Commenter of the Week Winner – 5/26/14

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Hail, Adventurers!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Commenter of the Week event! This week’s winner is Vicky, for being a helpful Adventurer! Congratulations, and thanks for commenting on our blog!

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17 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week Winner – 5/26/14

  1. When will we be able to sell pearls? When will we be able to take back stuff that doesn’t sell? AND when will ships come straight back once sold instead of waiting the full 2 hours?
    Over to you!

  2. I think it would be helpful if the market places gave a better selection of things to sell. I am on level 47 and I am capable of producing a wide variety of items to sell to earn higher amounts of coins. However, each market place keeps giving me the same things time and time again. I x them out, wait 10 minutes and the same choices come back. The crystal caravan is the worst one. There is usually only 2 things to craft and the other 4 are always resources like saffron or foxfire. Always! It doesn’t matter how many times I try to change it, there are only 2 choices of finished products. The other markets are not as bad as that one but there is a very high probability of repitition. I like making a variety of products so it would be great it there was a way to fix that.

    • Usually if it is repetitious I would contact support. I had liang ask for the exact item 20 times. Support didn’t believe me until I sent a picture. I also didn’t have to submit the items but just have them and liang gave free white pearls. I had to stop though to get black and gold pearls.

  3. Eu não falo inglês. Acho muito injusto eu jogar no Brasil e não poder participar e tb ganhar coroas como os outros.

  4. I find the progress made in the game very slow. I finish quests ahead of the capabilities of the coins I can make to expand. I realize the idea is to get me to buy coins etc., but I am not in a position to do so. I am getting bored with going over the same old making and selling items but making infinitesimal headway.

  5. In order to maximize my revenues in the market I did a quick study of the materials needed to visit the Places of Legend. I discovered that tents are needed in five of the 14 locations, and feedback from alliance members confirmed that high demand existed for this item which is considered tedious to make. I set up my “tent factory” with three sets of sheep, three wood piles and two weavers. I produce at least two dozen tents (and often more) each day and sell them in sets of four for the maximum profit. I never fail to sell out within minutes! More recently I added dragonwing torches to my boats for some variety, as they help meet popular demand for visits to the Swamp Totem and Fairy Falls. My alliance members now count on me to meet these needs and I’ve earned lots of gold coins as a result!

    • WTG. I’m level 32 and am working on max my profits. I have a large number of pearls but no way to find out which ones I still need to get, Rill. One dragon holding up potentials profits.

      • If you click on your wheelbarrow then you will see on the left that your pearls have “expanded” and you can see how many of which color you have :)

  6. hy! i love this game but only thing that i wish to be changed is about chinesse and his request like 3 jade clover necklace in 15 hour , and just one jade clover necklace is maked in 12 hour, so is impossibile !!! so please make it fear and onest

  7. Do not have Liang want to buy items that it would be impossible to contruct the full requested amount of in the 16 hour time period. Makes you just set the whole challenge aside and do other things.

    • There is an up side, you get to sell parts of the order as you make them and still earn the coins and stars for those individual parts of the order. Also when the balloon flies away click on Liang anyway. It gives you a preview of the items he will need and you can start to gather supplies. Then don’t open the new adventure until you have the hardest things to make or find.

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