Suggestion Sunday – June 15


Hail Adventurers!

We know many of you have some amazing ideas for CastleVille Legends, so we’re introducing Suggestion Sunday for you to share them with our team! This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how you think we can improve the game to better suit your needs.

How to Share Feedback:

If you have a great idea that you would like to share, please visit the Blog and comment below the most current Suggestion Sunday post.


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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

203 thoughts on “Suggestion Sunday – June 15

  1. het is een leuk spel , je vliegt er alleen zo vlug af als je daar iets aan kan doen en de gebouwen die je kan kopen iets goedkoper maken , het lukt niet om alles te doen als je geen tijd heb om een hele dag dat is jammer , en ook als je spullen moet verzamelen voor een quest duur het heel lang voor je spulletjes krijg , jen soms dagen bezig vooraleer je iets krijg

    • It would be great, if everything wasn’t so expensive. If Zynga is unwilling to reduce the prices they could have a sale once in awhile to help us buy ressources and expansions.

  2. I agree with a lot of the comments. If your ship sells out, it should come right back. Making it a tad bit easier to purchase things would be awesome. Sometimes it takes me 3 or more days to get the coin together to purchase something and then it’s a matter of what is more important:opening up more land or purchasing crafting things. Being able to gather crowns more easily would be awesome. It is rather difficult to hoard crowns for some of the helpers. 350 crowns is a lot.

    • Don’t rush it. Enjoy the game. Earn the coins you need first. When you get everything bought, and all land expansions, there is nothing else. Many of us have been waiting for a new area to explore and expand, but nothing has been done. All we have now is doing Liang and the occasional quest. My coins are quickly adding up. With nothing left to do, I have over 3 million coins now…

      • Everyone CHILLAX!!! The NEW REALM is coming soon! Save your Coins and STOP COMPLAINING!!! I get so sick of reading complaints on comments. Does anyone have anything POSITIVE to EVER SAY? Geese

      • I am right there with you Dorothy! Help other members of your Alliance by buying their expensive items and delete the items to keep you under the 4 million coins. Or keep some of the items to help Alliance members out with Liang. I am really getting bored and do not play as often…..

  3. Since I am always out of storage. When selling something in the sea trader I would like to have the total of my storage so I can see how many items I need to sell. Thanks!

    • Contact support. There’s a button called support in the gear of your game. There’s customer service in the menu of this page. And login using your Facebook details.

  4. I am addicted to this game but many of the bulidings or pastures cost crowns to buy after getting them first. I hate quitting games I like but come on I can’t support my family and spend actual money on a game to get somewhere. And waiting like 6-12 for some things to get done, that’s ridiculous. This is a fun game but very frustrating how its been created. Thanks

    • We all purchase Crowns as Addicts of this Game. Take your time, enjoy playing and don’t try to rush through your gameplay. Don’t stress yourself out as you are doing as you are taking the fun out of this game for yourself.

      Allot yourself 9.99$ a month for Crowns which you easily spend for 2 Starbucks a month anyway (just an example as a perspective for you- if not Starbucks, whatever else you indulge in).

      Myself, as Alliance Leader, 19.99$ for Crowns a month isn’t that much for “Entertainment” for myself and I am CERTAINLY WORTH that measly amount of money my family agrees I spend.

      Food for Thought for you and anyone else that complains and don’t think “they” are worth the money.

  5. I think u should make the less of the ship arrival as each item is sold. For eg. When the first item is sold then 15 min. When second then 30 min. And when third then 45 min.

    You should give some more workshops for people on higher levels. Such as
    1. Frozen fooder- here we can make frozen meals.( not snacks!)
    2. Furniturey- here we can make furniture.
    And these even at level 54 or up because that will encourage people who r not on this level to play and level up( I am saying this because I am on level 33) and don’t forget to add quests.

    And pls add more ways of earning coins!

    I love your game and I play it daily but everygame has some limitations. But if u add these I will not love your game, I will love it even more!

    • I DO NOT agree with adding Frozen Fooder- Frozen Meals.
      REASON WHY: We would need MORE Oat Fields, Cows, Goats, Blueberry Fields, Chickens….we are talking MORE CROWNS and LONGER PREP TIME!

      I DO NOT agree with adding Furniturey: make furniture
      REASON WHY: We would need MORE Lumber Yards, Sheep, who knows what Else would be needed! MORE CROWNS and LONGER CRAFTING TIMES!

      As a Level 51, I am perfectly satisfied and LOVE the Gameplay as IS. I needed NO motivating nor has any other Players need more motivating to Level up as you will see many, many Players exceeding Level 51 and beyond.

  6. Once you put on sale something with the ship, you cannot recover it anymore, even if the item is left unsold. It would be very useful to be able to find our own selling lot in the ship market, so that we can buy our own items again in case we decide not to sell them anymore, or in case we need them, or if they are left unsold.

  7. My Alliance is “Legendary Land”, and all of the members are awesome. Everyone is so helpful. The problems I’ve noticed are:
    1) It would be great if locks and hinges could be stored in the vault but not counted in the vault inventory. No mater how high you get your vault there’s never enough room.
    2) It would be great if we could either get rid of, move or sell rocks. It would also be great to be able to move ponds. Some of the rocks and ponds are in inconvenient spots.
    3) It would also be great if when feeding Glurb we could do it one thing at a time. Our vaults get so full waiting until we have everything.
    I enjoy playing CastleVille Legends better than I did regular CastleVille. There are a few things that need to be fixed so that it runs smoothly. I don’t agree with some suggestions as I like the challenge of the game. Thanks for your time. JoAnna

  8. 1. Open new realms/ heroes
    2. New hero bought with pearls that brings good extras not anymore eggs
    3. 4th slot that is pictured in your guide on sea trading and the app store screenshots.
    4. Notifications need to be fixed. Support said to uninstall and reinstall and force stop but does not work. Mermaid, daily chest, workshop, resources say they are ready when they are not. And hours and hours left before they are.
    5. Game to be shut down while you remove useless decorative rocks and ponds. Only one water source should be in a realm. 4 ponds in one spot why? The game should be functional and pretty but not useless since land is valuable.
    6. A guide created so people can find customer service, tech support. Or you answer every tech question since support has removed the ask a question section. No one can see if anyone has the same problems.
    7. Raise cap limit on coins or give us land to spend on.
    8. Building to store heroes house, workshops, resources so I can place there while I redecorate. But no bugs which would cause me to lose any of them.
    9. Better saving for players that play on pc. They are still losing progress made.
    10. There are too many workshops, resources, heroes homes that the land gets over crowded. What happens a year from now? Every one has 3 of everything and 40 heroes homes. I have 20 hero homes and it is crowded. I have 2 of some things and 3 of some and 1 of some. Just thinking if I had 3 of everything there would be no room. The Dragons homes are pretty large. Most games have it where you go to another continent but I still would like to take my workshops and resources with me. Running out of space. No one would be able to buy 6 of everything because there’s no room.

  9. 1. Open up Hazel and Meryl’s land expansions.
    2. Buildings should take less time to construct.
    3. Land expansions should be cheaper.
    4. Make the 4th slot available on our trade ships.
    5. We should have the option to take items off our ships.
    7. No gold cap on our coins.
    8. Glurb should have slots alike Liang so we can feed him an item one at a time.
    9. Locks and Hinges shouldn’t contribute toward our inventory count.
    10. Allow us to move ponds or the Places of Legends on our land.

  10. It would be great if we were able to sell pearls. Also, if we could see glurbs next order just like we can see liangs next order! More gold should come in the chest everyday especially as you level up. As you level up everything is getting more expensive.

    • You can find the pictures and names of the heroes when you click the castle. Also if they are available or when they will come back from places of legend.

  11. Hi, I would suggest adding the option to be able to unload the ship/ boat when it is returned, and you did not sell all. Basically- return items to the vault, and start again with an empty hold.

  12. Being able to sell ponds would be good…ship returning to port as soon as it’s sold your goods or if goods are unsold being able to return them to your vault.

    • Put items on ship before you sign off the second time it sails zynga buys them. Bunnies give you stuff I kept em.

    • WHY would you want to DELETE Carrots and Bunnies? Carrots are used in Recipes- still, not just during Easter, if you are daily Player!

      Bunnies are Resources for Stardust, Golden Opal Necklaces, Torches, Ladders, Eggs and Butter!

  13. App keeps crashing! I’m almost with with stage 3 of the quest and the app won’t even stay open long enough for me to report an issue!!!!

  14. I love the game, but i got one small question. Ive got all the dragons and special items, so i dont need anymore pearls, therefor i dont need to send Liang away. Can you please come up with a new use for gained pearls.

  15. There is only one main problem: Many things take too long. Waiting hours or days to accomplish stuff, quests, productions, exploration is really dissatisfying.

    The Ship should return within 15 to 30 minutes, 1 hour is too long.

    Some explorations take 8 hours, that is too long, put this down to 1 hour, 1 hour is long enough, and have a look into the kitchen! Those creations which are taking 1 hour or more until finished are too long on the way. You should consider 30 minutes at most.

    Same thing in these marketplaces. The offers often do not fit, a change takes 10 minutes. But why? 3 to 5 minutes would do it. Or better, change the whole system of these marketplaces. Put in pages I can look through the whole offers of all products I own and I’d prefer to choos on my own how many I’d like to sell, one item or 10 should be my decision. Make it adjustable. Makes more fun for me as the gamer.

    Next problem, the store. It is not easy to widen the space but the moment I am able to I am glad, like “Finally I have more space to store my goodies” but the disappointment follows right away, “what, space is increased only by 10 items”? It feels like nothing has changed. A few steps further and I am facing this store-space-problem again. You should increase the basic store from 50 to 75 and increase the widening effect from 10 items to 20. I like to see and feel a real change when I actually “change” things and use rare items to be able to do so. Does it feel like before and confront me with the same problem as nothing has changed, well, it’s senseless, it’s annoying. You have to come further with this space, because it takes to long to be able to widen it as it takes to come forward in the game and it’s story. I can produce and gather more stuff as I am able to store it in the same time. That really takes out most of the fun to have to worry about these or that all the time. It is a game, not a job, worries do not belong there So please change this.

    There are to many situations in this little game where I have to wait, to wait, to wait and to wait…. It’s most likely that people lose interest in this game after a little while, which is sad because this game is cute, it is cool but the way it is now it won’t make fun for long. But you guys want us to play this game it little longer, true? So I recommend some changes to be made and to do so fast.

    I really don’t like to wait hours after hours after hours to accomplish something. That is the most annoying effect the current system has and it will force me to quit playing if nothing changes. Maybe other people too. Be clever, change things ^^ Reduce the waiting time in the game…

    • You’re not going to like it but when you get to a higher level crafting items and places of legend are 24 hrs. Places of legend have 3 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 3 hrs, 4 hrs, 7 hrs, 8 hrs, 10 hrs, 12 hrs and 24 hrs and some can take the majority of your heroes. There are several craft items that take 12+ hours and liang wants 3-6 of them or 300 apples.

  16. Wish we could visit other villages and help there place and fix the buying and sell thing it’s frustrating to not be able to send items to friends and it takes too long for return fix plz

  17. I like the flexibility of Glurb’s feeding and the rewards are usually good, but it would be nice for spacing issues if you could feed one group of items at a time like with Liang. Sometimes the total number of things he wants is very difficult to gather when also trying to fulfill another quest.

    My biggest suggestion would be the ability to stop the production on an item, sometimes I start a long term item and then discover I need that workspace for a quest.

    • Tech support says there’s still problems with quick spells. Not all your fb friends will be on the list. Not all your alliance will be on the list. They may be able to send to you and but they aren’t on your list. Or you won’t be able to receive even if they send so you can’t thank them. Support says to uninstall the app and reinstall but that doesn’t work. So there’s no solution. They just say the are aware.

  18. How do some players get 4+ slots on their boat, while the rest of us only have 3 slots?
    Seems unfair to the rest of us

  19. Once we finish Liang mission, It would be nice to be able to choose which kind of pearl to receive, whether white, black or golden…. it is so difficult to get these missions to the end..!

  20. I would like to see some of the ponds/lakes go away they take up to much land space. I play at my own pace. I have paid crowns for more buildings etc. it can take me a week to get 400,000 coins to expand so at times that can be a bit frustrating.

  21. There needs to be an easier way for alliance members to exchange goods. A storage box, (or more fitting for the game, a flying dragon) to deliver goods quickly among members. There are many times trying to line up a sell with an alliance member and someone else gets the goods!

  22. Can Liang please STOP upping what he wants just because you already have things in stock? What’s the point of giving us a 4 hour window to prepare if it just means Liang asks for more! I mean, usually he only wants 2 lots of 1 Opal Gold necklace, this time he wanted 4, just because I already had a couple in my vault. The other day I already had 2 Honey Carrot Jam and next thing I know, Liang now wants 4 of them, not the usual two!

    Yesterday I had 10 opals in my vault, so he wanted 12 opal bracelets! I had a few blankets in stock, so he wanted 8 of them, not the usual 4 or 6! And now he wants 18, yes 18!!!! Dragonwing potions just because I have a few I’d prepared earlier! Usually he just wants a couple!

    It’s just getting ridiculous when you can’t enjoy a game because the stakes just get too high! I really enjoy this game, but this is getting ridiculous!!!!! Yes, I get the game wants to make money, but this sort of thing just makes me want to stop playing, it’s so frustrating, NOT spend money! It’ll put people off, I’m sure!

    Why should we be penalised just because we have a few things in stock? And what on earth is the point of the 4 hour window when it just penalises us further when we prepare?

  23. I would like to see more activities/ challenges for people above level 40. Seems like there is nothing left for us to do.

  24. I’m at level 60 and leveling up doesn’t show up. Maxed at 4m at coins too.
    The games has become boring cuz it’s the same thing day after day. Need more royal quests and it takes to long for another realms to open up.
    I disagree with some of the updates the other players are suggesting. If the game is to easy then there’s no challenge and that would be boring.
    I’m able to complete some Liangs ridiculous requests like 320 milks due to the awesome the alliance I’m in. That’s the point of joining a good one.I like the challenge of having to make room for the stuff. I tossed 19 Royal Bracelets to complete one of his tasks.
    I do agree if something doesn’t sell you should be able to replace it when your ship comes back to port, whether the unsold item goes back into storage or you just lose it.
    It would be nice if you could see who within your alliance is on playing.

  25. I would like it if we could delete just a few of an item in storage instead of all of that item. For example, if I am out of storage room and have 35 silver hinges, I wish I could delete just some of them instead of all.

  26. I would suggest that they give us more money… not make things less expensive…. like when we visit lengend places to also be able to win money rather than just experience points…. that way we can progress faster and be able to buy more land etc….

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