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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

1,067 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week!

  1. When will Pym be back so we can carry on with the quest? What is the point of giving us quests in the book but no way of carrying them out? Seriously bored with this game now. Big Fish games much better.

  2. Buenas tardes mi comentario es el siguiente : en el juego hay citios que te manda a enviar héroes pero son tanto y no hay un lugar donde se especifique el nombre de ese héroe sería genial que cuando pongas un héroe a explorar se muestre su nombre porque como yo hay mucha gente que se hacen un lío . gracias

  3. I could love to have a christmas tree with top of star to receive crowns one a week or 24 hour to get firefly lantern when christmas coming up something like that

    • Adding crowns to the wheel would be nice for the users but would not be consistant with the game owners making money, which in turn allows for continued support.
      I am greatfull for this latest Pyrm quest timed with the US’s Thanksgiving.
      I would appreciate if some of the places that take crowns were further away from other objects or had “are you sure?” questions, as twice yesterday the game took unintended crowns from me costing me 29 hard earned crowns.
      Thank you for the fun.

  4. Hola Señores de Zynga!
    Sería bonito que para el evento de Navidad pudieramos ganar candados y coronas en una forma más fácil y rápida, al cabo es Navidad, no?
    Algo así como que llegan los ayudantes de Santa al castillo y ponen misiones para ir decorando el reino, pero no tan complicadas por favor!
    El Gran Premio podría ser un nuevo héroe, se me ocurren Rudolph o algún elfo. Pero eso si, que al final del evento, los que hayamos participado podamos recibir nuestro premio y no quedarnos con las manos vacías!

  5. Loved the Pym’s quest and do hope there will be a Christmas one, I also loved the hall of hero’s and hope it will be back soon. Thanks for making this an enjoyable game, now hooked.

  6. how can we finish Liangs order of 6 coconut apple crisp. When the allowed time for each cooking time is 5 hours..Liang has 15 hours before he depart. Kindly check this issue. Thank you

    • I have problems like this and I wish that it didn’t ask for something I just bought like coconuts when I have 11 hour left til it actual there

    • The way to finish Liang’s orders is to buy off the ships, I personally keep items that have long cook times, such as the coconut apple crisp, all the colour gloves, tea pots and cloth. Once you get into this habit it is easy to keep 3 of each difficult item in your inventory.

  7. Sometimes i need space and i remove items off the vault. It would be handy if you can choose how many you want to remove in stead of all…. I have items that i cannot sell to myra. and only one at the time ( max 4 ,4 x1)…

    • I try to stay ahead of the dumping items before my inventory is too full by getting the item to come up in Myra’s buying the amount I need off the ships and selling her the rest. The only items I keep that I can not sell to Myra is the Turquoise opal ring and the enchanted sleigh, I always have 3 of these in my inventory as Liang has asked for them on occassion. The other items that Myra dose not buy and Liang dose not ask for I sell, you don’t need them get rid of them.
      The silver hinges I sell or dump, then approximately 2 – 3 days before I know I am going to get all my locks needed I start buying them up, that way your inventory isn’t stuffed full except for those 3 days. I need 102 items just to upgrade storage and this way of doing things allows me to be able to hold all the items needed.

  8. My comment is, when there are special events for everyone, why not put a couple of items on the mermaids wheel that are needed for the quest?

  9. I wish you would add more thing that the building could do and items would be used for. It cost a lot to buy some of these things but to only use them one or two place is a waste.

  10. i say that their should be a store that you could sell items as we never have enough space and have to throw out all your items instead of dumping them all sell off only a few! thank you donna

  11. Many of us have lots of pearls which are not being used. Would like to suggest they be used to expediate processes in the same way as crowns or quick spells are allowed to quicken the gathering of crops.
    Open an option for members to choose either crowns or pearls to finish making of required items such as stardust lanterns, etc faster.

  12. What are candle wax for? What are we supposed to do with it? It is taking up too much space in my storage, and too many people are selling it in Sea Trading. It’s useless to try to sell it there. Thanks!

    • just dump them Maggie like you said so many people are selling it that you can pretty much buy it when needed at any given time. We used the candles for one mission so I wouldn’t hang onto them.

  13. Congratulations, we are dealing very well; we have allowed to earn crowns conducting missions with the exchanges and buying. I suggest we allow the sale of the items in stock by choosing the amount. For Christmas I would like a new expansion, level advancement and earning more than 6 million coins. The game that you have created is very nice and engaging. I send greetings to everyone.

  14. I would be nice if Liang or Grub would ask for the product that we have been making for Prym and the Thanksgiving quest. It also would be nice if when something on your ship doesn’t sell if you could trade it out for a different item. I had something sit on my ship for two days before someone bought it. Can’t wait for the Christmas/Hannika quests. Love the game.

  15. The game is getting boring for me kindly spice it up by creating new things to craft and also increase the amount one can have from 4000000.thank you.

    • I’ve been saying that for the last three month,it stupid that we can’t make are land bigger and go on to more places of legends there ,there but we can’t move on .my lands full of satuse cos I have to get rid of money ,would Bea great game if that sorted this out instead of keep giving us task bar

      • I totally agree, I have stopped playing now. I have all the land, buildings, heroes, 4 million in coins and 180 pearls with nothing to spend them on. Yawn yawn…….. It’s not even worth doing the quests as have nothing to aim for. Please please please open the new lands and hero’s x x

      • Oh wow don’t waste your money on the statues, buy items and make items with high XP value such as the Royal Bracelet, Golden Treasure Bracelet, Frozen Packs, Unicorn Charms, Spellbound perfume. All these items and more are worth 200 plus XP we might have a cap on our money buy not our XP (level upgrade). If you have been done for 3 months you should have at least 24 million XP.

  16. Now a new quest has been released where we have to do a lot of items. We can not send the items to each others, we have to do them. And for what? 3000 exp points… That is a lot when you are a low level player. But when you are a high level player that is nothing!!! I have been a high player for a VERY long time. No more land to buy, no more coins to gain, no more level to reach, where is the fun? A lot of high level players have been written to you about fun so many times. Do you really listen???? Make some quests that also will be fun for high level players. Release those quest just for over players over level 55 or so… And please open for some more land, drop the 4 mill. max and make some more levels to gain. Thank you in advance…..

  17. Why when Pyms adventure says you got a mystery crate thank you You can’t find it?I’ve had this message 2times nothing becomes of it. how about earning lands for somebody’s quest. They are so expensive. Easier quest for locks.

  18. Ok where as Myra’s Mystery Crate kept us busy, I am sorry. the prize’s inside just were not worth the effort. Number 1 Pearls are useless to most players at this time, nothing to use them on. Come on really a cannon? More then 1 Lock would have been Nicer. We worked hard at making the Golden Opal Necklaces, 12 of them and they take 6 hours Each. Please. Can you all come up with better prize’s. Thank you

  19. Two suggestions
    1. The missions should go back to how they were in the beginning. The items CRAFTED by the bunnies (since you have to feed them and they take longer to produce item) should count. Buy an item off the Sea Trading should count but then disappear from inventory (this way the item can’t be passed around the alliance like a hot potato (like Pym’s crate). The mission’s completion should be attainable by all who play 3 or more hours a day (makes for happy gamers) So many people who played 4 -6 hours a day did not receive the last pumpkin or the last cat ( to me that isn’t fair) they should have gotten it. The Myra crate mission was unattainable by most of the people who worked a daily job and lower level people due to only one building, because no one was allowed to help them out. So I think a happy medium on this would be great I totally agree that what you have in your inventory does not count, but allow us to buy them from Sea Trading, it worked well with all previous missions and allow alliances to help one another like an alliance does.
    2. The Pearls they are accumulating fast, I am just shy of 700 and would love to buy some seasonal decorations with them. I am not asking for our everyday decorations to be bought with pearls but lets say 3 or 4 nice seasonal ones. That way you still make money on the ones for crowns and we get a chance to unload some pearls. I do understand why you do not want us to share our extra pearls for those who do not have them, because then they wouldn’t have a reason to play the game to it’s full potential. But after waiting for a new realm for 9 months and all there is to do is Liang then yes you accumulate a lot of pearls and I thought seasonal decorations would be something different.

    Thank you for allowing this opportunity to make a couple of suggestions.

  20. Suggestion: There should be a way to unpromote those in the alliance who are no longer playing. The one who started the alliance should have that option, or the game automatically unpromotes after three months of not playing. Some promoted players were active for months and months and then quit, leaving an alliance space useless.

    • The head of the alliance has the power to eliminate any players that are not playing. The alliance I am in both captains of the alliance no longer play so there is no one to eliminate our players.
      I agree that if there is a way to tell if a player is not playing it would be nice to drop them from the alliance.

      • I am the one who started the alliance and the game won’t let me eliminate any that have been promoted. Maybe I will email zynga.

  21. bonjour grosse surprise ce matin avec casteville sous la neige mais je n’ai pas l’icone des trophées de classement il apparaît en blanc sur la requête mais pas du tout sur le paysage de casteville
    Merci de faire le nécessaire pour que nous puisons continuer à jouer

  22. RE: SUGGESTION SUNDAY I suggest that ZYNGA put a COUNTER on EACH ITEM In INVENTORY so that we can decide HOW MANY TO THROW AWAY “instead of ” Having to Throw ALL of An Item Away. For Example: IF I HAVE 30 Carrots and want to get rid of 5 to make room and keep 25, I want to be able to get rid of just 5 instead of all 25. Thank you and I hope ZYNGA does this.

  23. Pingback: Charles Moog

  24. I wish we could unload items from ship.when items are unsold . Very often the boat returns fully loaded and we have to send it back 2nd time and again waiting 1,5 hr . Sometimes we need the stuff ourselves to please myra :-)

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