Special Weekend Event!

CastleVille Legends - Quick Spells



The Special Weekend Event is here! For a limited time, Quick Spells are 2X as powerful, which means they shorten resource-gathering time by 120 minutes! The Event ends on June 2 at 10 AM PDT, so be sure to send your friends a Quick Spell and maybe they’ll return the favor!

If you would like a tutorial on Quick Spells, please view the official guide: Quick Spells



We hope you enjoy the Special Weekend Event! Share your thoughts and comments below and be automatically entered to win 40 Crowns! 





ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends


72 thoughts on “Special Weekend Event!

  1. Even though I have fb friends that play and an alliance of 50 where at least half play, I can only send to four people- 2 alliance members and 2 fb friends. They can send to me but I can’t send to them. They aren’t even on my list to send to. But I know they playing and sending to me. Quick spells need to be looked at.

      • No I don’t have any other players listed besides the four. I can successfully send to the four. I’ve tried sending one by one and two at a time. No others appear.

      • Support says this is one of the known issues with quick spells and they are working on it. Crazy thing is they know it is a known and still put this special event for this weekend. Would be better to store 50 quick spells.

      • Depuis vendredi 30 Mai 2014
        Mon jeu tourne toujours en rond je commence à saturer là !!!…
        Je ne peux absolument rien faire mon jeu ne s’enregistre pas et je ne peux avancer!!!…
        Un seul point Positif: j’ai TOUS mon Coffre en Illimité donc je peux aider mon alliance avec tous mes objets que je possède. Mais, moi je préférerais avancer dans le JEU car depuis 6 jours maintenant cela fait beaucoup.
        Surtout, que j’ai laisser 5 messages sur leur Site & qu’à ce jour je n’ai toujours aucune réponse de leur part (du site Zynga) C’EST DÉCEVANT…



      • As you level up land costs more. Wait until you get higher and have to spen 270 000 on a square. It’s part of playing the game.

      • NO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. I Know as you level up, price of land goes up. But it is not what I Meant.
        Before I get to level 30. I get to hover around the piece of land that is not yet open up. And it shows there, LAND OPEN AT LEVEL 30 for the price of 144,000. And I still have one piece of land from level 39 that cost like 128.000.
        AND today suddenly just before I reach level 30, the price that was before 144,000 turns to 192,000. And that remaining piece of land that cost 128,000 becomes 168,000 (something like that).

    • Now its back to NORMAL AGAIN the price. I guess a support must have read this and fix it right away. THANK YOU FOR THAT. Although I have already purchase two piece of the land when the price was overpriced. That is 100,000++ coins down the drain. *facepalm* OH WELL….

  3. Me gusta que metan novedades en el juego. Invito a todos los jugadores a que se unan a una alianza y hagan uso del chat. Es estupendo ayudar y que te ayuden a conseguir las misiones. Además con los hechizos se adelanta mucho en el juego. Que todos inviten a sus amigos del facebook a jugar Castleville Legends, asi se reciben mas hechizos. Y con la última actualización esta funcionando muy bien. Gracias a los de Zinga por mejorar cada día

  4. Hola, ya no se como hacer para que me contesten mi carta del 27/05, por favor necesito una contestacion al respecto. Necesito saber porque me faltan cosas de mi almacen y no cualquier cosa, sino que son 7 candados de oro, me faltaron el 27 y el 29 cuatro elixires de destello purpura, esto es lo que menos me interesa, aunque tengo claro que no debe faltar nada de mi almacen. Asi que Sres. Administradores de este juego, les pido por favor que me devuelvan mis candados. gracias. Espero su contestacion o mis candados en mi almacen. A continuacion paso mis datos. ALIANZA: REYNAS DE ARGENTINA LEMA. AYUDA PARA QUE TE AYUDEN. ANA MARIA LUCERO D.N.I. 10319369 RIO CUARTO- CÓRDOBA- ARGENTINA IDIOMA: ESPAÑOL

  5. I would just like to get my quick spells, opened Facebook this morning,notification, castleville requests, went into game via Facebook to get quick spells 21 to collect, pushed receive and thank, guess what game crashed nothing new I suppose, game reloaded, no spells there only what I previously had (9) another quick spell went to receive this and game crashed again. It’s great to have this weekend special if only you could get what they say is going to happen no double either.
    Been playing since January this year and nothing but crashing I really don’t know why I’m still playing, my alliance leader can’t even get into her game anymore and zynga don’t answer her emails either.

    Come on zynga your happy to take our money but you can’t fix the game so it runs smoothly what the …………

  6. Zynga team, you have so many issues with this game, most important is losing players who have finished all open areas and are losing interest in playing. This quick spell bonus is nice but long term many of us are losing interest with all of the glitches and lack of new quests, areas and items to conquer. Please give us new stuff soon!

  7. This special would have been nice, but suddenly this evening my Quick Spell Icon and all my Quick Spells disappeared. If I click on a growing crop my only option is to use crowns.

  8. Am looking forward to having the new areas opened up. I’m at level 51 and if I weren’t playing fairy godmother to my alliance I’d be completely bored. By the way it would be great if we could trade pearls.

    Fabulous animations and art. Wish I could plant trees that would wave in the wind like the original ones did, even though these would not be able to be cut down like the originals. I like having the wind waft through woods and would like more of them.

  9. I love this game. And I totally agree with Caryns comment from 30 th of May.
    I wish I could trade or give away pearls and other stuff to alliance friends.
    I also wish I could plant trees, green, pink, purple …… I would like to make my areas beautifull

  10. No doubt a useful special feature to this weekends game play, however, only good to higher level players, since I myself at level 30 have only few places that a speed up by 120 minutes will be useful… How about considering making speed up of Places of Legend possible? :)
    There 120 minutes would be very useful!!! :D
    Otherwise I’m a totally addicted player! Looooove this game! Keep it up!
    (and please fix the app, since playing on Ipad means it shots down constantly……)

  11. Maybe I am a little daffy right now, but I am not understanding what is so special about this weekends quick spells. The discription says 2x as fast going from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. How is that faster? Quick spells work instantly. I am SO confused.

      • Some of those items require crowns instead of quick spells. I have not noticed any difference in using the quick spells and really haven’t see the 2x faster time at all.

    • You would notice more on items like lemons. It should be 120 min less than the original production time. Quick spells are useless to me. Nice idea but maybe if there wasn’t issues sending and receiving it would work. If quick spells worked on workshops too that would be great.

  12. Shame I still can’t log in and get to level 37 as it still only opens up at level 1 !! No response from help centre to my email/comment left a week ago ??

    • I would email again or update the ticket. They changed the support site a bit and might of thought your issue resolved itself with the updates.

  13. I woke this morning to find none of my activities from yesterday was saved. I had several items ready for Liangs orders and they were gone this morning. So disappointed I had to start over. What is going on? Please help I usually finish the orders but I was almost finished filling all the orders and they were gone.

    • Ursula, you probably have a friend who has an issue with their account. Once you can find that friend and uncheck them, you will be able to send. As a hint, look for any names that are very similar; i.e., same last names. Good luck. It too me awhile to figure out the glitch in my list.

  14. It took a while, and quite a bit of discussion with my alliance, to figure out how 2x worked since there was no way instantaneously could be doubled. We tossed ideas back and forth until I figured it out. Unfortunately, it’s basically useless since it is only good on maybe 2 or 3 items. We were thinking it would have been much better if, when using a quick spell, the item doubled, i.e., if we used spells on lemons, we would get 6 instead of 3.

  15. Love the game! but I agree about prices on everything, way too high. I’m on a fixed income, can’t afford to buy stuff. I have to earn it, the price prohibits me from doing things or adding things. The amount needed for the glurb and liang are crazy. I have no way to keep growing storage and no way to get some of the things I need to make more money to buy more stuff.

  16. Not a lot of things I have that need sped up are over an hour. It would be nice if we could use quick spells to speed up crafting instead of crowns. Like I have a building not even built yet that’ll take 16 hours to finish, (or 13 crowns). Liang will be back in 4 hours, expecting me to be able to give him things from that building. So even if I get it built in time, that’s 4 hours to try to give him something out of it, and no way to even use these quick spells to craft anything.

  17. Liang’s quest becomes ridiculous recently. E.g. 240 apples, 80 per sell. I have to clear my storage to create space for 80 apples…

    • Somehow I can send to just 2 alliance members. Not sure if that’s a bug or if you are supposed to send to all fb friends (that play the game) and all alliance members. I contacted support and all they said was that was a first for them and did nothing. I asked again and received no response. If ArticF0xx could clear that up….

  18. Unable to enjoy the event due to these loading & crashing issues returning. Same issues in FV2-Country Escape.
    Can barely do a darn thing with these games, this is so annoying! How is it the game runs like a champ for a few days, and then these issues just keep coming back?
    You run these special events, but many players can not enjoy them, which is kind of not fair, especially when we spend money on crowns (because we did not get the freebie), but can not use them because, again, loading/crashing issues.

  19. cela aurait pu être cool des sort rapides améliorés mais encore faut-il pouvoir jouer. Cela fait trois jours que je suis bloqué ma progression ne s’enregistre plus. donc depuis trois jours je n’est pas bougé rien quand je revient c’est toujours la même chose.

    • Martine vous joué sur quoi? si c’est tablette ou iPhone par ex il faut fermer l’application complétement et ça repart ensuite ça me le fait régulièrement, je joue sur iPad…

  20. I used to really like this game but now I don’t even like playing anymore , I mean how about some realistic orders from LLiang really 8 enchanted carrot juice that take 6 hours each to make and only 15 hours to complete the orders come on guys . Please make the game at least fun again

  21. I wish I had friends playing the game too, but unfortunately even though I have sent many requests to join me to my friends, no one has. So I only get spells when the computer sends me one, which is only one or two a week, and since I don’t have anyone to send them to, I can’t get any extra for sending gifts/spells either :-( ….any suggestions? Jules :-)

    • On the Facebook page for cvl, they have ppl asking all the time to add them. You can click their fb page and select to add them as friends. There are also Facebook groups to discuss the game and add friends.

  22. ATTENTION,!!! j’aime beaucoup ce jeu mais il est très cher, TROP même, toujours plus cher les terres + les perles+ les couronnes + les lieux mythiques + Glurb qui me demande 64 laits et myrtilles c’est déjà impossible et Liang pareil il faut dépenser en couronnes pour acheter plus de réserve royale… je vais pas pouvoir jouer longtemps malheureusement. Problème de temps: minutes / heures on ne sait pas vraiment?? un objet censé se fabriquer en 3 min en fait c’est 3 heures et aussi c’est noté que ça se termine dans 3 min et c’est faux. Dommage car très joli!!
    Traduction REVERSO:
    ATTENTION!!! I like very much this game(set,play) but he is very dear(expensive), always too same, dearer(too even, dearer,too same, more expensive) lands + pearls + crowns + the mythical places + Glurb who asks me for 64 milk and for blueberries it is already impossible and similar Liang it is necessary to spend in crowns to buy more royal reserve I am going not to be able to play for a long time unfortunately. Problem of time(weather): minutes / hours we do not really know?? A supposed object to make in 3 min in fact it is 3 am and also it is noted that that ends in 3 min and it is false. It’s a pity because very attractive!!

  23. Bonjour hier j’avais une trentaine de couronnes et ce matin je me retrouve avec 7 j’aimerais bien récupérer mes couronnes merci

  24. If I could play I was getting on once a day for 30 minutes now not at all keeps kicking me out and it keeps saying its up dating nothing I do works uninstall reinstall clear still does it.

  25. Yea! Another wonderful gift from Zynga. As I daily player at level 54 and alliance leader of Cerridwen’s Tir Na Nòg I wish to say thank you to all members of the Zynga team. I recently had a game issue and support was helpful and corrected the issue quickly. Considering the size and number of players in Castleville I am very appreciative of their response. I’ve made great friends while having great fun and look forward to everything yet to come. The quick spells have been an amazing help in game and a perfect way to share with friends. So again I say my humblest thanks to all the selfless hard work by Zynga your the best!


    Ryuu leader of Cerridwen’s Tir Na Nòg and all its alliance members.

  26. When I send quick spells only my friend Rebecca ( face book friend) gets a quick spell no one else in my alliance gets any shes the only person I get then from too I’m just going to give up on this game

  27. I would love this game even more, if only they would fix everything that’s wrong with this game
    I get msg’s everyday from FB about friends sending requests (QS’s) & it’s takes over a week just to get them. What happened to every 12 hours?
    Everytime I’m in the chat, I get kicked out of the game totally
    Whenever I buy an item, the game closes, I lose my coins & the item
    I have 3 FB friends that installed & now playing this game but I never saw the 10 crowns from each friend that installed the game & still playing
    I’ll be so very happy once a bug is fixed, another 1 not there to take its place
    Wish the amount of locks were lower to upgrade your storage. 22 locks, 34 hinges, 5 of ea iron ore & stone. Just for a space of 10??
    Really? Come on guys, give your players what they need to continue playing & be happy. I’m not upgrading anymore. My storage is 400.
    I do not even feed the troll anymore, he’s just plain silly for the amount of items & xp’s he offers. I can buy from sea trade & send my heroes on quests to get the items. He needs to offer something players can really use. Like locks & crowns. More ex’s other than 150, 200 or 250.
    Are these wishes too much to ask for?
    Pls, do something to please your players
    Thx a million

    • if the troll did offer something other than what we can make or sea trade for then i would sure feed him more often =) really likes your idea of locks, crowns and bonus incentives of XP’s =)

  28. I have only been playing for a short time by but I’m hooked I cannot leave it alone, but I have it on my iphone during the day but then I swap and play it on my tablet but it doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with me, I can bye crowns on my phone then when I change to my tablet they don’t swap to the tablet and I have bought more when I’m on the tablet but the crowns have not been transferring please can you help me as I really do love playing the game its the only thing keeping out of a really deep depression yours sincerely a very desperate daffy

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