Instability Issues

CastleVille Legends - Troll Hail Adventurers! We are working to address the instability issues, which some Adventurers are currently experiencing while playing the game. We hope to have a fix in an upcoming update and we appreciate your continued patience and understanding at this time.

If you would like more information about the Known Issues, please click HERE to visit Player Support.


ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

105 thoughts on “Instability Issues

  1. You send out a msg to kindle users that they get rewarded for purchases made in CVLs …I used my credits to buy crowns … purchase successful it claimed. NOW WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CROWNS????? I WANT THEM. AND I WANT THEM NOW!!!!!NO MORE OF YOUR LAME EXCUSES. I’M SO FED UP WITH YOUR CRAP. I WANT MY CROWNS CREDITED TO MY GAME IMMEDIATELY…DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME. My email is my name is Denise Livingston.

    • Crowns are not automatically received in game when bought for KINDLE / AMAZON. I turned in receipts to billing help like they said and they said they will not give me. What?! DO NOT MAKE ANY IN GAME PURCHASES!

  2. Hi just a idea but sense it takes up to much room on the cell phone why dont you make a browser version for cell users so we can just login on the face book. Or at least make it so it fully go on the sd card.

  3. The update finally got me into the game but I still do not get QS, I get msg’s saying a friend sent one but when I go into the game, I see the chest pop up & then disappears. What’s with that? Why even have something like that if you cn’t get it?
    I actually thout the coin limit of $4 million was gonna be raised or unlimited. What was I thinking?
    I still can not understand why pay 21 pad locks for just a space of 10
    What a rip off :(

    • There is a limit on coins? Well that explains that ?? Is anyone out there having this problem? I’ve been stuck at four million coins for the last 5 days!, Also my boat won’t go out and I can’t shop, and I can read chat but not answer, very lonely. I don’t have computer at the moment to get on zynga support. Any ideas id love to hear, already reinstalled several times.
      I got to level 40 with no issues. Then finally caught the ..virus
      Zynga if you’re reading this I’m going through withdrawals I need my CastleVille can you help me? I am a paying customer
      Thanks Andrea
      Version 2.5.258

      • I’ve been at the 4 million limit for months. Give us trees to buy with coins. Decorations. The statues like the queen and king that are bought with crowns should give crowns or padlocks

      • You can get on their blog thur the little nut gear in the upper right hand corner of the game
        I am still at a stand still on everything. I have to buy lemon popcicles to get rid of some coins & throw them away :(
        I was hoping they would raise that & open some land with the new update but, as you can see, it did not happen

      • Still having similar issues. I also cannot connect to chat or send my ship out. Still frustrated this is going on 3 weeks for me. I like this game. I cannot sync the the game with my phone and my nook like I did before either.

  4. Have just updated and NOTHING has changed. STILL can’t connect to FB, STILL loads twice, STILL CRASHES.
    I GIVE UP.

  5. Yes….the update did nothing!!! Crashing…can’t get into game on iPhone or iPad…..If I do get on for a minute, I can’t connect to FB to see my alliance. My alliance wants to take a “field trip” to Zynga Headquarters and see what the tech guys are doing. Is it your main server??? Millions are playing the game and we’ve spent a lot of money buying crowns. NO ONE there can fix the game???!

  6. Thursday May 22, 2014 updated my game and now I do not have Carrot Bread in my bakery and can not complete Liang’s request!!!

  7. Just got my update and I can atleast play without it crashing every two minutes. Unfortunately still unable to connect to Facebook so am still stuck. Need my ship. Well a little progress is better than none. Thanks for the update. Appreciate your working on the problems.

  8. I can’t get all my back I lost all.. I would be apprection back same my level was 34 and I don’t want go start all over again I am so upset that I lost them how I get back?

  9. Even after the update I’m still having problems with my game kicking me out, it is better then it was but still not completely fixed. Also when I log in it has to load twice before it comes on. I use an iPad.

  10. Since the upgrade, my problems have all but disappeared! Had a rough time or two on cat, but that seems resolved, amd crashing every 10 or 15 minutes is so much better than not being able to play at all. We are so close, and this really is the best game online!

  11. My game flickered and shut off, I turned it back on and my game totally erased who do I contact?I’ve been playing this game quite a while…and spent quite a bit of money playing.please help me get my game back.

  12. Please help been stuck at 4,000,000 points for 5 days and cant trade. I absolutely love your game and got all the way to level 40 without having any problems at all… I miss the game and my friends. I can get on and play, I can connect to Facebook quick spells are no problem but I cannot sail my boat and I cannot buy anything on global trading, and I also cannot chat . I was just about $50 upgrading my storage and for crown so I could call my ship back… now I’m almost ready to uninstall I’m so disappointed please help. Also can’t connect to zynga support.. all I have is my android cell right now

  13. I’m stuck in my Troll quest all of a sudden, i click on the troll to activate the quest, then when I exit the quest window, Glurb is back to searching for treasure, what is this?

  14. Didnt receive the 20 crowns buy stuff get kicked out then items not in storage. And heros dont function right like some people receive lemons from blue belle I dont. And used to get dragon wing torches from clover not no more. :'( please fix and make it fair to all players.

  15. I’m having same problem as Rachel; game keeps saying I’m offline, ship won’t sail, sea trading offers won’t load, and nothing I type in chat shows up. Was working about 30 minutes ago, though

  16. Ok I have a level 21 account and GLURB has asked for 19 Blueberries and 7 Cheese for 4 x Midas Gloves.
    Take a look at the logic:
    19 Blueberries sell in x10 for 1,102 (STD) / 1,387 (MAX)
    7 Cheese sell for 2,380 (STD) / 2,618 (MAX)
    Total Sales value 4,005
    4 x Midas Gloves can be bought for 4 x 300 = 1,200
    This highlights the root problem, there is no logic to the reward system from GLURB and it needs looking at. I’ve already sold the Blueberries I was saving up, I’ll keep the cheese for another day.
    Glurb can go starve!
    I have actually bought 3 x Midas Gloves for 1,200 and I’m still well in pocket as compared to trading with GLURB.
    GLURB is broken and ZYNGA should get this and all the other known problems FIXED and suspend Suggestion Sunday until they do as it is just turning into a long frustration venting groan about problems that are long over-due to be fixed.

  17. My chat never works properly I miss so many opportunities because I don’t get peoples messages and things that are sent for me get sold before I get my messages…please fix this lag in communication it’s very annoying.

  18. DEPUIS VENDREDI 30 Mai 2014
    Mon jeu tourne en rond Toujours je commence à saturer là …!
    Je ne Peux Absolument rien faire lun. jeu ne s’enregistre Pas et je ne Peux Avancer …!
    Un point de Seul Positif: J’ai TOUS mon Coffre en Illimité Fait je Peux secouriste alliance mon Avec Tous mes objets Que je possede. Maïs, moi je préférerais Avancer Dans Le JEU voiture DEPUIS 6 jours Maintenant CELA FAIT beaucoup.
    redingote, Qué J’ai laisser 5 messages sur Leur site et qu’à Ce jour je N’ai Toujours Aucune Réponse de Leur partie (du site Zynga ) C’EST décevant …

  19. Why hasn’t my Giovanni Contraption ever come back to the home base
    – my blueberry does not give any sweet candy.
    – I made 2 times amberpolish it deappered: I WANT IT BACK.
    it took me too long to make it.
    – my wood workplace also does not gice elf door.

    I is a nice game. This time i have a lot of issues by playing it.

    • If an update does happen, hope it’s before the quest is over
      I can get in the game & get kicked out
      Clearing the data & powering off do not work
      Just fix it please
      I’m about to quit the game totally
      Why is it that I can play Farmville 2 with no problems??

  20. When are you gonna fix this game?
    I’m past fed up of getting kicked out of the game. I lose everything I buy & lose my coins in the process
    CVL is the ONLY game that closes on me. I’m getting nowhere fast playing it
    I’m about to uninstall CVL, gotten to the point of hating it
    Be glad when you keep your word about the 250 crowns from last quest
    So did you mean not to keep your word on giving the 250 crowns??
    And sense ALL MY FB FRIENDS ARE PLAYING CVL, where’s my 10 crowns each for each friend? Or is that a way for telling the players that you ain’t gonna cough those crowns up either??
    What a way to run a company. That’s just ain’t right

  21. WHEN WILL THE STABLAILITY GOING TO BE COMPLETED?? I’m past fed up of getting kicked out
    I even updated my iPhone to the most recent update. In which I hate the new update
    Nothing you suggested works on staying in the game.
    Pls just fix it. Nobody should have to beg a company to fix their game
    I lose coins, items from sea trade.
    Chat works 1/4 of the time. Game freezes. FIX THIS GAME

  22. Here is an issue I have not read about as yet – – I used the required 2 mythril ore and an enchanted hammer to create a mythril ingot in the the 1.5 hours. When the ingot appeared, I tapped the jeweler and the raw material returned to my vault producing NO INGOT. ZYNGA fix it!!!

  23. Can’t play on my phone (Samsung SIII) or my pc. On my computer I get Fatal Error : RangeError: Error #1506 and my phone won’t even load past 78%. I used to love this game but this is the worst!! This has been happening for a long time now and you STILL haven’t fixed it. So disappointing.

  24. This game is NEVER going to be fixed right. Half the time the sea trade will not open & the alliance is just as bad when it keeps telling me that I’m not in an alliance. Everytime I open sea trade, I get kicked out.
    I’m past fed up trying to play & get kicked out every 10 seconds. This game was fun when first came out but every update, it gets worse :(
    Please for once, fix this game & fix it RIGHT

  25. Pls fix this game. I cn’t enjoy 5 minutes of it. I open the game, it closes
    Everytime I open it. Every update this game gets worse

  26. Past fed up with CVL, I uninstalled & reinstalled this game & still game closes
    Can not load ship without getting kicked out of game. This game blows
    This is the only game that has this many problems
    Do something, try fixing it. You just might get happy players, who knows

  27. non mi fa entrare al gioco mi dice errore fatale 1506 sono 2 giorni ormai che non mi fa entrare
    per questo motivo che devo fare per tornare a giocare grazie potete aiutarmi

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