Add Me: Alliances – May 16


Do you need more friends in your Alliance? Are you looking to join an active Alliance? Let everyone know your Alliance name & Motto below!

Commenting Rules:

  • Any comment in violation of the Terms of Service will be removed. A link to the Terms of Service can be found HERE.
  • When posting, please be sure to include your Alliance name and Motto.
  • We encourage you to let others know if your Alliance speaks a non-English language.
  • To search for Alliances, click the Royal Embassy building, and the tab to Browse Alliances.  Click Search and enter the Alliance name and or Motto.

You can only be in 1 Alliance at a time, but you can leave your Alliance to join another if you choose to.

We hope everyone finds lots of new friends and has strong Alliances!

119 thoughts on “Add Me: Alliances – May 16

    • Dianne if your looking for a good alliance and a place to call home come join us. search friendship cove #2 our motto family oriented make friends have fun. We love to help each other and have lots of fun.

    • Dianne come join us search friendship cove #2 our motto family oriented make friends have fun. We love to help each each other we are an open alliance come join us

  1. Come join our open alliance: Friendship Cove #2 our motto: family oriented have fun make friends everyone welcome we are an English speaking group.

  2. Looking for fun and crazy good people to join our alliance Kilt Lifters. Come for a visit and see how we interact. We are helpful and have great chats. Have met people from all over the world! If you like to laugh get kots ofchelp and have fun playing the game, we are for you!

  3. When the Gibson girl was about the place, men often acted like blockheads, overcome
    by her beauty, confidence and provocative allure.
    Women’s clothing retailer DOTS is going out of business and they are having a big sale.
    You are sitting on a guilt chair in the grand salon of a pallazzo in Rome and watching Valentino present his alta moda collection.

  4. We are a small group of cool gals looking for new; helpful, chatty, alliance members! We have daily players, send boats regularly and are always willing to help!

    English speaking – we are open to all languages

    Men are welcome ( as long as you don’t mind the name ;) )

    Come join us! :)

    ****Moonlight Maidens****
    ( please make sure you are adding the stars when searching for the name)

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