Add Me: Alliances – June 6


Do you need more friends in your Alliance? Are you looking to join an active Alliance? Let everyone know your Alliance name & Motto below!

Commenting Rules:

  • Any comment in violation of the Terms of Service will be removed. A link to the Terms of Service can be found HERE.
  • When posting, please be sure to include your Alliance name and Motto.
  • We encourage you to let others know if your Alliance speaks a non-English language.
  • To search for Alliances, click the Royal Embassy building, and the tab to Browse Alliances.  Click Search and enter the Alliance name and or Motto.

You can only be in 1 Alliance at a time, but you can leave your Alliance to join another if you choose to.

We hope everyone finds lots of new friends and has strong Alliances!

68 thoughts on “Add Me: Alliances – June 6

  1. I am having a major problem with my app. It was accidently reset and now everything has gone away. I work hard to get up to level 35. And I had just bought crowns. I can not get the app to connect to Facebook. To see if it comes back the way it was. Please help

    • Click the menu to get to customer service. Or go the or press the support button in game. Use Facebook login details. Then look on the right side for the get help button or on the bottom for phones. They may be able to restore your level. To see if you Facebook connect, first force close app. If still doesn’t work uninstall castleville legends and Facebook apps. Clear game data. Complete shut down and restart device. Add back apps. Not sure what device you have so some may apply. Email support if still can’t Facebook connect.

  2. Come join our alliance!
    Castle Crafting
    motto: crafting castles and forging new friendships
    Purple flag with an orange stripe.

    We are all daily players who love to help! Come join us!

  3. Come join our budding alliance, We are a friendly group , If you feel like chatting fine , if you don’t ,that’s fine too.We are very helpful with quests and sending knights daily.
    Our name is : Castle Crafting
    Our motto is: Crafting castles & forging new friendships

  4. I have started up a new alliance called Friendships Forever, the motto is Come in as strangers, end up as friends. I am welcoming all levels from 10 up. I want only daily active members so that knights and goods can be sent to members. You can chat or choose not, but at least come to be part of a family. Add me on Facebook: Lorie Lynn. If you have problem adding me, leave me a message on Facebook and ill invite you. Then once in, search for my alliance: Friendships Forever. Looking forward to meeting you.

  5. Hi everyone it is a very good game for the big ones and little ones to, don’t think it twice to get it.

  6. Search for “Friends forever Nika and Lyly” if you want to join an alliance. We have wonderful people in our room that love to help others. On occasions I reward people who help out in the alliance with locks and hinges since I’m not upgrading my vault.

  7. Hi I used to Play Coasterville and I would like to get some members for my Duck Family alliance ,motto ” help for all” there are only two of us at the moment but we play every day and we are English speaking , Looking for old friends and new

  8. Hello everyone, I’m here promoting the Alliance I am in called ” Global friends from days of yore” Our motto is ” Be helpful and friendly”. We are a friendly group of castleville players looking for people to join. Though sadly our alliance only has 10 members and we are looking for more crusaders to join and help make our alliance the best there is. Come by and check us out and join our lively alliance, all are welcome.

  9. our leader has left us and opened another alliance in a different name. i am now appointed leader and cannot change the alliances name to something else because it still belongs to the previous leader that left. what do i do???

  10. Hi there, if you higher than level 25 and still looking for a very active alliance then join us!!!
    Mostly from the US with some exceptions (like me :))

    Our name is Avalons Legends

    Happy to see you soon there!

  11. Tribu dei chihuahua, motto #vale46. Looking for friendly people who enjoy the game and would send other members quick spells as regularly as you can remember to, should you befriend them too, and join in with trading things each other needs for quests and Glurb/Liang missions. There’s no pressure to be super active or to always help out (let’s face it no everyone is as active as other people). We are a small group now, and some expansion would be good. To join us, add me on Facebook and send a message confirming you’re wanting to buddy up on cvl (that way I will add you to a list that means you won’t get bothered with my other daily life stuff in your news feed).

  12. Hi everyone! We are a newer group who left their old alliance. We wanted a fun, friendly, and helpful group. We are mostly higher level players, we are looking for people who want the same thing, no matter their level in the game! Please come check us out!
    Alliance name: Bountiful Treasures
    Motto: Always Helping Each Other!!!!
    Blue flag with a white stripe

  13. Looking for a new friendly alliance? Come on over and join Phoenixfire. Our Motto: Anyone is welcome! We are looking for nice, fun, active members.

  14. I finally got enough pearls to get the green leaf dragon , I planted it it was going to take almost 8 hours to start up. I logged off came back now and the dragon is gone and the game says Im one white pearl short. what happened????

  15. hola buenas noches necesito vecinos/as amigos/as me agregan recientemente hice una alianza llamada *Guerreras de Castleville* lema “Nunca nos rendimos vamos brindando ayuda” unanse a mi alianza para ayudarnos levantarla y fortalecerla son todos bienvenidos/as :( los espero

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