’t have to quit. :(

  8. Where are Raphaels cats I updated at Apple and do not see any cats I can purchase for pearls or are free and no quests re cats

    Using Apple IPad latest version

  9. ¿Cuándo van a poner alguna actualización del desbloqueo de Meryl, Giovanni, y Hazel? Me gustaría saber si hay fecha para alguno de estos personajes, su zona, y sus misiones. Las vidrieras están bien, ¿para cuándo se espera la quinta vidriera?

    • No hay fechas establecidas para que eso suceda . Creo que Zynga no está haciendo dinero con este juego , por lo que las expansiones no pueda suceder. Cuesta dinero para desarrollar el juego , y si no hay suficientes personas están gastando Zynga no va a gastar dinero para desarrollarlo aún más .

  10. What level are we able to rescue Hazel, Giovanni and Meryl? I can’t find any information on this. Getting bored with this game. This new STUPID cat quest has got to be the worse idea anyone has come up with to date.

    • Joyce – If you scroll up, you will see comments concerning those characters. As for this cat quest, it is a good thing. The last similarly themed quest that involved bunny was not only good for generating gifts/coins, but the bunnies became permanent (which I used every day for their making of torches, butter, eggs, etc.). I found found this present quest useful in that I have score the white pearl x 2 bonus three times now, which has allowed me to place Spirit much faster than would have been the case otherwise. I also have four of the six cats, and will sooner be scoring that 20 crown bonus.

      Tip – Send Rafael by himself to the Ancient Watchtower. He will only get the catnip one in three tries, but since it only costs one torch and takes only three minutes, you can score an average of 3 catnip every half hour. The egg bread is very easy to get enough of, and the blue yarn isn’t that much tougher.

  11. I know nothing about a cat quest?!? I am on level 55 I can see the cats when I use the other hero’s for quests but do not know how to access them. I have all the updates so do not understand?!

  12. Las dos clases de gatos que aparecen en la lista de personajes, como se pueden conseguir, no tengo ni idea, ¿van a poner alguna actualización para desbloquearlos? Por otra parte, en el caso de Meryl, Giovanni, y Hazel, ¿van a desbloquear alguno de estos tres personajes y cuando se espera? Muchas gracias.

    • Esos gatos ahora parecen haber desaparecido , por lo que no van a desbloquear . En cuanto a los otros personajes , creo que sólo se desbloquearán si Zynga decide si vale la pena o no para desarrollar más lejos el juego .

  13. Por lo que he entendido, que si Zynga, no dé por desbloquados los personajes de Meryl, Giovanni, y Hazel, ¿se da por incompleto este juego? Sería entonces el primero que no tenga un final. Tanta espera para nada. Espero que no lleguemos a este final del juego, y que pongan una actualización del juego.

  14. Not giving me my money when selling items. I should have around 4, 000, 000 35, 00 $ am on level what level do I rescue Hazel??

  15. hoi mijn kleinzoon heeft op de knop van herstellen gedrukt en nu is alles weg. grrrr
    ik was op niveau 51 en nu moet ik weer helemaal opnieuw beginnen.
    Kunt u het spel herstellen naar niveau 51, want anders weet ik het niet meer hoor
    Als u me kunt helpen heel graag.

  16. Cuando acabo la misión de cada gato y le doy al árbol, me salen bien, pero no los encuentro por ningún sitio, ¿en dónde están? ¿Hay que completar la colección de gatos como paso con los conejos?

  17. Today i updated my game…..
    When it complete .i run the game to check that what the new thing in new update. The run normally…. bt when i click on any thing …
    Like yeti cave….etc. its not open and doesn’t give any response…..
    Plz plz plz….any solution about that…

  18. Hi,
    I am writing a complaint on castleville legends. For several months my crowns have mysteriously disappeared. A couple days ago I had 87 crowns and a lol screen appeared, explaining that castleville is giving away 20 free crowns as appreciation. I clicked yes and my crowns went down to 35! I am very upset about this. Last week my crowns were at 182 and went down to 81! I have no idea how this happened but I would like to receive my crowns back. I was saving them for a dragon.

  19. Does anyone know how to get to hazel or the others that are around there and how to lift the dark fog. I can’t figure out how to get to hazel and all around the water. I have everything else cleared. If any one knows please tell me thank you

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