Suggestion Sunday – June 22


Hail Adventurers!

We know many of you have some amazing ideas for CastleVille Legends, so we’re introducing Suggestion Sunday for you to share them with our team! This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how you think we can improve the game to better suit your needs.

How to Share Feedback:

If you have a great idea that you would like to share, please visit the Blog and comment below the most current Suggestion Sunday post.


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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

317 thoughts on “Suggestion Sunday – June 22

    • I think that doing Liangs travel is ok but when you want us to have something that takes a day why do we have to have three of them, I cannot and will not pay for crowns, so that makes the quest out of reach. Not all the people that play this can afford the crowns or pay for the game. Make the quests more reasonable and this would be a five star game. Make the quest un-doable and you will be as bad as Farmville got and why so many people wont play Farmville any more.

  1. Like most comments clearing land is way to high, some items take way to long for the price! I also play Farmville 2 Country Escape, and why can’t the workshops be able to upgrade the number of times it makes like in FV2 instead of having to buy so many!

  2. Would be awesome if the shop would come back as soon as all items were sold.
    I’ve also read that some people can switch items for Lliangs requests, how?

    • Before you sell anything to Laing there is a box that lets you send him away for the 4 hour break, and gives new orders for you to fill. Hope that helps.

  3. It would be nice if you spend crowns on a item, it is ready quickly. Paying crowns and then waiting a day to use something is not fun. Be able to remove items from your ship and return them to inventory. Be able to send specifically for your alliance would be cool. Hate when I spend hours making something for a friend and someone else grabs it off open market.

  4. Let us be able to go into the vault and delete items in the numbers we want when we want not just when it is full and delete everything

  5. Don’t limit how many coins you can have. I can’t play because I’m maxed out with 4 million coins. Open other hero’s too

    • Deb I have found that there is NOTHING WRONG with quick spells. The problem is, someone you are trying to send quick spells to does not allow notifications from Castleville Legends. I do a process of elimination to find out who that person/people are. I go to the bottom right of the quickspell screen, check the box that says to uncheck all, then I check the first 8 people on the screen. If all of those go through I repeat this process until I find the one(s) that do not allow notifications.

      • I unchecked them the first few times. Then after support looked at my account I was able to send to all. Then the list refreshed with who it did not send to. Mine was 8 people. So after that I did not need to uncheck.

    • There are problems with quick spells and support told me they know. There are some people who stop playing the game and deleted it but never removed themselves from the alliance. So the game sends them qs but since the app is deleted it’s blocked. Another issue is when an fb friend sends you a quick spell and you get it but when you look for them on your send list, they’re not there. And the third is what barb mentions. I told support and they said to uninstall and reinstall and didn’t work. Said that alliance leaders/ creators need to remove ppl who don’t play. And they refreshed my game. Then they said no solution. Sorry until next update. The issues of quick spells are a known issue to them.

  6. Sometimes I think a second ship would be great.  Another thought is that there should be 4 spaces instead of 3. Also, all spaces should allow for 10 pieces of whatever items you are shipping out.

  7. Make items not sold on the ship returnable to inventory. Cheaper land costs. Make items able to be traded within your own alliance. Make the time certain things are completed shorter, ie. it takes 30 seconds for an apple but 10 hours for three lemons- 10 hours is too long. It costs too many crowns to keep buying additional buildings. Some people cannot afford to buy crowns and it takes too long to earn them. There should be an option to either upgrade current buildings for coins or use less crowns to purchase additional buildings. Otherwise I love the game!

  8. Buying land is way too expensive, gifts from the River Maid could be better, buildings could be cheaper, or pay more for selling items.

  9. Still waiting on new land to open up! Getting bored as the days, weeks and months go by with nothing new in land. I do not play as much because of this :(

  10. I like to see locks on the daily spin id be b willing to loose crow or a money spot!! Since they r so incredibly hard to get

  11. I really love this game,but I’m finding it harder to play when I already have everything..Hoping everyday something new will open up maxed out on everything.I’m beginning to think you never read anything we as players post.please give me something to do.getting very bored.

  12. it would be nice to have few thing crafting in the same buildings instead of having few of the same building as it had taken up too much spaces!!! (like upgrade a buildings so we can make few things at the same time instead of waiting for one to finish before do it again kind!)

  13. I would like it if once a ship sells it would disappear from the alliance listing I have a harder time getting to items being sent to me because the first ten ships are sold ships or a newly sent ship should be the first ship at the top of the alliance page and sold ships drop to the bottom.

    I also feel the mermaid should give more of non rare items such as eggs wool not just one that hardly seems worth it waiting 18 hrs just to get 1 egg.

    I should be able to feed glurb 1 item at a time instead of all at once and the more items the more time you should have to do it

      • They had the update that they forced all the ships sold or not to be listed on the alliance and fb tabs where they said it was on purpose. Then after all the complaints about the sold out ships they had an update to take them away. I guess there are a few where the update did not work. Maybe contact support with a picture. They may of thought everyone’s was fixed.

  14. Would be nice if there was at least a minute after the ship goes out for just the alliance member to collect before it hits the World Trade.

  15. I would love the opportunity to trade different colors pearls. For example if you need a black pearl you could trade 5 white pearls to get a black one. It could actually be a shop you purchase and place on your land. “Deep Sea Diver’s Exchange” lol

  16. Open up new areas, I have completed all quests and am getting bored with the game. Also, would like the ship to return as soon as all items have sold. Since I have all the heroes as well, there is no point of doing Liang’s orders, am accumulating lots of pearls that I can do nothing with. Can we trade in pearls for crowns? or sell them? Also, there are many items that we can only sell 1 of on the ship in each slot. This is ridiculous if you are trying to help out someone and can’t send all of what they need. Please raise the number of items you can send at a time.

  17. It would be nice if a trade could be set up where you would post what you are looking to buy with the price you will pay and anyone on global could fill your order. This would be in addition to the trade we already have.

    • My glurb keeps rewarding with frozen rune all the time. I no longer do his requests. The items change but not the reward.

  18. When you need to make items for the balloon guy, things like clovers should be easier to obtain. I’m stuck in level 24 hell.

  19. I truely enjoy playing Castleville Legends. I once played a mystery game as a private investigator where all the characters were anthro animals. Perhaps maybe there will be an anthro version of Castleville with all anthro animal characters only day, I know I would enjoy playing that game too. Something for the creators of Castleville Legends to consider, I hope so, but this is my personal desire and not the view of other players.

  20. It would be nice to be able to connect to Facebook and play with my friends. I haven’t been able to connect in ages, and can’t find any fixes in the player support.

    • The search site of the player support is terrible now. It only shows posts if you type in a keyword like alliance. The comments are months old. Also you can’t post to that site anymore. The ask a question no longer comes up. So you can’t ask a question unless you had asked one in the past. So people find a month old comment and then reply to the old comment that may be 6 12 months old. I know because I get replies to questions I wrote a long time ago.

      The only thing to do is click the get help button on the right side of the page. You fill out a form which gets emailed to them.

  21. Stop making it so difficult to get advanced levels. It’s easier to give up and wait forever to advance to the next level

  22. How about making the buildings similar to Farmville2 where you can pay a one time fee to make the building produce more goods?

  23. 1) open up the other areas and heros (there is way to many of us with nothing to do waiting on this)
    2) speed up the refresh time with myras markets
    3) direct gifting to alliance members and friends (maybe a second boat thats only for alliance)
    4) make workshops available as soon as you buy them instead of the hours or days wait
    5) raise coin cap
    6) lower the prices of empty expansions
    7) upgrades to workshops to speed up creation time of items waiting a day for something when you have 15 hours to make 3 of them is stupid
    8) pearls to be trade able with alliance members/friends
    9) ability to buy a second of each workshop for coins instead of crowns (not everyone has the availability to spend 1000s of hard earned cash on addictive Facebook games due to bills)
    10) golden padlocks need to be easier to get for storage expansions because no ones got enough space (5 free storage expansions as one of the rewards for the next event would be a good idea as well)

  24. I really enjoyed the “bunny” quests. They were challenging. And, the items needed to complete the quest each week changing was GREAT! This last challenge was ok. I liked the fact that we had to “make” our own items and that the ingredients could be traded but not the items made. I would like to see more quests be challenging and constantly changing.

    I also agree that we should have a Myra’s spot where selling 5 of this pearl to buy 1 of that pearl can be done or at the very least allow us to trade them on world trade so we can help out alliance members that are behind in progress due to life’s circumstances.

    I too agree that the quests for Glurb should be like those for Liang, let us sell some items at a time instead of having to have space to fit all items or at the very least make it easier to obtain locks.

    I absolutely love this game but if it keeps getting too much like Farmville I will discontinue playing this as well.

  25. Only comments I have are the prices for expanding your lands and buying things are too expensive 75,000 for the Perfumer building 57,000 for one piece of land another 57,000 for the one next to it and the river maid event it makes it hard to complete when you can only use one character say Yvette to get Iron Frog Oil

  26. Just not have all ingredients and automatically hit the button to create your item and castleville steals your crowns. This is why so many complaints of missing crowns. You need to fix this…especially happens at the dairy. It should not take crowns when all ingredients are there.

  27. Let us share our coins and crowns with our friends, give us the choice to send quick spells, coins or crowns as gifts! Allow the ship to come back once empty and if not empty when it comes back let us switch out for something else. Give us the option of choosing how many clay to delete from storage instead of having to ditch all or nothing.

  28. I think it would be nice to be able to use our coins to purchase pearls as I am having trouble getting gold pearls or at least give gold peals more often to complete missions.

  29. I suggest you release the rest of the characters and quests. I have completed them all, made over $2,500,000, and I’m getting bored.

  30. This game is very addictive! Unfortunately I am still having problems with it crashing/shutting down suddenly (usually right after I have purchased something I need in the world market, then CRASH. Pans of course the item is gone once I can reload the app) this is extremely annoying.

    1. All of Liang’s orders should be doable in the time given (ie spirit bandages take 9h each, you have 15h to complete the order, you need 3 – this CANNOT be done).

    2. Land expansions and new buildings are too expensive once you get passed level 20.

    3. Special heros should be obtainable! There is no way to earn 1000 crowns for an extra hero. Either decrease the amount or give out more than 2 crowns for completing character quests.

    4. Allow for trading just among alliance members

    5. Allow the troll to be fed one order at a time instead of all at once. There is just not enough space to work on his orders at the same time as Liang’s.

    • I’m not sure if you are playing pc? I found out zynga says for player’s “unique playing experience” they have made heroes, land, places of legend, resources, and workshops different for each player. My hero might cost 750 crowns and yours 1000 crowns and another player 350 crowns. A tree might be 5000 for one player and another player who lives in the same house 35000. I asked support and they say everyone is grouped into different experiences.

  31. How about special weekends once in a while where you get extra crowns or making items takes 1/2 the time or you get free useful gifts from the characters that you’ve “saved” or earned.

  32. My suggestion would be to add a confirm dialog box when you spend crowns to speed up a recipe. There have been a few times where I hit the button on accident and I spend a crown or two when I didn’t want to.

  33. I had another idea. How about being able to sell only a few of an item in your warehouse instead of all of them? Example: I have 10 golden gloves but want to get rid of 5. This would allow me to not deplete my stash but also open up some space for new items.

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