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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

748 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week!

  1. I like this game but when we are in a high level its nothing to do just liang and the troll. I would like had new fabrik to make new think.
    I think too the support is excellent when there are problem with the game thank you for that.
    the game is very very nice

  2. The extra interest provided by Myra requests were good this last one for Raphael is a dud. It takes far too long to gain the cats . Its a drag. its takes the edge off an otherwise great game.

    • Marnel

      The Raphael quest is the best. You don’t have a lot of stuff that takes a lot of time to make. The only thing you had that took 48 minutes to make was or is the cat toy. I finished getting all the cats 4 days before the end of the quest and got Moon Whisker. Each new quest Raphael did it told you how many times you had to search the cat tree before you get the prize or the cat. I love this quest It’s the best besides the window quests.

  3. gioco bellissimo,,,,,però da quando c’è la missione di Rafael,siamo limitati a sfamare il troll e vendere la merce a Liang….e molto penalizzante nel mercato marino,la merce invenduta non possa essere sostituita,tenendo la nave bloccata,,,,

  4. Love this addictive game! Really looking forward to the new places of legends opening up for those of us that have finished all the others! My alliance is filled with people that are basically treading water while waiting. They are all good people and I’d hate to loose them because there is nothing else for them to do. Please hurry! And thanks for the crowns in the latest updat!

  5. Hi today I tried 8 times and still not got the last cat what is going on.
    Also I think the prizes are a bit light from the tree considering you spend more sending and making things to get the cats.
    And all you may get is 1 milk bottle and something else plus a bit of cash not great for all the effort we the players put in to this game.
    Also why do you put such high crown price on some items 750 crowns for dragon and 350 for the cat and pearls to many white ones and not enough of the other 2.

  6. Bellissimo gioco, molto coinvolgente e grafica davvero splendida. L’unica cosa che non mi piace è il sistema deposito: 1° – possibilità di trovare lucchetti assurdamente bassa in relazione al numero di lucchetti richiesti per potenziare 2° – il numero di cose richieste per potenziare aumenta ad ogni potenziamento annullandone i benefici.
    Suggerimento: 1° aumentare possibilità lucchetti 2° non conteggiare in deposito lucchetti e cardini d’argento. Grazie dell’attenzione. :)

  7. I just wanted to let everyone when you send all the unicorn s out (fairy falls wishing well) place like that you will surely get a lock
    have fun

  8. I like the game, it does take quite a long time to finish some of the quests, but that is what keeps me coming back to the game instead of moving on.

  9. I love the recent updates and look forward to the coming features! I really hope that there will be more to do if you are at a higher level. Zynga has the best games!

  10. When we reach the highest level and cannot find anything else to do, there are the other quests such as the quest with the cats, and we can always continue to help our allies to finish their quests, which is what my team of allies do for each other. We are always willing to help each other in times of need. I have also bought items from allies I see have recently just started to help them gain coins to get ahead.


  12. Love the game..very additive…I tell all my friends..must have game…Need a email where I can chat with u about some problems am having…thanks 2 whom ever invented this game. .my hat is off 2 u…yours truly sheila webb

  13. Hola soy nivel 55 y mi alianza se llama Las @mazon@s,,,nos ayudamos en todo momento asi el juego es mas divertido,,,,me gustaria poder visitar los reinos de los integrantes de mi alianza o de los demas ´para poder ayudarlos cliqueando en los diversos negocios para hacer mas corto el tiempo de espera,,,,a cambio de regalo,,,,perlas,,,,coronas,,,se po9dria implementar,,,,gracias Angeles

  14. Hola soy nivel 55 y mi alianza se llama Las @mazon@s,,,nos ayudamos en todo momento asi el juego es mas divertido,,,,me gustaria poder visitar los reinos de los integrantes de mi alianza o de los demas ´para poder ayudarlos cliqueando en los diversos negocios para hacer mas corto el tiempo de espera,,,,a cambio de regalo,,,,perlas,,,,coronas,,,se po9dria implementar,,,,gracias Angeles

  15. Totally love this game! I used to play Castleville on Facebook, but like this much better because i don’t have to sit at PC all day, lol. I am so looking forward to the improvements to the game! Especially doing something about the cap on the coin and level! I’m also looking forward to the expansion as well! Can’t wait to see what y’all are going to do for Halloween! I bet it’s going to be awesome! Keep up the good work!

  16. Por que no ponen la opción de comprar los héroes especiales con perlas, coronas y monedas. También me gustaría poder sacar del barco lo que regresa sin vender, ahora el barco vuelve enseguida y eso me encanta. Yo no recibí ningún regalo de atención al jugador, no se para que pusieron la ventana.

  17. I’m at level 31 Tanya’s quest and $150,000 times 4 for each land to get to Kraken Cave is too much especially when I need $325,000 for the Stone Carver and Potter make the lands and buildings cheaper or at least make it so that Your Alliance can send coins and pearls to other members

  18. hola Chicas, estoy en el Nigella 60. Y ase Semanas que ya no va mas nada…
    Ni dinero puedo mas aser pork llege al limite
    De 4’000’000.
    Nuestra alianza se llama Las Chicas del Bum Bum…Y estamos casis todas en el nivel50-60 y ya no va mas nada @-((((.
    El otro Dia compre un paquete de coranas para comprar el Dragoner rojo…
    Y me comieron el Dinero y no me cargo las coranas….
    nos vuelve loca el juego y queremos segir con la locura…..

  19. Merci pour ce jeu au graphique superbe. Super Quête pour les chats et quel bonheur de voir se marier Yvette et Raphaël, bientôt??? Juste trop cher!!! les terrains et le matériel c’est beaucoup de travail pour obtenir tout !!!

  20. Loving this game but have reached a point where Myra’s quest is not doing anything, i have just about completed Rafael’s quest and on level 47 there doesn’t seem to be anything I can buy. Just feels like I am making and selling stuff randomly. When can we have more things to work towards and open up the rest of the kingdom so we can quests that are driven again. Missing playing for a purpose. Please please please give us lots to work for!

  21. j’aime ce jeu mais vraiment beaucoup de travail… merci pour la quête des chats so pretty!!! please donnez plus de cadenas dans les quêtes pour que le dépôt royal puisse augmenter facilement… et aussi décharger le bateau quand on a pas tout vendu merci!!!

  22. I really enjoy playing Castleville Legends, but like many others are running out of things to do fast. I am hoping that expansions will come quickly. I really prefer this game over FV. I really like the chat room where alliance members can help each in accomplishing goals without feeling like we are begging out on our FB wall. Plus I enjoy the friendships I have made through this game in the chat room. It was a great idea. Looking forward to this game expanding hopefully soon

  23. I’m at the stage where I’m doing the cats now but it seems that all I can do is cats, troll and Liang. Pointless making anything as I won’t get any money for selling as the max I can make is 4,000,000. I’ve no more land to buy as I’ve bought what there is. Think the game needs to be moved along a little or at least let me make more money. Once I’ve got the cats, it’s going to get boring.

  24. I love castleville legends but we need more free stuff cos I ain’t got crowns 2 buy stuff and I think ling should let u choose what pearl u want

  25. I have a suggestion regarding Liang the Dragon Merchant. It is helpful to see the next items he will be buying once the balloon lifts off, however it would be more helpful to see the quantities of what he will be buying to help adventurers in preparing these items ahead of time.

  26. Many time i’ve lost my crowns because i press to fast or (my ipad is to slow ) when i want to know how many times i’ve got to have things.
    What could you do to change this.. I mean if imwant something rapidly, i just have to press again and paid with crowns ,but sometimes i press two times because nothing change and i lost crown..maybe put the case another place? Thank. ( hope you understand ,difficult for me to explain in english) .

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