New Release – June 6

CastleVille Legends - Captain PymToday we released an update in the App Stores. Please download the latest release for these new updates.

What’s new in version 2.6.90 (iOS), 2.6.269 (Android), and 2.6.268 (Amazon)

  • ROMANCE! The River Maid is the Keeper of the Wheel of Wishes, but now a dashing sea Captain has caught her heart. Play this Limited Time Event now!

    NoteIf you would like a tutorial on the River Maid Event feature, please view our official guide: The River Maid Event


Click below to download the latest version and be sure to rate CastleVille Legends in the App Stores to let us know how we’re doing.


Apple Store: (version 2.6.90)
Google Store: (version 2.6.269)
Amazon Store: (version 2.6.268)


We hope you enjoy our latest update! Share your thoughts and comments below and be automatically entered to win 40 Crowns!



ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

222 thoughts on “New Release – June 6

      • You won’t lose your content with an update. Also, if you take of the game and put it back on (as I have done recently because of the problems with logging into Facebook in the game) as soon as you login through the game your content comes through.

      • If you’re worried take pictures either screenshot or w/ digital camera. Of level, xp, coins, crowns, pearls, workshops, resources, heroes, amount of storage and anything else. You should not lose anything but never know with zynga games.

  1. That’s it?! All these complaints about the app not working and your response is another promo??????
    Pathetic. Shows how much Zynga really cares about it’s loyal customers.

  2. So happy to see this update, which I am hoping will fix my Facebook problems as I haven’t been able to play the game on my iPad for several weeks (only on my iPhone!). I really enjoy the new quests and it keeps the interest in the game so thank you Zynga!!!

    • And for a follow-up, yes, it works and yes I can finally use Castleville on my iPad again!!! Many thanks Zynga!!!

      • Furthermore, I finally have all my friends listed so that I can now send all of them quick spells. Hurray!!!

  3. it’s lovely to see new quests but since I’ve been completely at a standstill for a very long time with maxed out bank and storage, I’ve no capacity to engage in the new quests. many many of us need new lands to explore in order to free up room in bank to sell our stores. if you can’t open new lands NOW, then you should raise the limit of gold coins someone can collect so that all of us can play this new quest. raising the limit for coins to six or 8 million would make it much more accessible to all of us to be able to play.

    • I agree. Has been a few boring months. The purse should not max out at 4mil. Things are just going to get more expensive, if the game is ever expanded. Actually stopped playing unless my sister needed something to fulfill a quest. This new one is nice, but it ends soon. I received a message on my Kindle a few minutes ago that new areas were ready to explore. When I opened the game, nothing changed. Where are Hazel and the other two?

    • U can just throw stuff away that is in your inventory….u can buy expensive stuff on sea trading and sell it for less to rid yourself of some of your coins and continue to play the game…I am out of land and stuff to buy too but you dont have to stop playing you just have to be creative about how u play…just a thought … hope it inspires you :)

      • thanks for the suggestions…. buying expensive items and kind of hoarding only those expensive ones worked had worked for a while and allowed me to play more. I guess I am just loathe to throw away (even selling is like throwing it away since No more coins get added to my bank) lots of items that are worth 11000 and 14000 coins in order to make room to build items that will earn me ultimately 8000 toward getting a hero I can’t really play with anyway.
        problem would be solved if zynga would just consider raising the limit on coins in bank. makes sense not only because of how long it’s been since new lands were opened to us, but because the game has been around so long now, and there are so many players who’ve hit the double whammy of reaching that 4 million limit long ago and by playing creatively as you suggest, have already filled their storeroom with very expensive items only, that this is just ridiculously low limit to have.
        Another solution would be to have a choice to buy buildings and resources that are useful -not just decorative -for coins instead of crowns.
        I guess I might get to get to the point where I want to throw away you know 100 lemon Popsicles and dozens of opal necklaces and northbound potions (and the locks and hinges that I’m trying to save enough of ) to free up slots in my storage. But I doubt it. i’m a busy girl…. I have enough to do. I’ll just not play until they give me something to play for.
        I petition for a new 7 million cap on coins. please ?

    • I think they should just not have a limit at all on the amount of coins you can have on the bank. I also have no more space on my inventory a full bank and am at the max level. I do like these little side quests but I need the cap to be removed so I can enjoy playing again.

  4. So far, the new character is quite fun and should bring some extra fun during the course of the 21 days :) Hopefully, everyone will be able to complete all the quests!!

  5. Sympa, mais je vais avoir besoin de pas mal de place en plus, je le sens. Corcernant les carottes, elles restent finallement ?

  6. Interesting update, but for lower level players with limited funds and abilities, shouldn’t we be able to play the berries like we could on carrots? Or at least be able to get them from more areas with more heroes?

    • The berry place of legend is only 3 min long. Then it switches to frog oil which is at a 30 min place of legend. Still not too bad for lower level players. You’re going to need the tailor.

  7. I’m glad for the new things to do in the game but I wish the old bugs were fixed. It hasn’t worked correctly on my iPad in a long time. It crashes all the time. I buy things in the market, the game takes my money, and then crashes. The item never appears in my inventory. I was able to get my 20 crowns going in through Facebook on my laptop but when I go in through the iPad they are not there. Scorch also does not appear on my iPad. The Heros bring back extra items from certain portals when you play on a kindle/android device. They do not do this on the iPad. I love the game but this is all very frustrating.

  8. I’m very happy to finally have something to do in Legends. I’ve about given up trying to get any golden locks to increase my storage, so it’s gotten too difficult to make things for Liang. Thanks for not forgetting about us.

  9. Love this game. I play on my PC. I do have a KINDLE FIRE but for some reason I haven’t been able o download it. I keep getting an error sign-any suggestions.

    I am enjoying the new adventures released today.

  10. I really like the game and the new quest. I do wish the Liang quest times were more reasonable. For example, Liang was buying 2 Jade clover necklaces. Even if you start them as soon as you can, the 3 hours before Liang returns and the 15 hours he is there for the sales, you can’t make 2 jade clover necklaces in 18 hours. Each one requires 13 hours. Please help us with these as I really want to collect the pearls and complete the quests to add creatures.

    • I buy jade clover necklaces to hold onto. Liang asks for them quite a bit. It’s really 16 hrs with 4 hrs preview. Then ask your alliance for one or find one in market during the 16 hrs.

  11. Thank you, love to have extra quest they are always a lot of fun. But can you please make liangs timers actually work right. So his timer does not start till you actually click on him PLEASE.

  12. Looking forward to the new quests, but I can’t find Wavedancer on the special heroes tab. When I look at the list of all heroes Wavedancer shows up (locked), but the only heroes available on my special heroes list in the store are the two unicorns (I have all the other characters). When will I be able to buy Wavedancer?

  13. Although it is nice to have these limited time quests, I am wanting other areas and heroes to become available! Is there any timescale that we can look forward to?

  14. GROS BUG depuis le VENDREDI 30 Mai 2014 je commence à saturer …!
    Via mon iPhone, Tablette Samsung & ordinateur de maison…
    J’ai laisser plus de 5 messages sur site Zynga et à ce jour je N’ai Toujours Aucune Réponse de Leur part C’EST décevant & incorrect…
    Car, j’ai vu leur site “Perte de progression dans Castleville Legends”
    Mais, cela ne correspond pas du tout à mon Bug, alors que FAIRE ?

    Mon jeu tourne en ROND et je ne peux rien faire à pars =>
    Vendre à mon alliance TOUS ce qui ce trouve dans mon Coffre en Illimité, vu que mon jeu tourne en BOUCLE rien ne part de mon coffre.
    Maïs, moi je préférerais Avancer Dans Le JEU DEPUIS 7 jours Maintenant CELA FAIT beaucoup.
    je trouve…
    J’aurais penser qu’avec CETTE nouvelle MAJ tous aller ce remettre: & bien NON c’est toujours PAREIL MON BUG EST TOUJOURS PRÉSENT !!!
    & surtout, toujours pas de réponse de Zynga, alors j’espère peux être avoir une réponse ICI !!!

  15. Thanks for a new quest. It is always the best times. :-) and we get even more fun in our alliances. Great I am alreadynhalfway though part 2.

  16. Ero arrivata al 26º livello ma giocando mi si è scaricato il telefono e quando sono rientrata nel gioco mi è ripartito dal 1º livello riuscite a ridarmi il mio 26º livello? Altrimenti per la delusione non ci gioco più.

  17. Excited to have new missions! Love the game so much!! If Liang doesn’t ask for orders which need one day to make one, it would be perfect!

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