The Magical Spring Eggs: Carrot Recipes

CastleVille Legends - Iris

The Magical Spring Eggs event is coming to a close, which means some of the crafting items requiring Carrots will be removed from the Trail Kitchen and the Bakery (*Trail KitchenCarrot Pancakes & Carrot Apple Salad, *Bakery: Carrot Bread). If you have these items in your Royal Vault and no longer want them, the only way to remove them is to sell them on Sea Trading. Remember, if you sell an item two times in a row through Sea Trading, it will always be sold. These crafted items will not be asked for by Glurb the Troll, Liang the Dragon Merchant or any of Myra’s Marketplaces.

* Subject to change

As always, thanks for sharing your feedback about the game!


ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

59 thoughts on “The Magical Spring Eggs: Carrot Recipes

  1. And yet they are currently being asked for by Liang. I will miss out on a pearl because of the carrot recipes disappearing.

  2. I have an order through Liang that calls for 3 Carrot Bread (not Carrot-Coconut Bread). This recipe is already gone from the on-line game. I will check in a few on my iPad. I finally have the time to play and earn a pearl, but I cannot complete. Disappointed.

  3. I am so tired of the glitches. Ever since the last update I can’t get into chat or connect to Facebook please fix this I miss the chat & sea trading

  4. Why would you delete an item being asked for in a new lang task. You should give everyone who started this quest the pearl for their inconvenience

    • I agree! Im tired of these “updates”! I have a NEW Liang quest asking for a bunch of carrot breat that isnt there! Now I have to wait almost 20 hours for a new quest and hope it doesnt ask for something that isnt available! What a waste of time!

  5. And the site keeps crashing so have not been able to do anything once again. The only fair thing to do is fix the game and extend egg gathering time by the amount of time the game did not work. Guess that is asking much!!!

    • I have barely been able to play this game for the past few weeks, now I can not play at all because it crashes upon loading.
      Also, these issues are affecting FV2 Country Escape as well. These issues are the same reasons I stopped playing any Zynga game on FB (original FV & Castleville).
      Geez, these games are amazing, but why the hell can you not keep them running? It’s not like you’re some tiny little mom&pop operation, I would expect these issues from them, not you, Zynga.
      I am very disappointed.

  6. The game will NOT load on my iPad and one of my stables in now missing – could someone please FIX the bugs – lots of comments from other saying this is happening as well!


  8. Liang is asking for carrot bread but it’s been removed from the bakery and I cannot make it even though I still have 13 hours to complete the order. So close but cannot finish… Pearl please.

    • You can click the castle for names of the heroes you have and if they are available to send to places of legend or how long until they come back. It also has their picture.

  9. My egg making time was cut short by 22 hours. I was disappointed that I was unable to hatch eggs till the time ran out. I had collected enough flowers to try to hatch eggs till the end. Otherwise I really enjoyed the extra gifts and money that I earned in this quest.

  10. Since you control ALL aspects of the game, why would you have Liang asking for items that we can no longer make. Have not seen a single one being sold all day either. I was able to make one carrot/apple salad yesterday….now, nothing…and another uncompleted Liang mission. This is frustrating and illogical!

  11. Whose idea was it to offer tulips a a prize. You have to use three tulips 3 midas gloves carrots and blueberries to get one tulip back plus a little money or more salad. Out of 35 eggs cracked i got 27 tulips in various forms, 6 pearls and crowns only twice. What a waste. I was hoping for a variety of prizes. I don’t need pearls nor money. The last weeks of egg hatching just made me mad. I gathered tulips and salad to win tulips and salad???

    • I only got the rabbits, 1 tulips, a some coins and ONE gold dust as a prize! would have loved to have gotten some pears! Especially since Ikeep getting Liang quests asking for stuff that isnt available anymore!

    • You got pearls and crowns from the eggs?? All I ever got, besides the critters, was stardust and coins!! Strange.

      • I liked the pearls and crowns since it helped me get Scorch. Not everyone has enough pearls. I didn’t care for coins since I’m at max limit of 4 million coins.

  12. As the game crashes and won’t connect to FB, I CAN’T sell the Easter stuff. I CAN’T even claim what has already BEEN sold. At this moment in time I have deleted the game and won’t reinstall until the problems are fixed. I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH 😡

  13. I also play the Smurfs game and every time they have an update within 2-3 days they correct any issues on hand. Why doesn’t this game, at the very least acknowledge the issues to its members? No response from the team at all. None. Very rude if you ask me. What is the deal? Are you aiming for a great game or just the money for the paltry pearls and coins we can buy? It just seems to me that you are folks are forgetting the reason why you create games, for great game playing. Remember oh wise game creators, without us, you are nothing. So how about you bring more members to acknowledge us, the gamers, and stop trying to entice us with junk that doesn’t work. We can’t all go to SF- to be heard. We are screaming on this board now, with no response. But you want loyalty? Would you give it if you you were in our position?

  14. My game keeps crashing after the last update and I got the feeling you don’t care. Nothing is happening even when so much people complain about that issue. Please can you fix it!? I really miss playing it :(

  15. Going to leave playing for awhile as sick of all the glitches, my game keeps turning off, going slow, my ship works occasionally, my name disappears from chat, I’m missing out on buying as I buy it the game turns off and I’ve lost the item, my alliance members are having the exact same problems, so it’s not isolated incident or my computer. So please fix it as I love this game so do my alliance members . Thank you for letting me vent lol x

  16. Wish I know zygna problem every game after they start updating crashes for over a week legends will not connect to facebook, now FarmVille 2 country will not connect shame plus all the other bugs, about ready to go back to xbox

  17. If that is true why then is Laing asking for a ridiculous amount of pancakes and there is no way to make them???

  18. How do a speak to someone directy regarding the problems I have. Comments are not good enough. I am so tired of loosing coin and crowns for purchases made and never get…please contact me.

  19. Why would you remove things when we still have time to finish the quests?? I just started playing and I can’t finish these with the recipes gone. This is so disappointing. :( I’m seriously debating on whether or not to just delete the game and not bother with it. :(

    • I had this quest as well Liz and I pressed the change Liang order once I found out that I couldn’t make the pancakes. It seems the right hand of Zynga has removed certain carrot recipes and the left hand of Zynga has forgotten to remove them from the Liang quests *shaking my head* sad as I love the game but since the update my ipad game won’t connect to Facebook so I can’t use sea trading or the alliance chat on my ipad and have to use my laptop to sell things, chat to my alliance members and send the magic spells then wait about an hour for my game to synch with my ipad and get the magic spells. However the FB connect works perfectly on the support site *confused*

      • My fiance had that problem, except he’d already started the quest when Zygna deleted the recipes, so he couldn’t complete the pearl quest. Oh he’s steamed about that. Righteously so as it’s completely unfair to do that in mid quest.

  20. I pretty much lost interest in this tedious egg quest after the last six eggs I cracked only gave me xp and coins and what I needed were the jackalopes. Then I go to play last night and Liang wants carrot bread, yet we cannot make carrot bread anywhere. So I left. All he gives me are black pearls anyway.

  21. The carrot apple salad dissappeared while Liang was asking for 36 of them, and I managed to buy a lot of them, but I’m going to be out the gold and the pearl because I couldn’t buy enough of them. So much for Liang and Glurb won’t ask for them once the recipes are gone. :(

  22. First of all my Unity Player for computer is constantly crashing. and secondly both of my Pegasi that i earned and bought during the cupid Quests are both Missing and now it says that i have to break the Ice Prison to get Swiftwing Back even though i paid Crowns for it back in February. I want them Back or at least Repaid for how much it costed me to get both heroes. it sucks i cant use most of my adventure places as i did when i had them because i dont have enough heroes to go to all the places i normally do. please fix this problem.


  24. I managed to get Iris, but then the game crashed with this new update and I’ve lost him! Will there ever be another chance to hatch the eggs to get Iris again? I’m annoyed, because now I find we can continue to hatch eggs to get pearls, but ONLY if we have Iris!

  25. J’ai problème de connexion et je nais pas reçu mon héros le cheval noir ils ne parais pas dans mais héros et je ne peux aller sur les voie Martin le jeux Étienne tous de suis pouvez vous me donner de aide merci

  26. I am very disappointed in this game today. I had hatched several eggs for each week and was not awarded a second jackalope, therefore was unable to get the baby purple dragon. Time ran out today and the amount of time and money spent over the last 3 weeks was for nothing. I really think you should award the specific treasure or at least take into consideration people have lives and work and can’t spend every waking moment playing this game. I have really enjoy the holiday characters/themes but I won’t waste anymore time with future specials. Terrible game play zynga.

  27. I am another person stuck in a Liang quest that requires Carrot Bread. Liang wants 2 sets of 2 Carrot Bread. I’ve completed one set and am halfway through the second, lacking only the last Carrot Bread. All other parts of the quest are completed, but now your decision to yank the Carrot Bread recipe from my Bakery means I won’t be able to finish the quest. Please make this right.

    • Please can you help me i cannot get connected to facebook on my ipad. I have had this problem ever since the last update. I play on a iPad mini, version 2.5.86. Please help me

      Sent from my iPad


  28. Then why did the carrot bread disappear when I still had over 10 hours to fill Liang’s order? I came home from a meeting thinking I only had 1 more to make and order would be filled but its gone! Really poor timing on your part… especially after seeing your blog comment about that not happening.

  29. You know it would be lovely to see scorch, it would be lovely to see anything. I play or rather played on my android phone, haven’t been able to open game since the latest update. I’m on level 47 and usually play everyday. So I’m not a happy camper to say the least at the minute! When will these issues be resolved??

  30. Well I guess you have a glitch the cos Liang currently wants carrot bread and it’s the only thing missing from my recipe list. It was there 6 hours ago and now it’s gone. Sort this out, sport.

  31. So I deleted the items you mention and I am being asked for honey carrots by liang. What’s up with that? Annoying

    Sent from my iPad


  32. I have a request from Liang asking for carrot bread that I now can’t make. So I can’t get my pearl. Everything else is done but those carrot breads!

  33. hola, mira yo juego en mi movil y en mi ,pc, pero desde que hubo el problema de los barcos mi juego ya no se sincronizo, y en mi movil no me aparece el nuevo dragon , por favor necesito ayuda, no quiero perder mi progreso, en la pc voy muy atrasada!!

    Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 02:20:45 +0000 To:

  34. sie schicken mir das immer ich komme nicht in das spiel steht immer überprüfen sie das internet das ist ok es liegt an ihnen —–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—– Von: “CastleVille Legends” Gesendet 14.05.2014 04:20:42 An: Betreff: [New post] The Magical Spring Eggs: Carrot Recipes

    castlevillelegends posted: ” The Magical Spring Eggs event is coming to a close, which means some of the crafting items requiring Carrots will be removed from the Trail Kitchen and the Bakery. If you have these items in your Royal Vault and no longer want them, the only way t”

  35. There are many things that still require carrots, other than the ones listed above (including my bunnies, which I love so please don’t get rid of them). But a friend of mine just started playing and can’t even buy the carrot patch, so can’t send carrots to help out. Are all of the carrot items going away? What is the fate of our bunnies!!!!

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