Add Me: Alliances – May 23


Do you need more friends in your Alliance? Are you looking to join an active Alliance? Let everyone know your Alliance name & Motto below!

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  • When posting, please be sure to include your Alliance name and Motto.
  • We encourage you to let others know if your Alliance speaks a non-English language.
  • To search for Alliances, click the Royal Embassy building, and the tab to Browse Alliances.  Click Search and enter the Alliance name and or Motto.

You can only be in 1 Alliance at a time, but you can leave your Alliance to join another if you choose to.

We hope everyone finds lots of new friends and has strong Alliances!

63 thoughts on “Add Me: Alliances – May 23

  1. Our Alliance is Called “Farmers United”. We are a relatively new alliance and looking for members. Would love to have to check us out!

  2. Im am looking for some of the good friends I had in an alliance that left the camelot group. Sherri j, stephanie u, el k, please I had lots of fun with these people and would like to stay loyal to them.

  3. Alliance? Newer “Your first alliance is here. Join” It’s open to anyone from lvl 10. I play almost every day, and I try to help, always I can. We’re just 3, but waiting for new members.If you do not have any alliance, just join mine. You’ll be more than welcome!

  4. Rain in Jannes Kingdom is the alliance “Come join us in the game” is the motto, 14 people from all over the world play.

  5. Les recomiendo a todos los jugadores de Castleville Legends se unan a una alianza. La mia se llama Eterna, es en español y somos un grupo muy unido. Hasta nos hicimos muy amigos en Facebook con algunas brasileiras.

  6. Check out Castleville’s Cracked Crusaders; our motto is “Play Hard and Have Fun”. We are daily (some of us are constant!) players, and encourage members to help each other whenever possible. Members’ levels range from 14 to 60, so everyone can help someone. Happy playing!

  7. Hi lovely people, my friends & I gave just started an alliance. We are looking for regular players, who love the game.
    Give our alliance a go.
    Freedom independence 2

    • Hi Tanisha. Check out Castleville’s Cracked Crusaders. We are daily players, some play constantly! We love to help and have members from level 14 to 60. Motto is “Play Hard and Have Fun”. Hope to see you soon!

  8. I’ve started a family friendly alliance and encourage all to join! Our name is Nocturnal_Night and our mottoo is “Players of the night, joining together!”

  9. We are a small alliance that wants to grow. We like helping each other. We are English speaking. We play everyday. Our alliance is called Great Ladies and Good Knights. Come join our alliance and have fun and share.

  10. Hi we are looking for New active friends to join us from the UK only please, we are friendly and love to help and have fun :-) our alliance is called friends forever and the motto Helpful active UK players :-) please come and join us :-)

  11. I haven’t been able to get into Castleville for about a month.Every time It tells me to download unity player and it never succeeds.Any suggestions?

    Sent from Windows Mail

  12. ich komme nicht ins spiel also brauch ich das nicht danke

    —–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—– Von: “CastleVille Legends” Gesendet 23.05.2014 20:07:09 An: Betreff: [New post] Add Me: Alliances – May 23

    castlevillelegends posted: ” Do you need more friends in your Alliance? Are you looking to join an active Alliance? Let everyone know your Alliance name & Motto below! Commenting Rules: Any comment in violation of the Terms of Service will be removed. A link to the Ter”

  13. Newbs Helping Newbs
    is seeking new members!
    Just had a split, so looking for players willing to rebuild and become meaningful contributors. Long-standing alliance once 50/50members, now 35/50.
    We are dedicated to helping all levels.
    No question or request is silly.
    Looking to get a alliance FB-page up and running soon.
    Lurkers ‘okay’ but hopefully you will break out of your shell =)

    Click my name above to message me on FB!

    Our flag is yellow & red, btw…

  14. Join our alliance! We are daily players that love to help one another out. Our alliance name is RotuLos Omega and our motto is Game of Crowns

  15. I’m in an alliance with some great players but my problem is only a few are regulars. My biggest problem though is these regulars are also based the othe side of the world so aren’t on at the same time as me very often.
    So I am looking for a uk based alliance where everyone is about at the same(ish) time. Any out there?

  16. Our Alliance is Castleville Legends Legacy, looking for new members to join. we help out one another where we can and our members are high level to suppoprt

  17. Hi Players,

    We are from Singapore(SG), looking for new members to join! It doesn’t mean that if you are not from Sg,you can’t join us, WE WILL WELCOME YOU FOR SURE!

    Our Alliance is ACTIVE-TOGETHER
    -We are nice and friendly people.
    MOTTO: `One 4 all, all 4 one. Help when able, socialise with each other.

    -JOIN US IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF OUR TEAM! We have created a group at Facebook,Join us and we will let you know more~

  18. Looking for an active alliance with experienced members. My last alliance was not very helpful and had to wind up leaving. I am currently level 43 and am on a daily basis.

    • Hi Laurie, we are Castleville’s Cracked Crusaders and are all daily players with a range of levels up to 60. We love to help and encourage our members to be active in chat. Please check us out, would love to help you reach your goals!

  19. Alliance Name: CV Addicts
    Motto: “Sense of Humor and Willingness to Help Others Required”

    We are a small group of great people who enjoy having fun, laughing, and helping eachother to progress through the game. I would prefer you to be level 25 or higher when you apply, but we will consider everyone.

    Please send me a quick message when you send me a friend request ( to let me know you are from Castleville Legends, and I will send you an invite, or you can search for CV Addicts within your Alliance building.

    Hope to be playing with you soon!!

  20. Join my alliance..Its new and looking for daily players who will help and trade with others. If your rude to other players you will be booted without notice. We are here to have fun and make friends.

  21. We are looking for daily active players. Search for “Friends forever Nika and Lyly” if you like to join. Everyone in our alliance are from all over the world and speak English in the chat. We have a friendly and helpful members.

  22. My alliance is “Twilight Brigade” our motto is “Let’s find the key!” Reference to the .hack series. Free to join, so join up or leave as you please. No harm no foul ^_^.

  23. Please check out my alliance. Just created and looking for members. It’s *Adrian’s warriors* – motto *we are here to help*

  24. Hi I used to Play Coasterville and I would like to get some members for my Duck Family alliance ,motto ” help for all” there are only two of us at the moment but we play every day and we are English speaking , Looking for old friends and new

  25. hi i’m looking for a new alliance, the one i’m in now never talks and never helps eachother and i’m the 3rd highest level but didn’t get a rank when they added that feature and it’s pretty insulting

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