New Release – June 25

CastleVille Legends - WillowWe’ve heard your feedback regarding Glurb and Sea Trading, and have improved these two features! Please see the details below and be sure to download the latest release for these new updates.

What’s new in version 2.7.93 (iOS), 2.7.304 (Android), and 2.7.278 (Amazon)


  • We have improved Glurb, which means his requests will be more reasonable going forward.

Sea Trading:

  • The ship will return immediately after all items have been sold.
  • A fourth slot is now available to sell exclusively with Alliance members.
  • Items will only be locked into the Sea Trading slots after exiting the menu (Sea Trading).


Click below to download the latest version and be sure to rate CastleVille Legends in the App Stores to let us know how we’re doing!

Apple Store (version 2.7.93)
Google Store (version 2.7.304)
Amazon Store (version 2.7.278)


We hope you enjoy our latest update! Share your thoughts and comments below and be automatically entered to win 40 Crowns!





ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends


423 thoughts on “New Release – June 25

  1. Pueden hacer algo para no perder coronas a la hora de fabricar cosas. Que se abra un mensaje donde se de la opción de escoger fabricar con coronas o con especie. Ojala puedan hacer algo.Me gusta este juego y me entretiene

  2. Thank you for improving the Workshops interface, so it sticks on a selection instead of defaulting back to the first item. Will make fewer arrows now when I mean to make torches!

    Does the same -send out twice on the ship and it’s auto-purchased- work for the Alliance-locked slot as well? It doesn’t seem to but I could just be too impatient.

    Fun game and am looking forward to the next expansion and a new hero.

  3. yes I like the fact that the crafting houses can be moved to what you wish to make rather than default back to forst item. i too have made a few arrows by accident ;)
    I am concerend about the sailing feature tho. I have contacted support a few times because yesterday I had to sail 6 times before my items were sold and was told that nobody was able to see my ship. It happend twice today as well. Hopefully its a glitch you can fix, I hear form several alliance members it’s happening to them as well.
    Other than that I have no issues with the update.

  4. GLURB is NOT more reasonable having to make 2 enchanted carrot juice 6 carrot cakes and 5 oatberry bars is in no way more reasonable than the things he was asking for!!! I can never find anything you might actually need for sale anymore either!!

    • I still feel that Liang’s demands are way overboard – he still asks for things like 98 apples x 3 and there is no way that I have the space in my inventory to hold so many items at one time without spending money on crowns to upgrade the storage. In any event, when I do upgrade storage, he tends to ask for even more ridiculous amounts :( I plan ahead as much as I can but really it is impossible to even try to progress with events like these. Sometimes I don’t do anything for a couple of days trying to empty my inventory out – waste of time to even do explorations because they just pile up goodies at the same time. Sometimes it takes up to 4 hours for things to “sell” because folks don’t want what I am selling, so I have to wait for the ship to come back the second time before it is sold.

  5. What is up with the sea trading items getting locked? It takes twice as long to sell them than before the “fix”. Why are they locked? Can they be unlocked? Help

  6. This is an awesome game! I love that it doesnt require you to annoy your peers by asking for help and instead you join an alliance where all the people you talk to have the same common goal!
    However I am eagerly awaiting the unlocking of more land sections so I can explore shifting sands etc and get new hero’s, I also am disappointed that I no longer have buildings/mines etc in the market place to buy (I am on level 48)
    When does the land become unlocked?

    • I am at Level 50, and I have the same complaint. My coins and land acquisition is maxed out too. The only thing I am playing for are Pearls. And sometimes Liangs requirements are ridiculous. 65 carrots times 3? Really? That’s insane.

  7. Hola, mi inquietud es que se hace muy difìcil conseguir modoonedas para comprar satff y expandir el reino, quizàs algo deberìa salir màs barato. gracias. espero ganar mis 40 coronas

  8. Please tell me how I am supposed to make 6 enchanted carrot juice for Liang that take 6 hours each in a 16 hour span? Without using crowns! Thought this was supposed to be more realistic…..

    • Very easy : plan ahead. This game is mostly about planning. Halve your vault should be filled with items that take over 6 hours to make (at least 2, 3 if you only have 1 workshop) so you only have to buy / make 1 extra. Of ours your alliance is very important too. And if you het a really impossible task, just skip it once in a while. The next balloon will be easier.

      • Thanks Marleen, I do plan ahead on a lot of items. But usually the big hour items they only want 3 at the most of them. I was not ready for it and the question was just kind of thrown out there because they are supposed to be making it a little more realistic. I just didn’t think this one was. I mean if not ready for it, it would have taken me 36 hours to make what they asked for. I did pass it and went to the next one. Thanks again for replying tho’. :)

  9. We need new areas opened and new stuff and quests because we are getting bored….also how about adding some things to alliance building for the leaders like more info on a person or a private chat for alliance players to the leaders…..also why not have a chat for facebook friends also.

    • Yes please open up those other lands. I see many people ask for it. And we hear “crickets” on the issue. They will love us “old-timers” if there is nothing for us to spend our maxed out coins on. Come on Zynga. Open up some new lands for exploration. PLEASE!!

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