Add Me: Alliances – May 30


Do you need more friends in your Alliance? Are you looking to join an active Alliance? Let everyone know your Alliance name & Motto below!

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  • When posting, please be sure to include your Alliance name and Motto.
  • We encourage you to let others know if your Alliance speaks a non-English language.
  • To search for Alliances, click the Royal Embassy building, and the tab to Browse Alliances.  Click Search and enter the Alliance name and or Motto.

You can only be in 1 Alliance at a time, but you can leave your Alliance to join another if you choose to.

We hope everyone finds lots of new friends and has strong Alliances!

70 thoughts on “Add Me: Alliances – May 30

  1. Buenas tardes, no habiendo recibido contestacion al respecto a mi e-mail. de fecha 27 de mayo, en el cual le comunicaba que al abrir mi almacen, encontre que me faltaban 7 candados de oro, y ayer vuelvo a abrir y me falta elixiris de destello purpura, quiero saber porque me faltan cosas de mi almacen, Solo eso estoy pidiendo que me informen porque desaparecen cosas de mi almacen y si me los van a devolver. Tanto a mi como a varias de mis compañeras de mi alianza les ha sucedido lo mismo. Nuestro lema de la alianza es Ayuda para que te ayueden. Espero su contestacion. gracias.

  2. Please join this alliance if you speak English and are on UK time. I’m level 51 and need more people nearer to this level. There are some lovely people here just not enough at the moment, so come on and join us!
    Alliance name – Friends forever
    Motto – helpful active UK players

      • I’m sorry Lily but they won’t let you stay, Cheryl was complaining about you earlier so it won’t be long before she kicks you out. I have no idea what her problem is. I was helping supply everyone before I had my lunch then when I went back I’d been kicked out, no reason and all unfriended me on FB. Go figure!

      • Hi Lilly we have an alliance called megarich, motto we help each other, we are levels 12-40 you are welcome to join us. We do have people on time zones but we seem to catch up with each other in the morning and evenings

  3. Mine won’t let me join the,alliance or let my ship set sail it comes up with error message 10 is what it reads

  4. Hi, please feel free to join us – Phoenix from the Ashes “bigger, better and stronger than before”. There are currently 35 of us from around the world, for example, U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, Greece and Germany. We are very active in terms of helping each other with knights and every other item possible (if it goes on a ship then we will buy and sell it). We have people from levels 10 to 56 so lots of help on whatever level you are at. Despite being such an active group we can still have quiet times so it would be nice to have a few more people join us.

  5. looking for new members for my alliance it is Castleville Pirates II moto Yo-ho-ho plenty of room just started last month looking for people who like to have fun playing the game and hleping others out.

  6. Wij zijn op zoek naar gezellige Nederlandse spelers die het leuk vinden om elkaar naar een hoger level te tillen.
    Actieve spelers zijn dus meer dan welkom en helemaal als je in een wat hoger level bent.
    Onze alliance heet : Oranje Strijders
    motto : Actieve spelers Welkom!!

  7. Das Spiel ist echt genial!!!
    Meine Tochter und ich spielen fast täglich und wir hoffen, dass es noch lange neue Welten und Herrausforderungen gib!

  8. ola..

    gostaria de saber quando vai ser liberado o resto do jogo do castleville legends? pois falta resgatar a hazel e mais 2 herois.

    entao aguardo sua resposta

  9. Wir suchen noch Mitglieder für unser Bündnis. Name: Dark Knights of Fairy – Motto: Einer für alle und alles für mich ;)
    Dies ist ein deutschsprachiges Bündnis. Wir würden uns über euren Beitritt freuen.

  10. Please add me and join my alliance. Liang’s Bane Motto: Never roll over, never say die.
    In the Colorado in the US. We play daily and assist other players in the alliance.

    • Add me please. My building doesn’t have the alliance button for some reason. Anyhow, I’m from Sydney, play daily and am L19. Thanks!

  11. Gostaria de receber essas publicações no Face em português pois não falo inglês e acabo não podendo participar das promoções para ganhar coroas. Injusto isso.

  12. New alliance FREEDONIA for people who play for fun and relaxation. No drama. No cussing. English speaking level 20 and up. Can help others or not . Play the game like you want. Plenty of room I am nearly level 44 and looking for people who just want to have fun.


    • If you are active player, please search for “Friends forever Nika and Lyly”. Everyone in the room are helpful and friendly.

    • I would like to be a member of a new alliance where I can help people along their journey in this game.

      By the way, I’m an active and daily player

    • Come join CastleVille Collaborators! Our motto is “Helping others to complete quests”…it’s not just about the knights; we help each other with crafting and gathering materials for Liang’s demanding orders, and feeding our favorite grumpy old troll, Glurb. If you’re running out of space for your inventory, we can hold items for you temporarily and trade them back when you’re ready for them. Helps to have a little breathing room when trying to craft for orders at the same time as feed Glurb. It’s a small family…come help us grow, invite your friends!

      Se habla español también :)

  14. Search for “Friends forever Nika and Lyly” if you like to join an active alliance. We are looking for active members only. Everyone is from all over the world and speaks English in the room.

  15. Our Alliance is called Canadian Ice Castle and the motto is: “Live long and prosper”. We have 40 members the highest level is 57. Members are quick to send knights and help each other. English is the primary language. Join us if you want to belong to a good Alliance!

  16. hi

    we are a bew alliance and need some people too play
    we only play for fun and help each other
    our alliance name is allgäu beautys and more
    we dont have a lvl request

  17. castle kingdoms is looking for players anybody who likes to play can join its a fun game and i would like you to join thankyou.

  18. Hola! Empese mi propia alianza y todos son mas q bienvenidos el nombre es PATRON y el dicho es …estamos para ayudar…espero y pronto cresca y con tu ayuda se puede lograr yo juego todo los dias asi q t estare esperando para ayudarte con lo q ocupes .Adios

  19. I just started a new alliance and was wondering if anyone would like to join? Look for “Knights of the Red Hawk” Motto: Rising to new heights.

  20. I would like to join an alliance. I started my own but no-one wants to join. I am an active and daily level 51 player.

    • I just want to be more involved in this adventure by helping out others, as I’ve helped myself for so long. Also I want to be able to send out quick spells too.

      • Hi Mark, you can join us: A world of friends 2
        We are friendly and helpfull alliance with players from, the USA and Europe. It’s a closed alliance but we will let you in. Please contact me at Facebook: Jaq Castleville

  21. I have lots of space in my little Alliance. The Dragon Affairs. We are ‘Tasty with Ketchup.’
    A reference to that ancient bit of wisdom, ‘Never meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy & go well with ketchup!’ Well, we aim to meddle!
    We play for fun and we’re willing to help out our fellows!

  22. Hello, I am currently looking for a friendly Alliance that will also allow being friends with one another, to help with more quick spells. My husband and his father and myself are wanting a great friendly alliance that loves to help and be nice to its members. Please private message me if you have the guild were looking for! My name on facebook is Cassandra Wing thanks everyone!

    • Good Morning Cassandra, I tried to look you up on Facebook but found several Cassie Wing’s. I’m just the alliance you are looking for. Life is too short and too full of real life adventures so I would appreciate laid back members such as yourself. I am “Knights of the Red Hawk” It’s an open alliance

  23. Our alliance is Dawn guarded and we are REALLY in need of alliance members. We have plenty of space for you and play several times a day. We are level 36 and 45. The motto is “Winter is coming”. Don’t ask me why. Lol JOIN TODAY!!

  24. Come join our alliance. We are recruiting members who are active and like to chat. We have members in every time zone.

    Alliance name: Advarks United
    Motto: Small but perfectly formed

  25. Come join our alliance. We are an English speaking alliance from the US. But all are welcome. We love active members, chatting optional. It’s ok if you do, ok if you don’t. We are just here to have fun and to help each other out.

    Alliance name: The Bold Ones
    Motto: In it for fun

  26. shellyscreationsIANCE we are looking for more fun people to add to our alliance. We are all very helpful to all of our players. We have a good time and have made lasting friendships!!! Come and join us!!!

  27. Come and join us we are needing more players in our alliance. We are a very fun group and we help each other out all the time.

    Alliance: KILT LIFTERS

    We love to have a good time!!!

    Come and join us today!

  28. Please join our budding alliance!
    “Castle Crafting”
    Moto: Crafting castles & forging new friendships
    Our flag is purple with an orange stripe

    We are all daily players, who like to help.

    Please join us!

  29. We just started a new alliance. We help each other achieve goals. No stress just fun. Everyone welcome from new players to seasoned veterans, we all help each other have fun and grow.

    Name-Playing for fun 2121
    Motto-Here for fun, not stress. Help trade to level up

  30. Still looking for members anyone can join highest level 52 if anyone needs help just ask and we can make it happen !!!! Alliance name is onyxdragon

  31. Why can’t I join alliance it’s not letting me join any keeping saying errors 10? n it won’t let me sail my ship either

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