Commenter of the Week Winner – 6/9/14

CastleVille Legends - Commenter of the Week


Hail, Adventurers!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Commenter of the Week event! This week’s winner is Gary Shaw, for sharing game strategy tips! Congratulations, and thanks for commenting on our blog!

Want to be next week’s winner? Share your thoughts and comments about CastleVille Legends and be automatically entered to win 40 Crowns! Winners are selected weekly, so do visit us often.



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15 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week Winner – 6/9/14

  1. I am so stuck with it that many times is the reason for not having the lunch or dinner ready on time!!! It is so fascinating that makes me forget even the most important things to do….. It travels me away!!!!!

  2. Would like to get better connection on my iPhone it would ever connect to Facebook once I started playing on the computer too. So I can no longer trade :(

  3. It would be very nice to be able to visit other alliance land and be able to help them on there land,im at level 60 would like if i could level up ,doing the hard work still but its not showing ,and would be nice to be able to expand ,have nothing else to do tyvm for listenning to me …

  4. bello collaborare con gli alleati, aiutarsi nelle missioni, parlarsi in chat, in questo modo si fa amicizia e per un po si dimenticano i problemi quotidiani. Grazie

  5. It’s not easy to get the corns to get to the next stage you need to many and if kid this they give up on it. It’s not for kids and I can’t play this on my desk top computer…..

  6. This is an amazing game, nothing compares to it. There is always something to be done and there’s always goals to be met. My aliance is fantastic, we are always chatting while doing different things within the game and helping each other. With that being said there is always room for improvements. The things that a lot of players would like to see is glurb being fed in stages like laing. With everything going on within the game it is very difficult to fit everything even with my 170 spaces in my vault. Another thing that would be great is getting rid of everything staying in the trade tabs with SOLD on it. That takes up way to much time. Thank you so very much for taking the time to listen to your players. Keep up the amazing work with the game I love so much!

  7. love the game cant keep away for very long but it would be nice if we could share our pearls and crowns to help out our team

  8. I am playing this game from dec 2013. But now, at level 47, i have found out there is a limit on the coins you can earn! 4,000,000 coins!
    There is no realm to claim, and no more room to continue!
    Please fix it as soon as possible!

  9. pourquoi ne peut on plus rien faire dans le jeu quand on a recuperer toutes les terres je ne peux plus avancer et donc je ne peux plus rien faire car le capital est plafonné a 4 000 000 donc je ne peux plus jouer

  10. It would be great if u can have some games which will encourage alliance members to play!!!!


  11. Why do some players get 4+ slots on their boat, while the rest of us only have 3 slots?
    It’s unfair to the rest of us!

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