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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

876 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week!

  1. bonjour, je pense que mon commentaire ne sera pas lu vu qu’il est en français, mais je le poste quand même. Le WE dernier, il n’y a pas eu de quête et j’ai l’impression qu’il y a eu une mise à jour dont je n’ai pas été bénéficiaire (j’ai vu une bougie… et une espèce d’aubergine…). De plus, je ne peux aller à + de 4 000 000 de pièces et je n’ai rien à acheter !!!! je n’obtiens jamais de couronnes et je n’avance pas dans le jeu. Du coup, il n’y a que très peu de discussions avec les membres du royaume. De ce fait, j’ai de moins en moins envie de jouer.

  2. Hi,
    I love you’re game! I never had any problems but with the new update I didnt get a new window in de hall and there arent any halloween items in the kitchen etc.
    Mayby you could fix this in the next update, cause i’ve read similar problems

    • I haven’t either. I’m playing on a Samsung galaxy s4 mini. I’m wondering if anyone else playing on the galaxies has the same problem

  3. Can not get game to update on my kindle. Like the game a lot, do not like the updates never updating. Thinking about just leaving game, it has been frustrating. Cant get the magnus mystery crate now and it seems Zynga does not care.

  4. Hi, I’m at level 55 from level 47 and do not have any mission. Now this appeared the pumpkins, already put the magnus and raphael in all legendary places, but not get the pumpkins !!!

  5. it was a nice idea to give thunderhoof to make up for problems with the rafael game as well as pearls to those who already have thunderhoof…but, for those of us who already have ALL the heroes, more pearls doesn’t help at all. so, you could give crowns instead of pearls…or, give the ability to use pearls to buy something else besides heroes, or even let us sell them for cash…or give a new hero. which brings me to another point…once you have all the heroes, completing liang’s quests is pointless…it would make much more sense if the pearls had more buying power!

  6. I love casstleville ledgions , but you guys have me and my alliance members confused. You give us pumpkin patches and nothing to make with it , same with squash and agin we don’t know what to do with it there’s nothing on our games to make. And wax one more thing we don’t know what to do with it. Most of the missions you give us are fun but it’s like you started the game and you don’t want to keep up with it. Like you have no plan on what your going to do with it

    • I heard that those items where accidently released prematurely when the Magnus event was released. The pumpkin patch etc will be part of the Halloween event that will be released in the future.

  7. bonjour , je poste ce petit commentaire afin de preciser que j’adore ce jeu c’est l’un de mes favoris je voudrai tout au moins l’ameliorer pour cela je voudrais que zynga puisse faire quelque chose pour l’inventaire ( entrepot) car quand on manque de place on est obliger de supprimer un groupe d’objet qui par la suite nous est tres utile. En effet ceci est un gros probleme. Je voudrais que nous soyons libre de jeter la quantité desiré de l’objet que l’on a choisi et non le tout pour faire de la place pour eviter un renouvellement de collecte car ceci est enervant à la longue .
    Enfin j’ai juste une petite question pourquoi les articles d’halloween ont il disparu de nos ateliers et à quoi servent elles ces bougies et ces citrouilles si nous ne pouvons rien construire avec ?
    Dans l’ensemble excellent jeu je recommande :-)

    • It might have been easy for you but it wasn’t for everybody.
      I managed to get it with one day to go my son hasn’t finished yet still 3 pumkins to get with 1 day to go and he’s been doing it every day.

  8. Was happy to see the ghost made a nice addition. Was unhappy to realize that I didn’t have enough fleet foot spells to get him to all the spots I needed to. First you have to send him to the tower twice then to the Well of Wishes. This gets you his box but now you need his key and that is at the Dragoon Roost. If you don’t have enough fleet foot spells or don’t realize he has to go elsewhere you are stuck. It cost another 12 crowns to get him for another 2 hours. Again not enough crowns since they are hard to come by.

  9. Alliance members have squash patch but I never got one and cannot make any pumpkin bread and such. What’s the deal and why do only some people get things while others do not?

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