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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

659 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week!

  1. In sea trading once a item doesn’t sell and comes back you should be able to remove unsold items to sell something else. And there should be a quest to unlock expensive land!

    • In the sea trading if an item doesn’t sell the first time send it out again and if no body buys it the second time around it will automatically be sold.

  2. got a idea!!! it wil be nice if its posible to stop production of a item if you need the place to produce a other item specialy if the previos item take a long time to finisch, exaple for 1 kroon ore 1000 coins.
    sorry fore my englisch writing but i hope you still wil unterstand what i mean

  3. I like to ask you work on us getting another ship. I work hard to get what I buy to have to trash things for Liange orders. We need more storage are new ship.

  4. I love playin this game and I stopped playin all my other games now cos I cant stop playin castle ville I just wish it was easlier 2 up grade the locker

  5. It would be nice if we could have the opportunity to remove items that don’t sell and change them out.

    Locks should be a bit easier to receive.

    I was told that because I am the person who started my Alliance, I should be able to remove or eject the Mysterious Stranger. We have a bunch of them. I cannot get them rremoved or ejected.

    I still feel that the items we need for Liang or Glurb (fat dude) should not be the items that take 15 hours to make.

  6. El juego es muy divertido, pero ya necesitamos nuevos reinos para seguir jugando. Yo le pondría mas personajes, con sus casitas e incluso sus familias. Por ej: un granjero, un sastre, un carpintero, etc. cada uno con su familia. Como pequeñas aldeas dentro de cada reino.

  7. I think it would be cool to the ability 1 time a day or in the mermaid spin to have the ability to purchase something from the marketplace & be able to separate into the ingredients that make up the end product. For example, stardust potion would be broken down to stardust & fairy vial to be able to use them in another manner. Just a thought.

  8. A lot player don’t play the game anymore, because they are finished… Please open the rest, and let them save Hazel, Giovanni & Meryl.

  9. Olá queria saber pq não ganho mais dinheiro quando chego nos 4000 não aparece mais dinheiro já perdi muitos pois vendo e não recebo, estou no nível 50 e nem tem terra para desbloquear
    Aguardo respostas

  10. Need to make land, buildings,and crops cheaper to buy takes too long to save to buy. Also need to make locks easier to get its been weeks since I have received one and all my hero’s are out all the time.

  11. Cela serait bien si on pourrait replanter des arbres, cela décore et c’est très écolo… Merci
    désolé si la suggestion a déjà été faite mais je viens de me connecter..

  12. I think it would be helpful to know how many items we have towards the total needed. When I click on the goat, it will show 5 wheat in red if I don’t have enough. It would be nice if it said how many I did have of the total needed: 3/5, etc.

  13. Hello i just wanted to comment that i would like there to be a r u sure button because my game froze then i guess when it was frozen i moved it and purchased a tent and two ladders to explore the dragons clutch which cost me crowns which i was saving to buy an extra building. Please fix asap i am capable of making my own tent and ladders. And please when we delete something can u add a quantity amount say i need room for one thing and have 20 of an item i can spare to get rid of let me delete only one but not all.

  14. My Sunday idea is a lifeboat. Where you can help your alliance by loading a lifeboat and able to send it to a specific person. They can get the stuff you made even if your on different time zones. :-)

  15. When start the queeste to free Meryl. A lot players don’t play the game anymore, because they are finished. Please open the rest, and let them save Hazel, Giovanni & Meryl. My alliance is running empty.

  16. I would like to see more crowns available to get, saving up 30 for an extra crop takes to long when your only giving 2 out for a quest. Love the game best I have seen in a long time.

  17. I think that the alliance chat screen should stay open at all times; would make it alot easier. We also need an undo button for when we hit items that we did not mean to being that our items are so close together. Would also be nice that if we put something to ship and change our mind before we send it out that it can be unlocked.

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