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ArcticF0xx – Community Lead
CastleVille Legends

527 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week!

  1. I was just playing the game again and was doing the Glurb and Liang quest, i wish it was easier to make our storage bigger. It is so hard to come by the locks that I haven’t upgraded my storage in a long time. Which leads to having problems with doing these quest. I hope that this can be fixed in the near future. Also you should make Glurbs’ quest like Liang, as soon as we have the one ingredient we should be able to give it to him. That would help drastically.

  2. I am at level 50, maxed out on coins and land. When will you open up the realms for Hazel, Giovanni and Meryl? I love the game, but see no point in playing it anymore. :(

    • Hi hi Terry!
      I share the same thoughts… I have also produced all I can to prepare myself for the new lands. My vault is full, no point on seling if I am not going to profit anything, right?!
      All I am doing now is trying to help my friends with their quests and missions or to get Liang´s wishes for the pearls, but they are sometimes a bit abusrd!! 297 cotton balls and three owls that take 12 hours each to make is a bit much!!!
      Let´s hope the new characters and lands come soon.

  3. I love this game it’s GREAT! Althought the land is very expensive and it’s very expensive to buy gold coins and pearls. The missions are great but the storage isn’t. It’s very hard to come buy the locks to upgrade and causes a problem with your storage space. I am only at level 22 and I hope that I continue to enjoy the rest of the game so far I have not got bored with this game with seems to be a problem with other games I have played in the past.

  4. Love the game ! so much better than the the first Castleville. The quests are not timed but would be great to have more of them and more crowns as our rewards so we can add up faster. Love the heros. Love the special we just had – enjoyed the. prizes. made it fun to have to make everything new in order to get the gifts. Would enjoy Glurb more if i could turn in items as i fill them like we do with Lang. I hardly ever play with Glurb for the lack of storage space. Don’t have to give xp just let the items we finish go away than when all 3 items are done recieve our gift from him. the price of land and other items are really outrages ! it takes forever to by any land. or the crafting shops.. just recently my snapdragon flowers have finely had the flower creature on them . I have seen them 2 days out of 5 months. it would be nice if they were there all the time. I AM NOT COMPLAINING – JUST SUGGESTING IDEAS FOR THE GAME TO BE MORE FUN

  5. 1. Why are Jade Clovers so difficult to get?

    2. Why does Liang ask for something that is impossible to fulfill without using Crowns that we cant all afford to buy? Three Jade necklaces that take 12 hours each? Impossible.

    3. Why doesnt everyone yet have the option to change Liangs order?

  6. I finished all my missions/quests and bought up all the land. Pretty much there’s not much to do now. Can you open up more land and add more quests so that there is something for me to look more forward to.

  7. Hi, Yesterday I accidently wasted 150,000 coins on an expansion that was absolutely useless to me and which I hadn’t wanted. I didn’t even notice until I went to that area. I was furious. The game makes it too easy to make mistakes. It is not the first time I have done this .Made purchases accidently while scrolling. Therefore I believe it I very important to have a confirm button added for expansions and purchases. When I spend hours try to earn coins I do not want to accidently throw it away. I am sure I am not the only who has accidently pushed a button they didn’t want to. Thank you, M.Wenzel

    • Yes I agree. I accidentally used a large amount of coins when swiping across my screen. There should be an “are you sure” option.

      • I agree as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and well, it is very EASY to accidentally to purchase land that one would very well know there is just bearen land, no trees or chests! Please add a “Do you wish to purchase this land for ### of gold coins?” {Do Confirm} or {Do Not Confirm}. Something like that. Thank you.

  8. I am having issues with sea trading. When i send out ship nothing sells unless alliance members buy the items. This has been going on now for 4 days. Can someone please fix this issue i can not get the coins i need if i cant sell anything.

  9. I love this game . I have all my children and grandbabies playing. But as of 3 weeks I haven’t been able to log in it keeps prompting”another kingdom is linked to this account” I was level 28 now is level 1 and won’t connect with Facebook :-( help.

    • that has happened to me numerous times and I learned what I had to do (and yes, it sucks, but it works!). Play from Level 1 all the way back to Level 5 or 7 I think. Go to the settings where it says, “connect to Facebook”? and if you are connected, disconnect from facebook. You will get your 40 crowns (or whatever), go back and play and then you will see a message that says “Found Previous Game” (close enough) and then you will see your screen will go black and reboots…and there is your game at Level 28 or whichever level you were at. Since I have started playing CVL, I had to redo this at least 5 or 6 times. Frustrating and scared (first time I had to restart…I had over 100 crowns and 100k plus gold coins…when you realize how much of your actual money you used to purchase the crowns, it just makes you made as hell!) Enough about my ranting ;) Now that I know it happens and it is not the game itself (it is my phone and as a recommendation, make sure your phone is fully charged and/or plugged in while charging and playing.

      Sorry Cecilla for the long dialog! I wish you the best! :)

  10. I’m level 50, and I have some time ago no new characters appear … When Giovanni, Hazel and Meryll?? I love the game and put a lot of time in, but no new missions’m a bit boring … Thanks for working so hard to please everyone we play

  11. Hello I love this game…..
    I wish we could visit our friends or other castles like the original castleville and do chores to earn money or extras..

  12. I really enjoy this game although highly addictive! It’s much better now that your ship returns once empty instead of having to wait two hours. However, sometimes the goods you send out take ages to sell and you cannot remove them from the ship. Would it be possible to change unsold cargo when it returns? Also another thing that could be ironed out is the vault space you have to allow to do the glurb challenges, could it not be possible to feed him one gathered thing at a time I.e. 16 milk, then the other ingredient and whatever else he needs so it doesn’t take up so much vault space. ??!

  13. I would like to see Glurb offer a more array of items instead of the same few things over and over. I would also like to see Glurb’s items be taken individually similar to how the balloon guy Liang works, instead of having to hold everything to give him all at once. Hard to have enough space to hold all until the end to feed him.

  14. I am just hooked on the game! I think it is the best game out there! Keep up the good work! I’m on level 58 but it is not about that – be cause the missions are cool and I keep playing! So Thanks!

  15. i would like to save more than 4.000.000 coins!!
    i don’t have anything to do right now: free Meryl, Hazel and Giovanni!!
    i would like to make my own golden locks, they are so hard to come by

  16. Hola amigos.
    Ya he mandado otros comentarios antes, hoy quiero comentarles sobre el movimiento de la flechita del mause.
    Este movimiento es poco preciso , lo que hace a veces cliquear donde uno no quiere.Me ha pasado tener que comprar terrenos , o comprar cosas que no necesito en el mercado.Es una flecha un poco loca , que hace que se pierda tiempo y dinero, sería muy bueno que se pudiera solucionar.

  17. First I would like to thank the creative team at Zynga for a couple of improvements:
    1. Finally all my characters bring back special items. Thank you for fixing this glitch.
    2. We are LOVING that the ship’s return now immediately after selling all items out.
    3. We also LOVE the special alliance slot on the ship’s!!
    Thank you for listening to the suggestions on this blog and bringing us these improvements.

    As for a new suggestion, is it possible to give us a drop down box or “+” or “-” options on the items in our storage warehouse? When we need to make room, it would be nice to have an option for how many of an item we would like to discard, rather than all or nothing.

    Finally, I see lots of players now, including in our own alliance, who are above level 48, all the way to the final level 60; please PLEASE, open the new areas. I am at level 60 and, other than the little side quests you program in for us, there has not been much to do for 12 levels. We would LOVE to see the new areas.

  18. I would ask that your team stabilize the storage vault. There are many times it is impossible to load because vault array keeps starting over. Would possible fix for this to widen pop up screen display to show more items at a time?? Please open new lands!! I do wonder if, although coins only show 4 mil, are they still in our account?? i seem to have noticed this might be possibility. Keep up good work, I love this game!!!

  19. Much like many others I too have problems with storage. There should be some way to sell surplus items. It frees up room in the vault and generates cash. Overall its a great game with cool graphics.

  20. I’m just wondering why my alliance knight assist keeps going down from 550?
    Is 550 the maximum limit for alliance knight assist ?

  21. I have several suggestions that might be helpful.
    First, I suggest that on Sea Trade the heart tab refresh it self so you can actually see ALL your Facebook friends that play the game. It’s annoying seeing the same friends when you know that other friends are playing too and you can see their offers.
    Second, I suggest that Glurb offer golden vault locks once in a while as well.
    Third, the Glurb should offer refresh the items that it offers after we have sent him away. Example, I’ve sent him away several times and he comes back offering the same item I wasn’t interested in.

  22. Liang is asking for 3 items (the turquoise opal ring) that takes 1 day to make and we are suppose to do this in a 16 hour time frame????? IMPOSSIBLE….unless we use all our crowns. This is not fair to those who cannot afford to waste their resources. :(

  23. Why should I always refresh? Why can I not take some things now the new quest is there? Please fix it.

  24. Não passo um dia sem jogar. Estou viciada, meu cofre já está no 270 e estou no nível 32. Adoro as missões mas gostaria que descem mas coisas úteis. Pois aquela fonte de unicórnio não tem nenhuma utilidade. Fora isso amo o jogo. E Viciei a minha mãe também. #adoro *–*

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