Letter from the VP of Games

Hey CastleVille Legends Community,

My name is Jonathan Knight — I’m a VP of Games at Zynga, and I manage the CastleVille Legends team. I wanted to thank all of you personally for supporting us and providing amazing feedback.

As many of you have noticed, we released our first major update to the game on Monday.  We’ve been listening to all of your feedback, and are working hard to make CastleVille Legends the best game on your phones & tablets.  For example, we heard you loud and clear that expansions were too expensive, and have reduced prices on plots, while also increasing rewards for sending heroes on adventures.  We also know that many of you have been struggling with technical problems, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve made a huge number of fixes!

If you haven’t updated yet, click here to head to the App Store.  Here’s what’s new in this update …

What’s New in Version 1.5.24

**Glurb the Troll!** Meet the friendly troll who’s living under a bridge near your Castle. Feed him and he’ll give you rare treasures!

* A New Dragon Arrives! Buttercup, a brilliant Sun Dragon, has come to the Legendary Lands. Get Buttercup as your new Dragon Hero by earning Pearls from Liang the Dragon Merchant.

* Legendary Chest! The new chest at the bottom of your screen lets you know when you have treasure ready to collect at Places of Legend. It will also let you know when you have Heroes ready to explore.

* New Mystery Rewards! See what hidden treasures pop up when you try different Heroes at Places of Legend. The mystery begins at the Well of Wishes.

There’s much more coming soon!  We’re excited to be launching the game on Android and Kindle in the next couple of weeks. And we’ll be adding many new features and new heroes to the game!

Thank you for playing, for your ongoing support, and please keep your Legendary Feedback and Suggestions coming — we are listening to you!

Jonathan Knight

VP of Games

240 thoughts on “Letter from the VP of Games

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