Suggestion Sunday – June 22


Hail Adventurers!

We know many of you have some amazing ideas for CastleVille Legends, so we’re introducing Suggestion Sunday for you to share them with our team! This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how you think we can improve the game to better suit your needs.

How to Share Feedback:

If you have a great idea that you would like to share, please visit the Blog and comment below the most current Suggestion Sunday post.


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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

314 thoughts on “Suggestion Sunday – June 22

  1. I’m retired so I play all day long, but the cost of land is so high that I have “dark” areas all over the screen where I haven’t purchased the land yet. I seem to always be behind–I have items in the markets that I can’t produce yet because I haven’t explored the land, but I can’t get enough money together to buy land, resource producers, etc. I’m at the point where I have to gather $350,000 to buy a mine that sits on land that costs $285,000. Whew! Maybe reduce the cost of the Places of Legend–that would help! I’d also like to have more “advanced” products in the marketplace, using a combination of items from the early levels, and items from the later levels. Once I hit level 30 i stopped trying to make the low priced items and focused on the bigger money products.

      • THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO THE PLAYERS!!! alliance only 1 slot tab avail now…KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP..however I’m told there’s an issue with people outside of the alliance buying items from that slot.

    • Absolutely! Then after saving for days you have to wait 2 or 3 days before you can use what you purchase. Also there is a need for confirmation before land is purchased. Can’t say how much I’ve accidentally bought. This is getting frustrating.

      • Land if way to expensive, and so are buildings and misc. About to quit. But love the game. I was promised a bonus package for this game when they shut down the Wizard of Oz game a few days ago. It was the best game ever. Still have not seen that bonus package. Uggggg!! Frustrated beyond belief!!!!!!

  2. Also please make the land you need to buy cheaper it’s almost impossible to get enough land even the buildings and crops are to expensive.

    And why not remove the people out of the list when the goods are sold on the boat. Now you have to scroll to the bottom to find something even when everything is sold out

    • The update before the river maid event should of fixed the sold out boats. Once a person sells all 3 slots on the boat the game should of removed them from the list.

  3. Is it possible to give Glurb the Troll a little variety in his diet?? It seems all he ever wants is milk, eggs, and oatmeal. Sometimes if I’m lucky he might crave some blueberries. We have such a vast amount of things that we can make. It makes the games very repetitive and boring if we are just making the same things over and over again. Thanks!

    • I kinda like that he always wants the same things because I can make them even when he is searching and usually have a decent start once he gives his order. Makes it easier for me to complete. However I can see the repetitive aspect I kinda feel that is what Ling is for. He always wants different items.

  4. My main problem is trying to sell things off. We are so limited when trying to sell things. And with everything being so expensive it is extremely hard to get the money together. Rather than having a “throw away” make it a “sell what you need to for the next 3 hrs” sort of thing. At least that way we have a better chance of continuing to play the game rather than giving up because its become boring due to the inabiity to keep moving. Not everyone has the financial ability to just buy what we want when we want like other people do.Keep the game fun and exciting. This is the only game i enjoy playing and sit at for hours on end as i am “retired” and can now CHOOSE what i want to do and i want to do this :)

  5. Could you please so kindly open the other lands? I really enjoyed the Captain and River maid mission as I have completed the other missions and i have nothing else to do but Liang and Glurb. Most of the time i am ignoring Glurb because i don’t need the items he is offering. Thank you so much!

  6. Can we get different prizes from the places of legends and loyal players should get special prizes for playing for so long


  8. Can there be a little regulation on the items Liang asks for to get pearls? Today I am to get 3×2 honey glazed carrots, 3×4 enchanted carrot juice and 3×27 carrot bars. I can get the bars, and I was able to buy a couple of the honey glazed carrots (they take 6 hours to make!) but the enchanted carrot juice takes 9 hours each to make!!! Knowing it was coming up by looking ahead last night I began making one, figuring he would want 3, but 12?!? In 16 hours?!? Not possible… Some human intervention is called for to make the requests reasonable. I don’t mind it taking the whole day and getting to the last few minutes to make things of hope they can be bought, but 12 carrot juices????????

  9. How about a repurposing shed? That way we can take items that we have made and no longer need and turn them back into their original materials. Kind of like recycling! I have a bunch of opal studded cups from the river maid, but I really need the opals.

    • Opals I got plenty. Almost feel like throwing all away as they take up space… Past 2 days I didn’t get much from Yvette’s house just cause I keep to having 10 in stock

  10. It would be nice to get a black pearl every now and then, haven’t gotten one in weeks. Also getting the $$ for land it just too much haven’t been able to expand in over a month.

    • The pearls are so at random, I don’t even wan’t a black pearl anymore, I need white one’s. I do agree on the prices of the land.

    • I agree, I suggested they let you select the color pearl you get, but no response. I can’t afford half the stuff. getting sick of it.

  11. what’s the point of suggestion Sunday when you don’t pay attention to the freeking suggestions!!!!you really need to lower the cost of the land and the resources and the workshops the cost is way to much for us to try to raise and it takes way to long to raise the money.i would also like to see more slots open on the boat to sell more products than only 3 and the time to Waite to sell more items 2 hrs. way to long as well

    • Danny I think what Suggestion Sunday means is give us some ideas of new and exciting things that they can consider bringing us. If they wanted to hear your complaints (and everyone else’s by the look of things) they would have called it “Whiny Weekend”.

  12. Buenas tardes… hay que hacer que el barco regrese mas rapidoy no en 2 hs o en su defecto poner otro barco…ya que si uno necesita la embarcacion gastamos las pocas coronas que uno pueda tener,, A su vez tambien hay que poner coronas o perlas o mas baules con premios, cada extension que uno compra sale muy caro y se tarda bastante en adquirir monedas…. espero que esta sugerencia sea tomada.. desde ya muchas gracias

  13. How about you fix the bug on my computer! I dont know if anyone else is having the issue but for TWO days I have not been able to get into Castleville…it loads like its going to open then all i see are a few buildings and that is IT nothing else loads. Then I get a pop up message saying I need to check my internet connection, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CONNECTION. I had ALMOST finished this last big quest and now i wont be able to!

  14. It would be great to be able to see the prices of things that will be unlocked soon in the market. I know I will get the Enchanted Glen next level but I can’t see what it costs. It would be nice to be able to save up and know what my goal is.

  15. I’d like to be able to move grass and flowers around, or delete them… They are just stuck there and I can’t build anything on it. I would also like to be able to sell anything, not just what Myra wants to buy. And If I’ve played CVL in Safari, play another game and come back, I have to force stop Safari, restart it again and then go to CVL, because it will not boot otherwise. Thanks for fixing these issues

    • Agreed. I like having my lands being very linear in other games with similar items grouped together. That can’t be done in this game because so much of the land is unusable space. Once I buy the land I should be able to use all of it. Even if I have to move some things out of the way to do it.

  16. It would be really great if we could keep the chat open while interacting with the game. People often think I’ve left because I am playing and have to close the chat. I do agree that the quantities for both Blurb and Liang are unreasonable as well as the costs for land and marketplace items.

  17. The land is so expensive!! Hard to move forward when you have Liang orders to do and don’t have time or resources to make other high priced items to sell.
    Also, it would be great to visit our alliance members places. Maybe speed grow their stuff for them.

    • From what I’ve read, I think this is just a visual glitch. I saw an alliance member’s ship appeared to have four slots so I asked her and she said no, she only had three. You will notice that there is always at least one item repeated on the “four slot” ships.

  18. In my alliance (the best one :) we help each other by sending what our teammates need. It would be nice if we could have a small delay before the objects were visible outside the alliance … because sometimes other players are faster than our teammates

  19. 1 ) have a search function on the ships. it is difficult to buy things you need for liang or glurb when 2/3 of the ships you see are carrying nothing but midas gloves.

    2 ) on the subject of ships….not everyone sees the same stuff. many times i ask my alliance for an item and someone says “there’s X amount on a public ship” and when I look that ship isn’t there. i’ve asked them to look again to see if it sold and i missed it but that person can still see it and i can’t.

    3 ) I agree with other posters that we should be able to remove something from the ship if we’ve changed our minds before we set sail and that ships should come back if all the items have sold. waiting 2 hours when stuff has sold in 2 minutes makes it difficult to make money, help alliance members and reduce items taking up space in our vaults.

    4 ) finally, I like that we can throw away items if our vaults become too full. I think this could be improved if instead of throwing the item away we could get paid gold for the item. For example: I have deleted dozens of midas gloves and forest charms because they take up space and don’t sell very well on ships. that’s thousands of gold just being thrown away that could’ve been used to purchase land or resources such as the stone quarry which costs 550K.

    add me at

    • Public shipping will always be different …. there are too many players for the game to list everyone that is selling something. In my alliance if we put the call out for an item and an alliance member sees one they just buy it and then sell it between us. It is unreasonable to expect everyone to see the same public shipping considering the number of players of the game.

  20. One idea for ‘lowering’ the cost of buildings, would be to lease it to the player.
    i.e. the player chooses the potter. Costs $250K (I don’t know the actual cost, so this is an example)
    Player pays $125K upfront then 50% of everything made in the potter goes back to the game until the other $125K is paid off. With resources, everytime you ‘water’ it, it costs more than normal until the other half is paid back. Haven’t worked out how this could work for land …

  21. I wish you wouldn’t release updates until they are ready for ALL operating systems. When only one OS update is released, those of us who use multiple devices can’t play at all on the other one.

    • And regarding the release notes, it says Glurb will be more reasonable about how long it takes to fill his requests. The time isn’t the issue. It’s the number of items that he wants that is unreasonable. I could have two weeks to fill his request, but if I don’t have 80 opens slots, I can’t feed his gaping maw.

  22. I would like to make 2 suggestions:
    1. Please allow us to feed Glurb one item at a time. For example 12 butters…feed, 12 apple oatmeal…feed, 28 honey…feed. It would truely make the storage issue better.

    2. Is there a way we can trade or sell pearls to alliance members. It would be a great way for alliance members to be able to help one another in acquiring heros.

    Thank you.

  23. I would suggest that they give us more money… not make things less expensive…. like when we visit lengend places to also be able to win money rather than just experience points…. that way we can progress faster and be able to buy more land etc….

  24. I think it is very rude to steal Pym away with no notice and no tie in to the story plot. I logged in this morning and he was just gone.
    One of the reasons I like this zynga game best is that the plot flows so well and the missions make sense.
    I am sad Pym is gone, but I am more sad that there was no reasoning behind it and no notice of it.

    • they did gave notice. After you finished the last quest, the captain mentioned that his ship would set sail soon, and that he can’t stay for much longer. Also, it was always mentioned how long he would be staying (“available for .. days .. hours .. minutes)

  25. Can you make Glurb so that as you get the items he wants, you can feed him each item just like you sell them to Liang, so you can get them out of your inventory. way to hard to keep all that stuff until you get it all. Please!!!!

  26. I cant recieve any quick spells,…???!!!
    Sometimes I see the box in the water then its gone…
    And I agree land prices are too high.

  27. I have the same problem Shannon, I cannot receive quick spell,s either they bob in the water and then poof gone.maybe soon this will be fixed!!!!!

  28. I can’t seem to send my Alliance friends spells. Every time I try to the screen shuts down so I’m confused as to whether it worked or not?

  29. When you win pearls with Liang, can you make it so we can have a choice as to which color pearl we want. That would be nice.

  30. When is it possible to explore greta, Giovanni or meryl’s Land. There are no quests anymore and the Game becomes boring. I am on Level 50 now, have almost bought all Land, but what is the Sense im producing and selling all the Products if you have a Million Coins and can’t buy anything with it. I mean it would be a good idea, if you could exchange the Coins into crowns.

  31. Here is a suggestion, give the bonus that was promised me for this game when you shut down the Wizard of Oz game. I am tired of asking for it.

  32. Should not be limited on the number I can sell for a particular item. For example I can sell 10 bread at one time but only able to sell one 1 Necklace

  33. I get a lock every 2months,and play every day! Why so tough to get more storage?
    Pay more for items, or lower land and building prices, I am rapidly loosing interest . It is less a game, and more like work! Takes a week to sell enough for one expansion–ridiculous !
    What’s with the tasks that show up two or three levels before we can do them,and they just sit in the task bar for weeks waiting for me to level up??
    Blurb is better, but still can’t do him and Llang at the same time due to storage being so hard to upgrade.
    And really? What’s with a pond,lake,or river every inch and a half? Let us drain the ponds and use the land–I would rather put buildings where some of them are.

  34. Pongan mas reinos me gusta mucho el juego pero ya he desbloqueado todos los reinos y tengo 4 millones de monedas y todos los dragones así que por favor pongan mas cosas para poder seguir jugando

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