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559 thoughts on “Commenter of the Week!

  1. I would love if you could send messages when requesting to join alliances. It would be helpful to know why you cannot join the group, I am a new player just 1 week but am already at level 20, so aI am active and group wanted active people but maybe they do not know I just started but am very active..

  2. It seems that the requirements for expanding and the quests tend to run way ahead of the levels one achieves. The costs for expansion seem out of balance. I am at level 25 – about half way through that – and still have not caught up with the lower levels of expansion, although the quest dialogues are pushing for things out of my reach for quite awhile. Honestly, that makes me want to step away from the game.

    • Hey there Ginger…from one player to another, please keep at it…I felt exactly as you do now when I was lvl 25…I’m 31 now and I’m barley keeping up with everything but I’m still keeping up…I’m figure that about lvl 30 you’ll see you have a lot more time between Le els to earn enough coins to get everything..
      Hope you keep on keepin on :)

  3. I think it would be wise to do Glurb the troll likr Liang the dragon merchant. Storage is an everyay issue as gold padlocks are so hard to get. If we could sell his items as we go like Liang this would be very benificial to many players. Right now we often have to make the choice to sell off items that are needed to complete the current challange. Also the pearl issue I get nothing but white and gold never black but others in alliance seem to get black and almost no white or gold. Could we have a pearl exchange somehow to trade for needed pearls it would not help to have them in storage as the game would then become impossible as there would be no way to keep enough storage space available for challanges. Also the odds on golden padlocks should be a little better than what they are or again some way to trade them with others who somehow end up with tons of them. There is some type of glitch in the game that others have been boasting about that allows them to somehow keep locks they are selling as well as obtaining that amount free due to the glitch this gives them an unfair advantage in the game as far as storage and the ability to sell extra locks at a high payout in gold. Thanks, Laurel Piatt

  4. love the new update for finding stained glass .You always know when to change it up a little and keep me coming back for more. With the new update some things have not been working , the chest in front of castle is not working have not got anything from it all week. Chat has not been working all the time and the game as been freezing up . And thanks for all the nice friend I have made thought this game. But one thing is that I keep losing my crowns , like 24 so far . I work on to get them and you could do some thing like DO YOU WANT TO USE CROWN when we click to many times
    Thanks Donna M

  5. While my comment isn’t really about improving game play per say, it’s more about ascetics if anything….so 3 things for now…
    1. Night and Day concept would be great perhaps even going as far as to have a few items being crafted in only the Day or the Night.
    2. A “Lamp Post” that can hold a lantern…Stardust, Firefly, or Foxfire
    3. Some more Decorations such as Castle Wall, Castle Tower, and Castle Gate ( plz have them match the look of the Royal Castle)

    PS:I do not wish to be credited or wish to seek credit should any of these idea come to fruition or perchance already be on there way to happening…I only wish for a great looking game to be even more pleasing to the eye for everyone…thanks to the Devs and teams of people making it all happen behind the scenes : )

  6. I really love the new guest but a little long but will keep us busy. It does take alittle time too get the shards but it not all that bad of a wait. Really would like too see sea trading with pirates that can steal your goods and maybe get from them but I understand if its alittle to much too ask of as it would be some work too get it too work right. Still having problems with chat staying connected. I don’t know what else too do did all the updates and uninstalled and reinstalled delete all of the cache from the beginning that’s all that I have a problem with is the chat logged out of Facebook.and backin still samething can you help with that it only stays on chat for 3 too 5 mins have too turn off and back on to get connected and it don’t give me my knights reguest if its not on? Please help with something as customer support never gets back with you just players are the ones that help one another why is that?

    • Ben I have contacted player support, go to known issues, then click on tech support. You will have option of email or chat. I used live chat and resolved issue quickly. Hope this helps.

  7. I agree with donna Share Pearls with alliance members. also when is the other lands going to open up. I am at 51 level and need something else to do, also people in my alliance need them open too

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